SID: I’m having the most wonderful discussion with Larry Randolph about being who you are called to be.


SID: Rather than being a copy. Talk to that a little bit.

LARRY: I realized at that moment when the Lord talked to me that one of the things I was allergic to, if I can put it that way, was sameness. I was born in a world of sameness where people thought that being the same, everybody being the same, was seeing the same way, was unity. I didn’t realize that God is a God of harmonized diversity. Everything in the universe is in harmony, but it’s diverse. There are no two stars alike, no two raindrops alike, no two DNAs alike, no two hair strands alike, no two invertebrate alike, no two bacteria like. No universe, no star, nothing is alike in God’s universe. And I realized that I, too, had a unique reflection and I was the craftsmanship of this one of a kind phenomenon that this great artist had designed. I was a Mona Lisa. You’re a Mona Lisa, one type. And I thought, how true could that be, because God is a genius artist. He’s the artist of maximum diversity. That means He’s incapable of repetition. He’s incapable, you don’t ever paint two Mona Lisa’s. You paint one and that’s it. And I realized I’m unique, I’m real, and I realized that authenticity, my authenticity is what will attract God’s friendship, the anointing in my life. And the Lord said to me, “You have to be real. You have to be you, because I’ve made you different. No one in this world can do what I’ve called you to do because they don’t have the hardware, the DNA footprint. They don’t have the destiny, the design that I put in you.” Every person in this world has a Divine destiny, a footprint from that reflection of God that no one else owns. So if I don’t be me, the world goes without seeing that part of God.

SID: Okay. You have learned how to bless people.


SID: By giving them permission to be unique. Explain that a little.

LARRY: I feel like one of the deficits of the church is a lack of fathers and mothers who give permission for people to become. It’s called equipping saints. And we’ve been whipping the saints. And so equipping the saints means that, like your children, you give them permission. You don’t tell them, you’re going to be a doctor like me. I give you permission to follow your wildest dreams and be what God has created you to be. That’s what a good father does or mother does. So what I’ve done, what I do is I ask people, what is your wildest dream? What’s God made you to be? Is it a musician, is it a doctor, is it what are you unique about? I give you permission as a spiritual father to be everything God has called you to be. Because we are steeped in a theology of sameness, we need somebody to break the mold in our life for us to become what God has called us to be, which is different.

SID: I’m going to ask you to pray for us.


SID: To break the mold of being copies.


SID: It’s time for us to be authentic, unique and fulfill our destiny. Now you had two encounters with the Lord. Tell me about them briefly.

LARRY: Briefly, the one encounter with the Lord was the Lord, I woke up one night and the Lord, as He does many times, He stands at the foot of my bed, which is His favorite spot, the foot of my bed, and He sang to me. He sang the song to me, “Have I Told You Lately That I love You” and it was just amazing. I wept under the love of God and how much He loved me. And He loved me because I’m a unique reflection of himself. As Paul said, “We have this treasure laid in vessels.” I’m a piece, something in me looks like something in God, that looks like nobody else. So He loves that piece of me because that’s a part of Him. That’s an original breath He breathed into me. So as I lay there, He said this to me, “Larry, I have to ask you a question.” And He said, “If you found out tomorrow from the doctor you had a terminal disease, how would you live the rest of your life?” And I knew it was a hard question. And I began to weep, and as I did, I began to say, “Lord, I would love people more. I would encourage people more. I would tell my wife I love her more. I would tell my office, have I told you lately that I love you. I would have a softer heart, I would forgive, I would not live with a closed fist, but with an open fist.” And when I got through this long list, I said, “I would hold babies.” And I even said this, “I would dance more.” I don’t know why I said it. But I would dance with my wife. It seemed like the simple things were the most endearing things to God. And He said to me in this strong voice, “Larry, I want you to live the rest of your life like you’re terminal tomorrow.” And I realized we all are terminal. We just don’t know when.

SID: Tell me that second experience.

LARRY: The second one after that, sometime after that, the Lord visited me again at the left side of me. And He said this to me, which was a shocker to me, “Larry, you’re going to be seeing me pretty soon.” And I’m thinking, shoot, you know.

SID: What would you think?

LARRY: Like now?

SID: My goodness.

LARRY: And He said, “You’re going to be seeing me pretty soon and I want to ask something of you, a favor of you.” And He said, “I want you to live a zero regret lifestyle.” And what He meant by that, He said, “When you come to see me I want you to come with no regrets because I don’t want to have to wipe tears away from your eyes.” And I thought, in the scripture it says, “And the lambs that were taken by the river and he shall walk with tears of Heaven.” And I realized the tears of Heaven are regrets for not being what God made us to be and become. And this is what He said to me. I said, “What do you mean by that, Lord?” He said, “I want you to maximize every inch of creative space and talents I put in your life. I want you to forgive everybody that’s hurt you. I want you to live your life with zero regrets. When you come to see me you can smile, have no tears, and I can say, ‘well done, good and faithful servant.'”

SID: You made a statement to me.


SID: This is so profound and so wonderful that the Lord told you He wanted your heart.

LARRY: Heart.

SID: Explain.

LARRY: Gifts are given. Character is grown in the soul of adversity. He said, “When you come to see me, you can’t bring your gift with you because you need a word of knowledge up here. I’m here. Can’t bring healing with you, can’t bring preaching. The best preacher is in Heaven. You can’t bring your apostleship. Only thing you can bring in Heaven is your heart and some of your talent,” because I’m planning on playing guitar with David when I get there. So He said, “You can bring your heart,” He said, “because what, you’ve lived in a world where your gift is bigger than your heart, and in Heaven the heart is bigger than the gift.”

SID: I’ll tell you what. Hold that thought. I want to find out what God has shown Larry will shortly come to the United States, Israel and Russia. We’ll be right back.

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