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Sid: Well when I was in Israel a number of months ago I bumped into a man that I’ve heard a great deal about and had a chance to meet him in person; his name is Chuck Pierce. I’m speaking to him at his offices in Denton, Texas but as I said Chuck I’d much rather be talking to you in Jerusalem, Israel any day.

Chuck: Well, it’s such a great time just being with you there Sid and I’d like to back there with you also especially we were there at the head of the year at Rosh Hashanah. So it was such a blessing being there with you. But even perhaps even this way we’ll be able to communicate some things that will help those who are listening to us today.

Sid: You know my producer gave me notes about your background and I find this fascinating you can’t judge a book by its cover. You had a pretty rough background your father was an abusive alcoholic. And although praise God I was not in such a situation I have family members that have and that’s a pretty rough to grow into. He was involved in prostitution and gambling and pretty much destroyed the family. But somehow you managed to get saved at 11 and your mother was a godly woman but she didn’t know what to do about all of the turmoil. And then your father died and the thing that happens so often Chuck is that whatever we judge our parents for and I don’t know whether you judged your father or not. But whatever we judge our parents we many times end up doing it.

Chuck: Well, that’s absolutely right. The thing about my Dad my earthly father was a gifted wonderful man that the enemy someway ganged opening to and all the potential he had Sid just got aborted; he never brought it into fullness. Really when I think of my Dad and my family I do think of Israel there with all of God’s covenant potential all of God’s covenant blessing, all of God’s covenant promise and yet you would find that they would stray. And what happened to me my Dad died prematurely when I was 16 and it was a very tragic death and I seem to…I had had two incredible experiences with the Lord but I seem to find myself stray away after that. And when I was 18 I had this godly grand-mother, you know you look at Timothy and he had a godly mother and he had a godly grandmother. And this godly grandmother of mine came to me and said “Son you’re going in the wrong direction and you’re following the direction that your Dad followed and God has another plan for you.” Well you know when you’re 18 and you know more than Jesus you don’t tend to listen very carefully. And so I told my grandmother and this is interesting this is how God works with us sometimes I said “You know I’m really not interesting in hearing that Mama” and that’s what I called her. And yet I respected and loved that woman more anything in the world. And I’ll never forget it I had left college that day to go over and eat with her and she set my plate of food down in front of me and she turned around and she surprised me. She surprised me because with the back of her hand she knocked me out of the chair.

Sid: That’s a surprise.

Chuck: Yeah and she said “Then I won’t say anything else I’ll let God deal with you because your god.” And you know I didn’t really know what that meant but it gave me that feeling of a mixture of fear and I wonder what will happen. And three months later I found myself in a hospital room, I had collapsed physically tremendous tremendous problems physically. And my grandmother of course was a nurse in that hospital and said “I told you the Lord was going to do this with you.” And yet in God’s sovereign grace he put me in the hospital room with a Pentecostal pastor and he introduced me to a person I’d never had been introduced to before named the Holy Spirit. And so God in his sovereignty just sort of grabbed my life and took it. But He spoke something to me in a hospital room he said “I can restore all you’ve lost.” And this is what was so incredible for me the Spirit of God visited me for 3 days.

Sid: What do mean by that “He visited you?”

Chuck: Well, it was as if He came into the room with me. I began to weep it’s as if He was in the room I could actually feel his presence.

Sid: But then out of curiosity you said that when you were younger you had a few experiences with God was anything to this degree previously?

Chuck: I had had an experience of salvation because I had been in Baptist Church, they would give an altar call every Sunday. But there was an older lady in our church she was over 80 and there would come times where this lady would stand up and worship and this is one of the most impacting things of my life. She would stand up in worship, she would lift her hands up and the Pastor would stop his message when she would do that on occasion and say “Miss Grimes what is happening with you?” And she’d say “The Lord is speaking to me, the Lord is speaking to me.” And it would amaze me and then when she would share what God is saying to her the whole atmosphere of the church would change. And nobody ever mentioned prophesy, nobody I never heard that word. But what she would do actually was prophesy to the congregation and it had such an impact on me that I knew God was real. And so when he would say “If the Lord is speaking to you today to come forward come forward and meet Him today.” I waited for God to speak to me because I knew that if He could speak to Miss Grimes He could speak to me. So when I was 11 years old the Spirit of God came to me and said “This is your day come forward with Me.” So the reality of God’s voice was real to me. And then through living through the trauma you mentioned when I was 16 the Spirit of God spoke to me and it actually saved my life from a disastrous time where my Dad had lost control. So in that when I was introduced to the Holy Spirit it was like I got to know His person in the hospital room. His presence was tangible and when He spoke to me and said “I can restore all of you’ve lost” it was just an incredible dynamic. And I picked up the word of God in that hospital room and I started reading in Genesis. I knew Bible stories but I’d never read the Bible and when I got to those 12 tribes that God had a plan for and I saw His covenant relationship with Abraham some way or another He gave me revelation of not only His covenant relationship with Abraham and the land of Israel but He gave me revelation of His covenant relationship with me as well.

Sid: Now you wept for 3 days.

Chuck: I wept and wept and wept and here was the interesting thing my Dad had acquired the land from the 12 brothers and sisters of his family.

Sid: Hm.

Chuck: He had all of that land he had worked and acquired. And you can imagine and reading the Bible and seeing those 12 tribes. And all of that land God had given them the Bible became so real to me and it was as if God had ordained an understanding came to me because…actually you mentioned something at the beginning. I really never had bitterness toward my Dad I knew, I knew that some way what had been planned for him had been thwarted by an enemy and he had gone the wrong way. And even in all the trauma we had experienced and it was as if when I was 18 I started gaining understanding. And I can honestly say to you listeners God has an inheritance for you and He will secure your inheritance for you if you’ll let Him. And since that day I’m 50 this is my 50th year this year in the earth realm. God has restored my family and restored my life and restored my joy in Him so He can do the same for you.

Sid: Chuck the thing that is so fascinating to me is then shortly thereafter you were in a car the presence of God just overwhelmed you with His love but somehow God gave you information about what was meant for your Dad but you would be able to get those blessings. Explain that.

Chuck: It was really interesting because again after you’d experienced God like that like I did in the hospital there for 3 days that Pastor got out of the hospital I stayed another week and that’s when the Lord visited me. And I’ll say something else too Sid in the midst of that visitation in the hospital it was during the time of the tragedy in Munich during the Olympics and my heart understood…

Sid: So you’re really tied in with Israel in lots of ways Chuck.

Chuck: God opened the word up to me for Israel. He opened up His covenant plan, He showed me my grafted you know later on I understood the word grafted in but it all became real to me. And then the tragedy of Munich when you’re seeing the hate of the enemy destroy the Israel team in the Olympics I understood Satan’s vengeance that He had on God’s seed and on God’s plan in the earth.   And so something happened to me and that’s why later on a few years after that I was driving to work in Houston and the presence and the power of God visited my car again. And I had become very devoted to the Lord by now but you know He doesn’t….

Sid: I’ll tell you what Chuck we’re out of time just hold that thought…

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