Sid: Well my guest is red hot for the Messiah his name Pat Schatzline. I find this pretty interesting I was speaking before we went on the air and his dad comes from a Jewish background. See I had a cousin whose last name was Schatz, I don’t know what it was shortened from, so that’s why I suspected that your dad was Jewish.   But at age 5 your dad comes to the Lord, what were the circumstances?

Pat: My dad worked for the Teamsters in Detroit, Michigan and was running drugs and a number of other things. My mom went to a Southern Gospel Sing when I was just 2 weeks before that and she had been raised in the south, married my father. Dad worked for GM and he worked for the Teamsters and well, for Ford and the Teamsters, excuse me. And my mom gets invited to church, now my dad was a thug, he was a drug runner the whole family. I can still have memories of waking up with a drug room and all of the other stuff. And my mom goes to church, has a radical encounter with God at this Southern Gospel Sing and comes home. She’s in the middle of a poker game and she turns on Southern Gospel, the guys that were playing poker with my dad getting drunk (Laughing) get under conviction and leave. My dad was so angry, two weeks later the neighbor that had invited my mom to church kept inviting my dad. My dad literally threatened the man with his life. My dad had long hair down to his waist and was crazy but my dad drove his car through our house one night through a drunken stupor, drove right through the garage, the car was in the kitchen. And about 3 days later he realized that he was going to die like so many of his friends had in that type of culture. He got on his knees in the bathroom, flushed dope down the commode and gave his heart to Christ on His own.

Sid: Now as a young man you had quite a background, you… did you literally see angels bring your family cash when they needed it, food when they needed it?

Pat: Absolutely. You know my dad gets saved, goes off to Bible College 3 months later gets radically touched by the Spirit of God. We moved to the south and he starts pasturing this little church, churches that couldn’t afford our family. And I can remember one night that my parents had prayed “God we need $700 tonight to pay for the church building.” We lived in an old parsonage, it was actually an old church. They left went to a meeting and my sister and I were home and we lived on a freeway. And a man knocked on the door, almost what you’d think Jesus would look like. I was about 10 years old and he hands me an envelope. And he says “Is the master home?” And I said “Do you mean my dad?” I go “No, he’s not.” He said “Give him this, when he shut the door I opened the envelope, it was open and there was 7 $100 bills in the envelope. I yanked the door open and Sid you could see anywhere for 2 miles where we lived. We lived on a freeway and no one was to be found. My parents came home, I handed them the envelope and they fell on their knees and began to weep. On other occasions we would be sitting at the dining room table, no food to eat, place settings there and my father would pray “God, we need groceries.” Someone would immediately knock on the door and back a car up and give us groceries and my father would go to thank them and they’d be gone. Crazy experiences like that happened.

Sid: Okay, you know the thing that I often wonder seeing what you saw being raised in such a godly home. At 16 you got in trouble with the law, you were drinking how could you do that?

Pat: You know Sid I think that it was because my parents got so radically saved out of the drug culture that we moved into a mentality for many years of maybe legalism, religion. My dad pastured those little churches and it wasn’t even my parents, it was those little churches and I would say “Are good for one thing, the making and the breaking of a man of God.” And I saw so much in the church that it made me begin to doubt “Okay God.” Now let me say this “I always knew God was there.”   There was a time when I was in that car drinking with friends driving down the road and another car came at us in a head on collision and even in a drunken stupor with my friends I screamed “Jesus.” And our car went right through their car and kept going, I can only describe it as a supernatural experience.   And it was 2 weeks later in my bedroom floor that I said “God if you’re real I need to know it.” And God walked into my bedroom.

Sid: What do you mean “God walked into your bedroom,” tell me what happened.

Pat: (Laughing) you know I speak a lot overseas and I hear great stories of people having dreams and great stories like that and for me I said Lord… I’m laying in bed and I could hear my mom upstairs praying in her bedroom for me in the Spirit and she was crying out to God. I said “Okay God if Your real prove it.” I laid there for awhile nothing happened. I said “Well, there you go and I got on the floor because I’d seen my dad my whole dad when I’d get up in the middle of the night laying on the floor praying. And he’d get up in the middle of the night and pray all night. And I got on the floor and I said “Okay God if my dad can do it then let me try it like that.” I’m laying on the floor and I fell asleep and somewhere in the night Jesus Himself walked into my bedroom and I looked up and the glory of the Lord filled the room. I had never had an encounter like that obviously, and he said “Pat give me everything, give me your heart son, I’ll take it.” And then He said this to me and Sid it seemed so odd, but He said to me “I’m so sorry,” I start crying when I talk about it.” In fact I feel like there’s somebody watching or listening right now by the radio that needs to hear this. The Lord spoke to me and He said “Son, I’m so sorry that my bride has hurt you over the years.” Because I saw my mom go through things and have a breakdown. A lot of that stuff was caused because they were so raw out of the drug culture and then within 3 years they were pasturing churches. But the Lord spoke to me and said “Son, I’m so sorry that My bride has hurt you, I will protect you, I will anoint you and I will use you.” And instantly I gave my heart to Him and was radically filled with the Spirit at that moment by myself. Ran upstairs woke my parents up and said “I just had an encounter with God.”

Sid: You know I have to believe that there are so many people listening to us that have been turned off by hypocrisy of humans that are believers in the church. Never ever judge God who loves you, who died for you, who appointed you, who has a marvelous destiny for you by someone that has a misunderstanding of God. And that’s the problem, we judge God by people. We have to judge God by God (Chuckling)

Pat: I’ve heard that over and over people go through dark times “God must be made at me. And the Lord spoke to me one day when I was running. He said “Son, tell him I’m not mad at him, tell him I’m mad about him.” And He said “Rewrite my resume to a generation because religion has a great way of high jacking the character of the Holy
Spirit.” And religion walks around with a noose in it’s had ready to choke you. But relationship with Jesus walks around with a fresh glass of water ready to feed you.”

Sid: Okay, tell me about your latest book “I Am Remnant.” I love that title it kind of grabs you. What is this about, where did it come from?”

Pat: Well, you know I was out I always say “When I’m jogging God speaks to me” and He does, it’s the weirdest thing and if I need to hear a word of the Lord I go for a run. And I’m out talking one morning and getting ready to do a conference in Dallas where my son is a youth pastor at. And all of a sudden the Lord just hit me, He said “Son, He said “I want to raise up my remnant.” And I’m worshiping I’m praising God as I’m running and I said “Lord, I’ve heard that word my whole life and in fact in high school and college I laid carpet and the remnant is the left over pieces of carpet that you throw away. And I said “I know, and He said “Go research it.” So I ran back to my hotel room pulled up Romans 11:5 “So too, the present time there has been a remnant chosen by grace.” And the word remnant means rag, what’s left over. From cover to cover Old Testament and New Testament it is all about the remnant. The remnant is not about the large crowds, it’s those that would stand for truth through the power of Holy Spirit and through the darkest of times. And so I wrote a message called “Remnant Rising” preached it the next day in Houston and 40 churches, people started running to the altar. Sometime later God began to birth in me “Now you’re going to turn it into a book.” And that began to come alive in me so that now, I do believe that we’re racing against the rapture. I believe that we’re living in very dark times. I believe that God is about ready to raise up a remnant in America, Israel has always been the remnant. But God is raising up a remnant that will stand firm. You know Amos 9:11 speaks of the Tabernacle of David being restored and it says in it that “The remnant will come forth.” All through Zephaniah 3, all through God’s word it’s about the remnant those that will say “Enough is enough I’m not bowing to culture, God’s word doesn’t change with culture I’m going to stand for Jesus Christ in the darkest times.”

Sid: Now you have something called the poster that is called the “Manifesto of the remnant” what is that?

Pat: You know after God gave me the message I began to write it for my publisher and boy the heavens kind of closed. I mean I just wasn’t getting anything and I was say the teacher doesn’t talk when he giving a test. I had passed the deadline and you know what that’s like through your books that you’ve written. So I looked at my wife and I said “I’ve got to go hear from God.” And so I loaded up in the car and drove to the track where I run at. While I’m out there I said “God are you with me?” I literally said that and He spoke to me and said “Get your phone out I’m going to share something with you.”   And the Lord downloaded to me in 45 minutes, it’s so funny because people are running past me on the track and it’s late in the afternoon. I’m weeping uncontrollably and typing on the little yellow pad on your iPhone and God gives me 34 prophetic words and He said “Son,” I call it the manifesto of the remnant. And He said “Now son take this and build your book around it.”

Sid: I’ll tell you what we’re out of time right now but “You’ve been listening to us are you ready for greater intimacy with God? Are you ready to really walk with God like Enoch did? Are you ready to demonstrate His Kingdom?” Guess what He’s already called you, guess what He’s waiting for you. This message from heaven will cause you to experience the awesome love of God that will revolutionize your life….

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