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Sid: My guest is LaDonna Taylor and LaDonna we found out that you were raised in a Christian home; you had a grandmother that would pray for dead people that would come back to life. Just as a toddler you would have visions of Jesus and worship Him for hours; and at age 12 you heard the audible voice of God, what did He say?

LaDonna: He called my name; I thought that there was a man standing back of the church; I actually thought it was my father my natural father. So I turned around and as soon as I saw that the church was empty I knew that the voice of God had just called my name.

Sid: And then shortly thereafter you started playing the violin; what were the circumstances; how did you happen to pick the violin?

LaDonna:   At that time I was already advanced playing the piano; I studied hours a day playing the piano and I had been asked to be the pianist for the school orchestra. I came in and was playing the piano for the school orchestra and when I saw the violins I fell in love. I asked the orchestra director if he would let me take one home. I came back in one week I was first chair in that orchestra. There was such a love for the violin.

Sid: Now wait a second I know a little bit about the violin in one week you were first chair, that’s sounds almost supernatural!

LaDonna: Well, my mother didn’t think it was supernatural she wanted me to take that violin back to school and leave it there but my dad came in the room and said “Oh, Momma let her keep it look how she loves it.

Sid: And look how this was part of your destiny, and then you were a guest on Messianic Vision Radio and It’s Supernatural Television and we had a wonderful time. And you had told me that you had been very sick, this was 2012, the hospital made a mistake what happened?

LaDonna: I was having surgery it should have been a one night stay and the doctor cut me in the wrong place. As a result of that cut I needed 9 surgeries in less than 90 days. When I was interviewed in 2012 on It’s Supernatural I had had 4 of those 9 surgeries.

Sid: Now you certainly did not know that you needed 5 more surgeries or did you while you were being interviewed?

LaDonna: Yeah, I thought I needed one more.

Sid: Hmm and for what I understand it wasn’t that easy for you to even do the interviews when we did the television show.

LaDonna: I was taking antibiotics, I was wearing a tube in my back that was draining my kidney when I did the show, but something inside of me knew I had to do that show. And we did it didn’t we?

Sid: And well not only did you have to do the show for all the people that you blessed throughout the world but it was life critical for you. So you have these 9 surgeries in 90 days and it doesn’t go as well as the doctors expected. Describe to me what the prognosis was for you.

LaDonna: At the end of the 5 surgeries my colon had died, it had quit functioning.

Sid: Now what happens when someone doesn’t have a colon; it sounds to me like you can’t live.

LaDonna: You can’t live very long. My stomach became protruded and I began to starve to death.  

Sid: Hmm.

LaDonna: My abdomen was so painful because my colon was dying and it was twisting and causing my colon to have spasms so I became… I was very very addicted to high power pain medicine. They were giving me a Delotta every 2 to 4 hours. That’s a form of morphine.

Sid: So I would imagine you lost a lot of weight.

LaDonna:   I was down to 89 pounds.

Sid: Eighty-nine and how tall are you?

LaDonna: I’m 5’ 2”.

Sid: Okay, but still 89 pounds, you were just skin and bones.

LaDonna: Absolutely.

Sid: So you must have felt you were dying or what did you feel; what’s going on inside of LaDonna Taylor?

LaDonna: I felt I was dying. I became confused because of the pain medicine. I couldn’t comprehend from all the people that I had prayed for and seen receive miracles and I knew the truth of healing in the word of God and I’m dying. The other issue was the pain medicine was clouding my thinking. But thank God that my relationship with Christ was strong because when it comes to when everything goes wrong in this world there’s one thing that you’ve got left and it is your relationship with Him. Thank God I had that to hold on to.

Sid: Now in the hospital listening to your own music was very critical; tell me about the song “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms of Jesus.”

LaDonna: When I started hearing that song I realized that in my suffering I was learning to lean on the Lord that I loved so much.

Sid: But wait a second, you knew Him all of these years; you had your crisis situations. I mean at that time you were 65 is that correct?

LaDonna: That’s correct.

Sid: I mean you’re down to 89 pounds which is awful, you’re dying which is awful but why did you need encouragement to hold on. I’m reminded of this little toddler that’s just seeing visions of Jesus and worshiping and just seeing people raised form the dead. But I guess the devil through a lot of his high power demons against you.

LaDonna: Did He ever, I felt evil in the room and a lady that didn’t know me was sitting in my hospital room. She was a member of a church that I had just connected with and she said “LaDonna, didn’t I read somewhere that when people play your music people are healed? Why don’t we bring your music in this hospital and play it for you,” and she did.

Sid: I want to hear a song that made a profound difference in your healing called “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms of Jesus.” Music Excerpt.

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