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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be hit with the power of God, slammed against the wall because that’s what happened to my guest. I mean he’s minding he’s own business he’s a nice American Baptist Pastor. He feels nothing, he sees nothing, and all of a sudden the whole spirit world opens up to him. He gets equipped with a supernatural gift of discernment. Where he’s just praying for people there are words of knowledge as to what’s happened in their past that just opens them up for the deliverance. They could be in years of Christian counseling and not be set free. He’s found that this anointing is transferable and you can understand the gift of discernment. He says that this is key for the last days so that we not be deceived. And the thing that really intrigued me on yesterday’s interview Paul was… we were talking about teenagers, the hope of the church literally. And you were at a meeting with teenagers and you started praying for them and all of a sudden something happened to you, what was that?

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Yes I was doing youth group and I felt an unusual thing happening to me for 3 days before. On my head I felt like someone took their knuckle and put it on my head and it kept on happening repeatedly. I actually timed it, it was happening about every 90 seconds.

Sid: All day long?

Dr. Paul L. Cox: All day long for about 3 days.    

Sid: At night too?

Dr. Paul L. Cox: At night too. I could not figure out what this was. We then got to Wednesday night to the time when we were praying when we had a youth meeting. And about 6:30 before the meeting start I started sensing something really unusual happening in the spirit. At 7:00 the kids came and I felt that I was supposed to lay hands and pray for this one teenage boy and I did that but then the power of God hit me and I fell down on my back and the power of God started coming up through my feet. It was so intense I literally was flopping like a fish. There was a brand new Christian who was sitting right next to me and the power was so strong on him he was pushed against the wall and his eyes were as big as a quarter as he was trying to understand what was going on. This continued for a half an hour I had all of this power on me.

Sid: What was going on with the other teenagers?

Dr. Paul L. Cox: They were quite amazed as they were looking at this. Of course the power started spreading a little bit too to them. I realized that to use the term computer language the Lord was like downloading to disk or this power for 2 or 3 days and then it’s like when you open a file ad you open it and just released this power that had been downloading.

Sid: And as we were saying on yesterday’s broadcast “It’s nice to have power but the only thing that you can measure results by is fruit. What’s going on with these teenagers that get hit with this power?

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Well we had seen the most amazing things happen. Often God gives them objects or swords. We were in Germany, Munich praying for another 14 year old boy who is adopted. And the parents basically brought him to me to fix him. And so I asked if they could step outside and his brother was 19 and stayed in to translate. And he told me about a dream that he had had about a demon chasing him. I told him it was probably something in the generational line. And I had him put his hand out and I told him the Lord was going to give him something in his hands. I did not tell him what I thought it was. And then he looked down and I said to him “What’s in your hand?” And he said “I see a sword.” And then he described the sword in an amazing detail from the blade to the handle. Then I asked him “What does the Lord want you to do?” And he says I need to go and kill that demon. And immediately he closed his eyes and started walking and this went on for probably 15 minutes. When he came back to us and he told me the Lord had translated him to a desert place, he saw the demon, he had an encounter with a demon. He then was moved to a fortress and he came to a round table, this was all in a vision that he saw. And at the round table there were warriors sitting and God was sitting there. As he walked up to God and God told him he had done a good job and told him to sit down at the table and join the other young warriors. I need to tell you that when he came back he was transformed into a different person because he had had an encounter with the living God. God was probably more real to him than he ever had been before.

Sid: But you do realize that in the average charismatic church where that experience to occur even with the fruit they’d probably try to crucify that young man.

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Well we have seen this but I really believe as I said yesterday that this is going to be the normative now for youth.

Sid: Religious spirits are going to go crazy over this.

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Well that’s nothing new is it?

Sid: (Laughing) Tell me a bit about discernment, do you see in the spirit realm, do you see angels? Do you see demons, do you feel them?

Dr. Paul L. Cox:   The gift of discernment I believe works through the 5 physical senses. This is based upon the word discern in the Bible, also the English definition talks about discernment is tied to 5 physical senses. My gift is mainly in the gift of healing. I feel with my body what’s going on in the spiritual realm. There are people that I work with that see clearly, I have heard a few times, I have smelled a couple of times, I’ve tasted a couple time.

Sid: Now I know ministers when it comes to the gift of healing they feel a pain in a specific part of their body and someone is always healed. The pain goes away from their body after they’ve said this condition.

Dr. Paul L. Cox:   Yes, we’ve also seen that in discernment. For example, the enemy maybe attacking someone we’re praying for a particular part of the body, and we’ll feel that pressure on our body in that same location. So we know how to pray for people, and then they get relieved of whatever pain.

Sid: Okay, you say you feel things in the spirit realm. You talked about the knuckle taping on your head. Give me some more examples of the types of things that you feel, can you… like for instance do you know the difference between a feeling that’s angel and a feeling that’s a demon?

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Yes, the Lord trained me in the early days by surrounding me with people who could see so I say “I am feeling this, what are you seeing?” The Lord first trained me in discerning the demonic and I started feeling territorial spirits and I started feeling angels, and I started feeling angels with messages and I started feeling cherubim and I started feeling witchcraft. I started feeling…

Sid: What does witchcraft feel like?

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Witchcraft to be feels like dirty anointing.

Sid: You know I have felt this and I’ve almost said “It’s almost like an unclean spirit.”

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Yes.

Sid: I mean it’s hard to put into words what you’re feeling but that’s the best way that I can feel it when I’m in someone’s presence that has an unclean spirit I feel that.

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Yes, so you may have the gift of discernment.

Sid: You know I believe that I do but because as I’ve been listening to your tapes and reading notes about you you’re saying things that I haven’t understood before but that’s what’s going on with me.

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Yes.

Sid: Would you give us some scriptures to back up the exercising of discernment in the feeling of the sense area?

Dr. Paul L. Cox:   Yes in 1st Corinthian chapter 12 where Paul lists the spiritual gifts he talks about the discerning of spirits, sometimes it’s called the distinguishing of spirits. And a key passage for me is in Hebrews chapter 5 verse 14. And the context is very interesting, the writer says in verse 12 “For by this time you ought to be teachers. You need someone to teach you again the first principals of the oracles of God. And you’ve come to need milk and not solid food. For everyone that partakes fully of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness for he is a babe.” And I’ve talked through the Book of Hebrews as a pastor and I talked also in 1st Corinthians about milk and solid food. But what I did not understand when I started studying on discernment is that the writers very clear how you know if you’re on solid food. You know on most churches that I pastored and my friends’ pastored people would say “Well I’m not being fed here so I’m going to a different church.” And what they’re trying to animate here is “You’re giving me milk and not solid food.” But the writer goes on in verse 14 and says “But solid food belongs to those who are…” I’m reading from New King James. “Who are of full age that is mature, that is by those that by reason of use have their senses” (and this literally is the 5 physical senses), “exercised to discern both good and evil.” So here we have scripture saying very clearly that if you come to maturity in your walk you can discern good and evil through the use of your 5 physical senses.

Sid: And most people don’t even have a clue about what you’re talking. We’ve been talking about this. Give some other things about using the senses in scripture. Like the sense of taste or see or hear.

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Well you know in the Old Testament and the New Testament in Jeremiah and Ezekiel and John talked about receiving a scroll and that they ate the scroll and it was sour.

Sid: You know there’s some people that are mocking our discussion right now. I wonder what they would have done if they heard Ezekiel talking about eating the scroll?

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Oh, they would have thought he was crazy because the truth is that we believe what’s in the Bible was for the Bible time and not for today. I’m coming to believe that everything in the Word of God is exactly what it says it is. It happened and it is real and not only is it real but it’s for today. And you know that’s the problem we Baptists have is that we believe the word of God.

Sid: That’s good!

Dr. Paul L. Cox: And so I take the Bible at face value and many things that we thought were metaphors are in reality quite true.    

Sid: Whoops we’re out of time.

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