Judy Jacobs

Sid: My guest Judy Jacobs had a vision and in this vision she saw what is about ready to happen on planet earth. Judy, tell me about the tsunami vision.

Judy: I love to go to the beach, my husband and I love to go to the beach on vacation. We’re on the beach and we always take time during our vacation to set aside time to pray and to seek the Lord for our children for their year and for their coming up year and for our ministry and for our family. As I’m praying and even as I’m fasting on vacation Sid I’m on the back porch of this condo and while I’m on the back porch I see this vision and immediately in the Spirit I am on the shores of the beach. It’s me, it’s my husband, and it’s my two girls. We’re on the shore and as I look… God says “Look to the sea, look into the ocean.” As I look into the ocean I saw this humongous wall of water rising and this water began to rise higher and higher and higher and higher. So much so that it reached to the sky; and as it began to rise it begins to come closer and closer and closer to the shore. And so I’m standing there with my husband and I say “Oh, my goodness sweetheart look at that, what in the world is that?” I said “Oh my goodness that’s a tsunami and it’s heading this way; it’s coming toward us and the vision I’m seeing this coming toward the shore and I’m thinking “This is really what it looks like.” And I said to him “What is this?” And he starts to walk toward the water, and you have to know my husband because he’s a very prophetic man of God and he’s a pastor and as he’s walking through the water he says to me “Judy, come up here with me, come closer.” And in this vision Sid we both walked toward the water actually our feet are touching the edge of the water and he says “Look closer.” And as I looked closer he said “That is not water, that is glory.” And he said and as he said that I’m looking at that because the water that’s the glory keeps coming closer and closer and closer and bit by bit by bit. And as I’m looking at this glory that looks like a tsunami of water I’m seeing people everywhere in the water; in the water there is every kind of people group you can ever imagine. And they’re all speaking in tongues, their all praying in tongues, actually they’re praising God. They’ve got some of the most joyous smiles on their faces and their praising God and their speaking in the Spirit and their talking in tongues as their swimming they’re swimming in this water and as their swimming their just glorifying God in the Spirit realm. And I said to my husband “Oh, my goodness that’s the Holy Ghost; that’s the Holy Ghost of fire! That’s the wind, that’s the rain; that’s the power of God! And I said to my husband “Where is the girls, where’s Tay, where’s Erica?” And my husband said “Look up” and as I raised my neck back as far as it could go and on the very very very top of the tsunami there’s my daughters surfing on top of the tsunami. (Laughing) They are surfing in the glory of God; and my daughters are… they are just surfing and they’re absolutely on top of what God is doing in the earth. And God said “That’s what’s coming’ that is what you’re seeing right now is the glory that I’m about to release upon the nations of the earth. And I speak that right now in the people’s lives. Those that are listening I say in the Name of God that glory is coming to your house; that glory is coming to your children; that glory, the glory, the tsunami glory of the Holy Spirit is coming to saturate and over-flood your house; your business, your family; your circumstances and everything that is not like God is going to wash away. But you’re going to find yourself not in ankle deep; not in even your waist; you’re going to find yourself swimming in the glory of God. And whenever the glory comes I’m telling you sickness and disease has to go.

Sid: Speaking of sickness and disease going tell me about the lady that had stage 4 cancer and the doctor said that you’ll be dead by Christmas.

Judy: She comes to me meeting in California and she comes and she had stage 4 cancer; she’s never been in a meeting with me and she’s never been around me but she’s heard about this Native American. And so she comes into the meeting and she brings her daughter with her, she has stage 4 cancer. The doctor said She’ll be dead by Christmas; this is somewhere about September; she comes to the meeting and God begins to speak; the word of the Lord goes forth; the power of God stalls. I said “If you need a miracle I’m hearing God say “Get up on your feet and do something that you’ve never done before.” This lady takes off and she starts running; and when she starts running she leads to pack. (Laughing) I’m telling you scores of woman get up and they start running. And as she gets up to run her daughter starts running after her “Momma, momma slow down; sit down you can’t do this!” Now this was afterwards when I hear this testimony because there was so many things that were happening in that moment. So she’s running and running and she’s screaming at the top of her voice “I’m healed, I’m healed, I’m healed, I’m healed!” God touched her that day and healed her. The very next week she goes to her doctor and she says to her doctor “I am healed; I went to this meeting and this lady was there.” And she said “I got a word from God and I know that God has touched my life; I want you to do another scan.” The doctor says to her please do not do this to yourself; you know what the report says; you know what the scan says and so please don’t do this to yourself.” Don’t give yourself false hope was what he was saying. She said “I know what the scan says but I’ve got a word from God and I have a miracle and I’m going to prove it to you and God’s going to prove it to you.” So very reluctantly the doctor takes another scan. Sid the very next Sunday she’s stands on the stage with her pastor in one hand she has this scan that says “You’ll be dead before Christmas.” In the other hand she had a scan that said “We can’t find any cancer it is gone.” The glory of God broke out.

Sid: Judy that vision that you had of the glory of God paint me a picture of what’s going to happen when that tsunami explodes on people.

Judy: I believe that the power of God and the glory of God is going to hit hospitals; I believe it’s going to hit mental institutions; I believe that it’s going hit Wal-Mart brother; I believe that it’s going to hit our schools. My children have already seen visions of what’s going to happen in the hallways; teachers are up trying to teach and the glory of God’s going to hit them as children begin to weep and to cry. I believe that we’re going to be called upon; I believe that people are going to have to quit their jobs in order to help out with the glory of God that is being spilled over. We’ve already seen it in the Spirit; I’ve already seen it happen in a vision that God showed me on our campus. I’ve already seen it in the Spirit realm Sid. I believe that glory is going to hit where these arenas that people have made for football it’s going to be filled with hungry hearts; hungry souls wanting to be saved; wanting to be filled with the Spirit. People are going to be healed.

Sid: Judy, how far off is this that you see?

Judy: I believe that we are moments away from it.

Sid: What’s going to happen to people tomorrow when you pray for them?

Judy: Tomorrow I believe a supernatural glory of God is going to infiltrate their homes as they listen on this radio broadcast it’s going to come through there radio Sid and it’s going to transfer into their lives. I believe that there going to tangibly feel the glory and the anointing of God that’s going to come on their lives and something is going to happen. They’re going to feel chains come off of them; something is going to rise up; we call it in the book the unction; the unction from the Holy One. I believe that there’s something that’s going to rise up in them that’s going to cause them that something’s happening in me. I believe that you are going to be flooded with phone calls, emails; I’m telling you brother I believe that you better get ready you’re going to be; your computers going to crash….

Sid: Tell, me what you mean by the unction, the function of the unction.

Judy: It is what I call the ups; it’s the what I call whenever you feel like you can’t go another step. It’s is what the glory of God and the anointing of God that rises up in you for that very moment. It’s what came over Jesus when Jesus said “Father, is there any other way?” And Jesus said “Never the less not My will but Thy will.” I believe at that moment that there was an unction from the Holy Spirit; the Bible says “The angels of the Lord came and comforted him and encouraged Him in Spirit. I believe that David felt that same Spirit whenever the Amorites came and got… I believe that there’s an anointing that comes on you. David when he’s running toward giant; it is that same unction that comes on you that says “Who is this Philistine to talk about my God like this?”

Sid: And you know what Judy there are people that are just falling over almost like playing dead and was like the devil tramples on them and enough is enough.

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