Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah but there are things that are sabotaging you from fulfilling your destiny; from hearing God’s voice; from walking in supernatural peace 24 – 7 and it has to do with soul problems that are keeping you from the potential God has for you. I have Dr. Cindy Trimm on the telephone; the bestselling author; she’s been a guest before on Messianic Vision and I’m introducing to you the soul fast kit in which Dr. Trimm is going to coach you in a 40 day period with 8 weeks’ worth of DVD’s on 2 DVD’s and 2 books and you will heal your soul. And Dr. Trimm on yesterday’s broadcast you brought up an interesting concept. We were talking about it’s a restoration such as what Adam lost in the fall, explain that again.

Cindy: Yes, Jesus said “I’ve come to seek and to save that which was lost.” I believe what was lost in the Garden of Eden is several things: Our connectivity with God and our connectivity to who we really are as human beings. The more human we are I believe the more godly we are and most of us are living out of our fallen nature and not out of the original human nature. And our human nature was designed to represent God and to reflect God in the earth realm.

Sid: And do you find that a lot of believers because they were so sabotaged by their parents who were sabotaged by their parents, and by what people think of them that they just never fulfill their potential.

Cindy: Absolutely, absolutely and it’s interesting too because if you ask the average person who they are they’ll respond to you by telling you what they do. I’m a doctor, I’m a lawyer; I’m a husband, I’m a wife; there are roles that we play; these are things that we do. But who we really are is understood at the level of our soul because that’s the true nature of who we are. And one of the weeks in the 40 day soul fast is about awareness. When Moses has this encounter with God and he’s running he had done something; he had killed a man and so he has this stigma of being I would call it like an ex-convict some that was on the run from his past. And one encounter with God gave him the awareness of who he really was and he accepted God “Who am I that you should consider Me a deliverer?” And the same question David said “Who am I and what is my life that I should be the son-in-law of a king?” And so the question of self-awareness of “Who are we really; who does God say that we are; and to see ourselves from that perspective and not through the eyes of man.”

Sid: Okay, I have to ask you a question “You are a teacher, you are a bestselling author; you move in the gifts of the Spirit, but who are you Dr. Cindy Trimm?”

Cindy: I like everyone else am a child of God and I am a representative of God here in this earth realm. I reflect Him in His image and His likeness and then God has given me an assignment; He’s given me purpose which is the things that I’m called to do out of the person that I am. And I believe that we do more because we want to be more.

Sid: Alright in your first week let’s break this down; talk about journey to authenticity; what is journey to authenticity?

Cindy: It’s like journeying back to who God originally planned and purposed us to be. And I believe that you know that when I look at a little baby. A baby is examining his toes and everything and I think sometimes growing up we’ve learned how to do certain things because of how we were socialized; how we were raised; how we were educated. The culture impacted upon us, who we associated with and I believe that sometimes we became less and less of ourselves and more and more of something that we were never created to be. And the story of the protocol son says that he was disconnected to his true self; and when he came to himself and he said to himself he really became aware of “What I’m doing in this pigpen is not who I really am.” And he said that “I will arise.” And I believe that our standards of modern days have become lower and lower for how we live as human beings. And God is raising the standard and the more aware that we are that God created us to reflect Him in His image and His likeness. Not as consumers but as co-creators, not as followers but as leaders, not as beggars but as lenders. Once we discover that we believe that we will be able to feel alive again.

Sid: You said something interesting, you said that “If we don’t define ourselves other people will define us,” and people have been believers for 20 or 30 years and they’ve defined themselves what other people have said about them. Even though they’d been reading the Bible going to church and they’re stuck in this rut and they have problems in soul areas from addictions to emotional problems to not hearing God and they wonder why. When they take this 40 day soul fast you get every one of these things Cindy.

Cindy: Yes. And we’re talking about identity; we’re talking about identity here too. It’s about being true to who God has made you to be as an individual in Christ. And how He has constructed you; David said “I’m fearfully and wonderfully made; I’m purpose built.” That God said to Jeremiah “Before you were formed in your mother’s womb I knew you and I called you to be a prophet to the nation.” So we’re born wired to be; be specific things and to contribute in our own unique way to the betterment of society.

Sid: Tell me about exactly what you mean by a soul fast.

Cindy: The soul fast simply means that you are cutting away things and habit…habits that undermine and keep you from living a full and successful and a prosperous life in Christ Jesus.

Sid: What are some of the roadblocks to a soul fast?

Cindy: Some of the roadblocks #1 is: Living outside in rather than inside out. Waking up in the morning and just letting life happen and then reacting and responding and not knowing that we can be pro-active. Being a slave to our bodies and allowing the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life to dictate to how we live. And it’s interesting because as I was thinking about it and I had a conversation with a colleague of mine a couple of days ago. We were talking about the death mute Helen Keller, and she was able to break the bonds, break through the bonds of a body that could not respond to who she was and through sheer will she was able to become one of the greatest influencers within her generation, a deaf mute. And I asked a question “What is it about the human soul that not even the impotence of the human body can prevent an individual from becoming everything that they are?” If Helen Keller through the shear will of her soul could break through the impotence of her body how much more can we who do have sight and do have hearing just by cutting away the undermining effects of negative habits how much more are we able to arise and make a difference in our family, our homes and our communities if we could just get rid of those habits and the thoughts that are sabotaging who we really are.

Sid: Why do you say this will be the best 40 days of their lives?

Cindy: Because they have an opportunity to spend I call it “Me moments.” The moments when they remove themselves for a couple of minutes a day and they sit before God and through going through the word of God and utilizing the “Forty Day Soul Fast” they’re able to ask some tough questions and get some real answers for their own lives from the word of God.

Sid: And what you’re saying is as you mentor them the power of God is really bringing this awareness and getting rid of the obstacles.

Cindy: It is, yes it is.

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