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Sid:     Well I found out on yesterday’s broadcast that my friend James Goll who I’m     interviewing this week had cancer. He had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer and was the prognosis fatal with this cancer from a medical viewpoint James?

James: Yeah they actually told me at the very beginning they said “No one has ever lived past 10 years is what they told me.” And I looked him straight in the eye and I said “You don’t know who you’re talking to.”      

Sid: (Laughing)

James: I told them right then that I’m not going to be the first and said “We’re going to break that and I have.”

Sid:   And you know the interesting thing is that it came back 3 times. We found out that Oral Roberts prayed for you and that it’s never going to come back again. And how many years have it been?

James: It’s been at least 4 ½.

Sid: Okay, were you the last person Oral prayed for or saw?

James:   I think so; I believe so it was in September in his home in Orange County and then he did go to be with the Lord early December.

Sid: Now of course when you had it the first time a friend of mine prayed for you and you had quite an encounter with the Lord. His name is Suprisa and he probably has prayed for more dead people that have come back to life than anyone that I have ever heard of, he’s African. Tell me what happened.

James: Yeah, it’s really quite amazing there’s always these little parables seems to be. Some months ahead of time the Holy Spirit spoke to me and He said “I want you to keep October in that particular year; I want you to keep it free I have a surprise” that’s what He said. “I have a surprise coming your way.” And I went oh, what is that? He didn’t tell me what it was; so I kept my October a little more fluid in my calendar so often I travel and it get’s filled up. So I kept October relatively free, and so Pastor Supraza but he also goes by Surprise. So he comes here to Nashville, Tennessee to minister.

Sid:   And so that’s of course is your Surprise; but go ahead.

James:   Yeah, yeah I know it was amazing. The Holy Spirit said ahead a time, I have a surprise for you.

Sid:     How many people are named Surprise, not too many.

James: No, I mean really, give me a break; I mean only the Holy Spirit can do that and it was a play on words. And so He said, “I have a Surprise for you, so Supraza comes to Nashville that October” exactly the way the Lord said.   And so I have a special time with him and he’s praying for me and when he does he enters into my actual body. He doesn’t only come on me and into my body. So as that’s happening I am like thrown into or I’m moved upon in such a manner that an open vision occurs. And this wow this heat was riveting in my body Jesus appears in a vision to me and He is standing like Revelation chapter 1 says “He had eyes the flames of fire.” And it talks about “His feet are burnished like with fire.” Well He describes Himself to me as the man of fire and as this heat fire is moving through my body the bloodstream it would stop and it would rest over my body and then it would move on. I actually started perspiring when this happened, and then Jesus in this open vision speaks to me and starts telling me some of the most amazing things I have ever heard. He said “With every wound I received I obtained a special of healing for My people.” So He starts taking me to these different wounds and He talks to me about how He was pierced through and that He obtained healing of the heart for every person. He takes me to the piercings of His hands and this was very fascinating and He said to me “Did you know that most diseases are transferred by the hands,” in other words like germs, things of this nature, bacteria and germs. And He said “I obtained healing so that every bacteria and every germ would be conquered.” He takes me to the crown of thorns on His head and He said to me “I obtained through this wounding the healing of every mental illness known to mankind.” He turns to His back and I see the riveting of the 39 lashes upon His back and it was almost devastating appearing looking at this. Then every one of these stripes with His wounds that Jesus’ back was lacerated there were names that were written in all of these 39 stripes. And I remembered that there was like tuberculosis and leukemia and many different things were named in these stripes of Jesus. It was absolutely incredible, He takes me to His feet where He was pierced and said “I obtained healing for cripples through the wounds that I received. And that heat riveted through my body and I actually was cleansed and had a healing that occurred right at that time. I had actually doing radiation treatments and I went back to the doctor at that time, and I said “I’m healed, I know I’m healed.” And I was actually able to stop the radiation treatments right at that time didn’t even finish them. Because they did tests and it showed that the cancer that it was not active at that point.

Sid:     With this information that you know that this is revelation, only God could have told you this and He did. How do we go from intellectually understanding and we all understood what you said to having it manifest in our bodies?

James: Well that’s a good one you know because for all of us it’s a walk of faith and there’s a walk of study let yourself approved. You know the scriptures that you’re a workman unto God and all of that. And so decreeing the things is really important.

Sid: Give me an example, how would you decree a thing as a matter of fact why don’t you decree something over people with cancer right now.

James: Great and you know what you have received you have authority to give away so I agree. So right now in the Name of the Lord of Host, in the Name of Jesus that One Name that is above every Name I release and decree every tumor in peoples bodies shall shrink in the Name of Jesus. And the fire of the Lord will come you even now and it’ll bring supernatural cleansing to toxins and to diseases that are in your body. So right now what I see, is I see tumors, and I command tumors to dry up; I command you to breakup, I command you to dissolve and never return again, in Jesus Name. The Book of Job says “You will decree a thing and it will be established.” And so as I receive I declare and the Holy Spirit gave me a dream and He said “I am sending forth something greater than radiation treatments; I’m sending forth Holy Spirit treatments to heal people of cancer. So I speak Holy Spirit fire treatments upon people right now; any form of cancer; so I speak Holy Spirit treatments to come upon you and to drive the cancer out in Jesus Name.

Sid:   Boy, I can feel the presence, in fact even before you prayed I felt the special presence of God and almost said James, what’s going on your the prophet but something was going on even before you prayed. And I believe that we’re going to get reports from all over the world that heard that prayer that are going to be set free. And as a matter of fact you want to go on our web page if you know someone with cancer and have them listen to this particular radio show. Now James, I am fascinated by how many supernatural experiences you’ve had. You operate in all of the gifts of the Spirit, but why in your book did you not just talk about all of these amazing experiences and you primarily stuck line upon line for how to live a supernatural life from the Bible? Why did you take that approach, what was your reason?

James: One of the things that I’m really burdened about today is that in the earlier Charismatic Movement, which you and I were both a part of was a teaching movement. In today’s wonderful supernatural culture that exist the teaching element is a little weaker today. So I’m finding the need to ground people in the word of God. Because, here’s the deal we   need to solid in the words, and then when the devil comes around he can’t steal what God has given because then we can declare like Jesus said “It is written, man does not live by bead alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” We live by the ever proceeding word that comes forth from the mouth of God. So this wonderful new book that Bill Johnson wrote the forward for “Living a Supernatural Life” it has 200 scripture references in it because I want us to be grounded, grounded, grounded; have tools that are effective weapons of warfare and then we got to learn to declare the word, speak the word, pray the word, declare the word. And so I’ve done this in this manner so that I want you out there; I want you to have tools in your hands; I want you to be encouraged.

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