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Sid: My guest Katherine Ruonala has been granted an extraordinary miracle ministry, but the thing that I love about her miracle ministry is she wants to give it away she doesn’t want to keep it for herself. She has so many young people on her ministry teams and people of all ages that are doing exactly what she’s doing. But she has, I don’t know Katherine if I can say you either stumbled into it or somehow you got a revelation of the love of God which releases the miraculous. So on yesterday’s broadcast you’re a young mother, you’re filled with all sorts of insecurities fear, shame from abuse that you had as a child. You were a believer, you loved the Lord, you loved your husband, you loved your family but you still had those problems inside. So you asked God 3 questions:

  1. “What is this falling down, are they really being shoved down, is that really You God doing it?”
  2. “I’ve got a cyst on my wrist and I want to get rid of it.”
  3. “God if I could be free from this fear it would be so wonderful.”

So you get to the meeting Katherine and what happened?

Katherine:   Well the pastor had suggested the people fast and pray for a healing. So I hadn’t done that, I’d not thought about it until dinner time and so I’d just had read a scripture and thought maybe that will be alright. He called peopled forward at the end of the meeting who needed prayer for healing. And I didn’t feel like I fully qualified but I thought I’d just slip on the end. And I lifted up my hands and right there the power of God came and I found myself on the floor with the power of God just touching me so amazingly. Finally the pastor came to me and picked me up and he just said “Oppression go!” “Bang” I was all over the floor again and during that time I saw the face of Jesus right in front of me and He spoke to me. And He said “Katherine, I’m setting you free from everything.” And unbeknownst to me the fear that I had that my husband would die was just a tip of a huge iceberg of insecurity and rejection and abandonment. And right there God came and He did such a deep work of deliverance that when I finally got up off the floor an hour later I was different, I was free. And the following week there was another meeting and a message about shame. And so I went forward to and I felt like I related to that. I thought the Lord just asked me to keep staying there and I began to look and the Lord began to show me a vision. I saw myself as a little child with my head on the Father’s lap and He was stroking my hair and I’d never had an experience like that. And then I saw myself as a child with this really ugly face and the ugly face just peeled off like a mask and floated away. And then I saw myself… I saw this woman walking in the heavens clothed in the most beautiful robes. And the only way that I could really describe her is that she was clothed in dignity. And then the Lord said “That’s you.” And then I fell on the floor again.

Sid: (Laughing)

Katherine: And those 2 experiences God set me free from the deep fears and the insecurities. And just began to show me that the desire that He has to fill my need for love.

Sid: So this shame you had was replaced with what you just described, you had your dignity back.

Katherine: That’s so true. The scripture says “Those that look to Him are radiant and their faces are never covered with shame.” And that’s the reality of every day God wants to look at us and lift up our heads, He’s the glory and the lifter of our heads. It’s like the blessing in Numbers chapter 6 “He lifts up His countenance upon us.” The Lord wants to make His face shine on us.” And in His presence His perfect love just cast out fear and causes us to just shine with the love of God.

Sid: Well after that experience I would imagine people even looked at you and said “You look different.”

Katherine: You know they did, I had people come up to me that had not seen me for some time and they said “What’s happened to you, you look so different?” Because everything about me from the inside out changed; I began to walk differently and my faith began to be activated. Being delivered and having the Holy Spirit touch me like that I began to be able to trust God in ways I’d never experienced before. Because faith as you said “Works by love.” We’re not expected to have faith in somebody that we don’t personally know and I just truly believe that God wants to develop such an intimacy with us that we can easily have faith in Him because we know how much He cares for us.     We understand His nature; the Bible tells us that “Those that know their God shall be strong and do great exploits.”

Sid: Now just out of curiosity you knew what you were dealing with all of these years; you knew some of the things that caused it. Had you had psychiatric help for these problems or the deep shame and everything?

Katherine: Well I kept it a secret for so many years and then when somebody asked me about it and the secrets started to come out I panicked and my whole body started misbehaving. They even did exploratory surgery to try to figure out what was going wrong with me. People suggested that I go and get counseling and the last thing I wanted to do was go and talk about it.

Sid: So you’re saying instantly on the floor a few minutes of God’s Spirit was better than 15 years of psychoanalysis?

Katherine: It’s so true and you know I value medical professionals but the reality is God did for me in a moment what a hundred psychologists could never had done. He restored my identity, He restored my dignity and He showed me in a way that nobody else could the value that He has for me and the love that He has for me. And I tell you God knows how to restore our soul.

Sid: Now something else I find interesting is after that encounter the prophetic started operating with words and visions; and you began to hear God clearer than you ever did before.

Katherine: This is so true and it was wonderful and the call of God came on my life. Previously I hadn’t had a thought of preaching, ministering, of healing the sick and all of a sudden God began to unlock the prophetic anointing; He began to give me visions. For many days I would find myself groaning on the floor as He was giving me visions of what He would have me to do in the future. And I journaled these things and the promises of God and everything began to change. I believe Holy Spirit had commissioned me because He had won my heart. And I had tasted of Him and the Bible says “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” I know that when you start to taste of God everything changes because you begin to realize this is what I’m created for; I am created for fellowship with God; I am created to be used by God and I believe that’s for everybody listening. In fact even as somebody’s listening today I see a woman who is listening to this and God is stirring you on the inside and saying “I’ve created you for miracles, I’ve created you to shine through you.” In fact He’s been polishing you up to shine like a star in the universe. He wants to pull it out of you; He wants you to look up at Him and know that He has a destiny and a future for you.

Sid: Tell me one of the first miracles that happened after this encounter.

Katherine:   Well I had the opportunity to share at a meeting and a lady came forward for prayer. She was a sweet lady and she said “I’m a Baptist,” and she was beautiful and said “I have a tumor and could you please pray for me?” And so I said “Sure.” And as I went to pray for her the Holy Spirit touched her and she fell on the floor. And she said “She felt the hand of God go into her belly for a time.” And I went away afterwards I was traveling and came back 6 weeks later to a flurry of excitement. This was somebody that many people knew and unbeknownst to me this lady had been in for an operation before she came for prayer and doctors had discovered a 6 inch tumor wrapped around her pancreas; and they tried to operate but discovered it was inoperable. And she also had cirrhosis of the liver, but when I came back 6 weeks later she had had a barrage of tests they discovered there was no longer any trace of a tumor; there was no trace of cancer and she had a new liver. And I was so amazed because I didn’t know any of the other details, but when she gave God an opportunity to come and take the tumor God restored her body. As a result her husband got saved; she was completely made whole and so for me it was such a delight and a joy we didn’t have to try to make things happen; we just have to let God move through us and He does exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask, hope or imagine.

Sid: And that’s the key that I’m getting as I’m reading your book; what you basically say is “As you learn to be a gateway that God Himself can step right through that it’s not you healing anyone,” it’s not even you having enough faith to muster-up. And how would you muster-up enough faith if someone wanted to be prayed that had no eardrum you know. But God can do it through you. And she has understood a revelation of God’s love which is going to open that door for you.

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