Sid: I’m so excited because I’ve got in my hands a teaching series called “What God has Joined Together.” There is a problem in the world involving divorce. There is probably equal problem in the quote “Church” involving divorce. And this wrong and I believe God has some solutions and some answers. I believe there are people listening right now that this teaching will transform, absolutely transform your marriage. There is no such thing as an impossible situation in marriage. God says “All things are possible to those who believe.” I have on the telephone Gary Whetstone, and Gary is the Pastor of Victory Christian Fellowship” New Castle, Delaware. And he’s also the head of the Gary Whetstone Worldwide Ministries which has founded over 207 Bible schools throughout the world. Gary there was a day in which your life should have ended. Did you ever see the movie Mishpochah “One Flew over the Cuckoo…” and they gave lobotomies to those patients. Well in effect, there was a point but short of the mercy of God the man I’m speaking to that has done so much in the kingdom of God would have been a vegetable. Gary you started out so good you’re a star athlete, you making good grades but you had an auto accident, what happened?

Gary: Well Sid when I was in my early teenage years I was 3rd seat in Delaware and 10 as Captain of the football team President of Student Councils, straight “A” student. And then during the winter of my ninth grade going into the 10th grade year I hit a car head on sledding. When I did that it drove my right arm through my back and as a result in my ability in swimming, tennis, everything was just football was out the window. My brother during that time had been the President of the Pagan motorcycle club here in southern Philadelphia region and literally I turned my life over to a life of drugs and crime and everything else to the point Sid that literally I lost my mind completely. And spent almost 2 years in an isolation ward in the state mental hospital in Delaware both going to the bathroom and eating out of the same pan that I get every day that I get with food in it, it was incredible.

Sid: It’s beyond someone’s wildest imagination for someone at such a young age to go from star athlete with good grades to that. Tell me about what the doctors wanted to do to you and what the affect would have been on your life.

Gary: Well Sid really this is quite a shock to the American listening audience because they don’t think things like this has happened in this generation but in fact it has. I was locked in an isolation ward on and off from the age of 16 ½ to 18 ½ and by the end of that time I was in permanently in an isolation ward. And I was what was considered a ward of the state, where I lost literally all constitutional rights. My parents had signed a waiver of the state that if the State of Delaware killed me or permanently maimed me this new procedure that there was no legal recourse that they could take. What the procedure was drilling a hole in the cranium in the top part of the brain and removing that part of the skull, inserting an electronic probe and killing the brain mass that contained all memory. Very similar to what we would call an electronic lobotomy. And literally I could remember the days where I was taken by arm and feet restraints to the head psychiatrist’s office and I was notified of this procedure. And everyone in the mental hospital knew that those that had ever had that procedure all died…

Sid: You know what it sounds like to me it sounds like legal murder to get rid of the mentally defective.

Gary: Well at that time it was. And actually the tragedy of this whole procedure was that it was developed upon the Jews in Auschwitz. And during that time unfortunately a lot of the American Physiotherapy and operations and mental hospitals came out of the concentration camps of the Jews. And that was the founding place of these procedures.

Sid: Two days before you were about ready to be made a vegetable, a man witnessed to you what happen?

Gary: I had long red hair and a long beard down the center of my chest and I was literally living in an isolation ward. On Wednesday I was going to begin the procedure on Friday and they would progressively kill the brain throughout a 4 or 5 day process. I was invited to meet a man in the solarium which I had never been in. It was a locked ward that you could not have other people in. As I sat there they were shooting me up with Malarone and Thorazine such intense antipsychotic drugs, it was enough to knock a horse out. That man looked at me and I’d never met up until that point anyone like him. He said “Gary the power of sin is going to kill you, but if you would repent and receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior you’d be saved.” I never knew what saved meant; I never knew what repent meant, and didn’t know who Jesus was, just thought he was a cuss word. And literally I was on my face on that carpet with tears pouring out. Something had happened with those words that had pierced through the mental torment that broke through the absolute confusion of listening to voices and everything. And upon that place I got up off that place I got up off that carpet and my mind was normal again. And I said to this guy he was a Baptist preacher, and I said “What happened to me?” He said “Oh, you got saved.” I said “Oh, what’s that?” He said “You got born again.” I said “What’s that?” He said “Jesus.” I said “Who’s that.” I did not know what happened to me. All I knew is that the incredible mental torment was over and my thinking processes were reengaged in peace. And literally I said to the guy, “You’ve got to explain to me.” Well he looked at his watch and said “I’m sorry I’ve got to go and I’ll come back later.” There was no later for me Sid I was going to have this procedure in 2 days and later did not exist. So he walked out.

Sid: So what did you do?

Gary:   Well, he walked out they called the orderlies back they bound up my hands and feet again because I always lived in restraint whenever I was outside of the isolation area. They led me back into the ward, led me back right into my cell in that padded area and that was it. I beat on those walls on the doors for literally upon hours upon hours to try to get an orderlies attention. Finally the guy comes over and says “What do you want?” And I told the guy this is now later in the day on Wednesday I said “I’m sane.” And you can get a picture here is a guy sitting in isolation ward screaming out he’s sane with his fingers in his ears and beating on the door. I mean it’s kind of comical but in reality it wasn’t.

Sid: I’m glad I wasn’t in your shoes.

Gary: Yeah, and so finally he said “What do you want?” I said “I’ve got to be reexamined by a psychiatrist.” Well, the next day evidently because of a request that a person prior to that type of procedure was granted I did meet with a head psychiatrist that next day on Thursday. And as I sat there they took my hand restraints off and I was kind of surprised they did that because in an area where other people are I always was bound. And I explained to this man that I had no knowledge of what happened really but I prayed this prayer and now I’m sane.” Well the psychiatrist said “We’re you having a sense of sanity because of relationship with God?” And I said “Yeah, that’s what it is” I thought the guy was kind of tuning into what happened to me. And he shook his head and said “Well Gary this is a further manifestation of the incredible mental derangement that is in your life…

Sid: Whoa…

Gary: “The paranoiac schizophrenic state in this entire area of mental insanity and unfortunately now you’re living in apparitions of god which is completely unfounded and you’ll have no contact with reality so we are going to continue with this procedure.” Well I tell you Sid what happened to me I lunged across that desk grabbed that psychiatrist, started beating him up. And he hit the panic button and the orderlies came in wrestled me back down to the ground and put me back in my restraints and off I went. Well you know I kind of say it this way “Well how many other people still acted like the devil right after they got saved.” Well any rate that’s exactly what happened to me.

Sid: Listen you were in desperate, desperate situation!

Gary: Yeah, I was down to probably 24 to 30 hours before I was to be reduced to a vegetable. They had said that the only thing that would be left in my life would be number 1 the ability to walk, and number 2 I’d probably lose all ability to retain my body functions, and I’d have to learn how to go to the bathroom again. But outside of that there would be no memory of the past and no memory or ability to build memory in the future. It was like an electronic lobotomy. And it was just the most incredible atmosphere.

Sid: And you’re in a cell and in a straight jacket type thing or…

Gary: Well when I was in the isolation area they would take the restraints off of my hands and feet. But any time that I was out I was always bound with these restraints that they used. And what was interesting I was always led away from the head psychiatrist after having that little beating him up there they had taken the arms restraints and the feet restraints off. And one guard was on one side and the other was on the other side and it was like a corridor that actually went outside with screen meshing and glass and bars and everything. And what happened was just like you can picture in the prison environment they would open doors and I would be kind of like a rat you know just guided into my isolation cell and that was it they’d shut the door. And of course they’d start the procedure the next day. And during that time they shut the door behind me and 2 guards are looking at me I’m telling you Sid something happened that literally blows people mind…

Sid: Gary can you hold that thought.

Gary: Yeah.

Sid: Tomorrow’s broadcast we’re going to pick up right here.

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