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Sid: Well my guest Joan Hunter is red hot for the Messiah and you listen to her just a little bit and you can’t help being red hot for the Messiah.   Joan we’re featuring your brand new book “Miracle Maintenance” and your 3 CD’s “How to Receive and Keep God’s Blessing.” Not just for healing but every area in someone’s life and many people that have been sick for 20 years have been reading this and getting that fresh breeze from heaven and understanding; and the fog just gets out of their brain and out of their heat. And they are getting in position to receive their healing. Would you teach a little bit on how to get into position to receive our healing?

Joan: I love teaching about this because through this so many people are healed.   And one of the greatest stories in the Bible I believe is the woman with the issue of blood, the greatest example. She had gone to the doctors for over 12 had spent all of her money and she was basically penniless and didn’t know what to do. She was anemic she had lost so much blood she was so weakened. In the natural if she was to leave the house bleeding then legally you could just stone her to death. And so she was willing to risk her life but in the book I talk about in one of the chapters I talk about how to receive and what we need to do to prepare ourselves. Now through the story here it talks about that she heard. She heard that Jesus was going to be passing by. And the next was she spoke, she said “I’m going to go see Jesus and if I touch the hem of His garment, or His tallit, I believe I will be made every bit whole.” And so she spoke it out “I’m going to be healed when I touch his cloak.” She acted, she got up, she got dressed which was very difficult for her to do she was determined. She went through 12 body guards big buff body guards trying to get through. She touched the hem of His garment, she received, she received her healing she did not just get healed she was made every bit whole. This is I believe the first example of blood transfusion because she had lost all of blood, lost all of her energy and just instantly infused with blood and energy. Number 5 she told others, it’s very powerful in the teaching and sharing about your healing. I love telling people I was healed of breast cancer, of a broken vertebrae, of a mangled knee, of a goiter. I love telling what God has done in my life, telling how He healed me of a broken heart and I love doing that. I’m not going to keep any revelation or any healing that He’s done in my life I’m not going to keep from sharing it because I am continually thankful of what He has done for me. And we need to move into a position of thanksgiving. The book of Deuteronomy is an excellent example some things that I primarily teach on it I really encourage people is to do a self-examination. Not self condemnation but self-examination to examine is there anything in here that may have opened the door for sickness.

Sid: Give some examples that might have opened the door for sickness.

Joan: Okay, not eating properly, not sleeping properly, under a lot of stress, and flat disobedience. Deuteronomy 1:28 one third of the chapter is on obedience and a blessing and how wonderful because of the blessings of God. But 2/3 is on the curse of disobedience and when we disobey God that opens the door up. Disobedience is any and all areas of our life opens up the door for sickness. It’s very important that we obey God in every area of our life. And one thing that’s very, very important is that we hear the voice of God and respond. And you think “Well, I don’t how to hear the voice of God.” It’s just very very simple as we just tune in, shut the phones off, shut the computer off put the kids to bed or whatever and just say “God speak to me.” And allow Him to speak to you, it’s a lot easier than you could imagine when He really wants to speak to you and He’ll speak to you in a still small voice. He won’t become at you yelling at you because He won’t do that He’s a loving God.

Sid: What advice would you give someone that has just gotten a death sentence from their doctor and their dealing with fear over it understandably so, they should not be but understandably so? When all of a sudden they’re told like you were that you have a tumor in your breast or you have some sort of heart condition and you’re going to die within the next year and they’re fearful. What would you tell them, what would you advice them to do?

Joan: I remember laying on the examining table and seeing the sonogram and seeing the left breast and down a little bit on the side of cancer. And I started planning my funeral in my head and then I started slapping myself and I said “No, I’m going to live and not die and declare the works of the Lord.” I started confessing scriptures of life “By His stripes I am healed.” And I started confessing and not die, I’m going to live and not die, I’m going to live and not die. And we can succumb to the death sentence or we can stand up and say “No, I’m going to live and not die.” I’m just going to pray for that because there are many of you listening that have been given a death sentence in your health or even in your emotions. And so Father, in the name of Jesus I just curse any form of trauma, I curse any form of hopelessness, I speak life restored. I cut off in Jesus name the death sentence that has been spoken over them either by the doctors or even by themselves. I cut every bit of that off, I speak clarity of mind, restoration in the body in Jesus name. I speak and declare that they are going to live and not die and declare the works of the Lord in Jesus name. I speak peace that passes all understanding in Jesus name I curse any form of cancer in any parts of the body of people that are listening today in Jesus Name. I curse every prion and I speak health and wholeness and restoration in Jesus name. And Father right now in the name of Jesus I just speak complete restoration, I speak healing of marriages and emotions where that’s concerned. Father there’s just such a hopelessness, feelings of hopelessness, Father I speak life and health and complete restoration in Jesus name. Hallelujah!

Sid: I am so excited about the people that are being healed this day and you know what I still see people I know we prayed for it yesterday, but I still see people that their knees are being healed right now. As a matter of fact I don’t believe that there is anything of any condition that you could not be healed of if… I’ll tell you what Joan rather than name the conditions because Jesus paid the price for every name and His name is higher than any name of physical condition. I want you to pray for everyone to be healed and tell them to put their hands on themselves like you did to yourself and you get rid of all of that junk in Jesus name.

Joan: Father right now in the name of Jesus I send the word of healing to every single person that is listening that is with the sound of my voice. Father right now I send the word of healing, I speak health, I speak wholeness, I speak hope, I speak restoration in every area. I speak ears opened up, minds beginning restored, stomachs being healed and every single part that hands are being laid on right now healed and whole in the name of Jesus.

Sid: And it is finished! In fact it was finished 2000 years ago you received that now, now hold on to it that by faith and patience you must inherit the promises. And I want her to preach at you and into you until you’re doing what she’s doing…


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