Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah, his name is Keith Clark I’m speaking to him at his office in Tampa, Florida where he’s Prayer Director for Set Free Ministries. We’re making available the book of the leader of set free ministries Molly D’Andrea. It’s called “Set Free” true accounts of those that have been liberated from pornography, sexual addiction, masturbation, rape, molestation, incest, lesbianism, and homosexuality. Unfortunately this problem is not getting less, it’s getting more. Unfortunately we find this in the church because people don’t know how to be set free. This book will tell you:

  1. Many testimonies of people that were set free to give you encouragement.
  2. That the problem is not you, that it’s a spiritual entity that it really isn’t you it isn’t the person that God created, there is a hope there is a way to be set free and to stay free….

I have on the telephone Keith Clark and we found out that Keith was a drag queen, he was a male prostitute. He was a practicing homosexual, he got into drugs but God when he overdosed revealed Himself to him and said that “He was saved for a purpose.” And he came back to consciousness from a coma. What were the first words that you said when you came out of a coma?

Keith: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus those were the first 3 words that I spoke when I came out of that coma.

Sid: And then your ex-step mother was involved in the deliverance and getting you set free, tell me about that.

Keith: Well a couple of years later from that point like I told you I was on the streets selling myself because I didn’t have people to disciple me or people to help me out. So I did lapse back into my homosexuality, I did lapse back into the sin. And because I didn’t know how to be set free. I was on the corner praying and begging for God to help me and my sister came and picked me up on the street corner and asked me if I wanted to go to my stepmother’s house, Lynn’s house, to be with her because she wanted to go over for prayer. And I said “Sure, I’ll go with you and I’ll support you Debbie.” And we went to her house and Lynn did counsel with her but then she came in and said “Keith you’re not here for Debbie you’re here for yourself and God wants you to be here and to stay here. At that point and time I had such a drug addiction that my veins in my body had collapsed. I shot up in places that we won’t even mention, and I thought “Well this is a place to hide out. I wasn’t going to buy the God’s stuff because I had tried the God’s stuff. I had also tried people tell me that they would help me and then turn on me and I knew that that was… I just thought that that was no way even after the experience I’d had with the coma and stuff. Because I couldn’t get out of my mind that I couldn’t really be set free. Well needless to say for lack of time I’ll just skip over and say that Lynn ministered with me for 6 months nonstop and I read the word of God. I read Psalms the 10 chapters of Psalms for 3 months every night I read those Psalms. I read and I prayed and I prayed and sought God. After being with Lynn for just 2 nights I woke up after she prayed deliverance over me that the drug addiction totally gone, the veins in my body totally healed. God did such a miraculous thing. I had to get rid of everything that had to do with that lifestyle. And Lynn instructed me on that. The next day a guy showed up with everything I needed from underclothes all the way to shaving equipment and didn’t know why but he just felt led by God to bring this box of stuff and it was everything I needed. The following night a woman showed up at the door who was the same woman who was praying for me when I was in the hospital and interceding with me that night. She spoke with the same British accent as the angel spoke. I fell on my knees because right then I knew that God is real and that there was a chance for me. I proceeded to study the word of the Living God and to feed upon the word and eat it day and night. I became a new creature in Christ.

Sid: How long have you been free Keith?

Keith:   I’ve been free for oh my at least 25 years.

Sid: Now you’ve devoted your life to helping others with similar problems and any sexual problems to be set free. Out of curiosity, tell me the most dramatic case you know of someone you were involved in getting set free.

Keith: Well after I got set free God had us open a house, and I literally went to the same place and the same corner where I stood and went to minister to people and we’d take them off of the corner and bring them to this house.

Sid: Where you were a male prostitute?

Keith:   Yes, in Tampa Florida and we help these people. One guy that we did pick up he was so bad that he had bugs in his hair. He had been on the streets for so long and had been prostituting himself so long that it’s just indescribable. We took him, picked him up. I told him I’d give him $20 if he would just give me 15 minutes of his time I didn’t want to have sex with him but I just wanted to talk to him about my lover that I had had found. And I proceeded to tell him about Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God and tell him how much of a lover he was and could be to him and set him free. Well after a series of deliverance sessions and stuff… this man has such demonic spirits that he literally could read the word of God and backwards and then forwards, he could read one verse and then tell me that verse and know it’s a photographic memory and mind. And he just howled at the moon, I mean this guy needed deliverance so badly. That’s how God taught me how to pray for deliverance for people with working with this man. He was totally delivered, totally set free. He is now living a wonderful life with his wife and has 3 children, has never ever ever gone back into any kind of sexual perversion that I’m aware of. And would tell you today if you were talking to him that he has definitely been set free.

Sid: Keith I have to ask you a difficult question; are you just controlling your desire to be a woman, your desire for homosexuality or are you really free?

Keith: I’ve been asked that question by several men and several woman and if you could only see and know the before and after that question would not have to be asked. But to answer that question I can tell you definitely without a doubt, without any kind of hesitation that Jesus Christ has totally and completely set me free from homosexuality and drug addictions. Am I perfect, have arrived to the perfect state of mind, perfect state of man that the Bible would say like Jesus Christ. No, probably not before I stand before our Father. But I can tell you this that there is no temptation, there is no sexual addictions drawing us to any kind of man. And I’m very blessed and very pleased with my manhood and my identity in Christ.

Sid: You said that the best way to be set free and to stay free has to do with staying in the word, explain that.

Keith: Well we hear a lot today about formulas, we hear a lot about “You should do this, you should do that, but this is this, and this is that.” Trust me, as Paul said “I’m the chief among sinners” I can say I’m a chief among formulas. I’ve tried formulas left and right, backwards and forwards trying to be set free from homosexuality to try to be set free from this thing that plagued by mind. Because afterwards the mind has to be renewed after the deliverance. I only know of one way to be set free and it’s not a formula it’s a relationship with Jesus Christ. Formulas are good for the mind, they’re good to teach the mind, they’re good to renew the mind. The word of God is the best formula that anybody could ever have or do. That’s why I encourage reading the word, but relationship is a heart matter and that’s where. If you can get your relationship with Father right, then He will write the word of the Living God upon your heart and upon your mind and He will cause you to keep it.

Sid: Is there anyone anywhere with these kind of addictions if they want to be set free can be?

Keith: Oh yes, anyone anywhere can be set free from this at any time that they call out on the Lord Jesus.

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