SID: Kynan said when he does three things, miracles erupt. One, proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven. Two, create the atmosphere. The atmosphere of the Holy Spirit is welcomed. And number three?

KYNAN: The third and one of the most important keys to seeing healing manifest is a “D” word called “determination.” And what that means is that we must keep pushing into God until we see manifestation. Too many people give up before their miracle manifests and right when they’re about to receive their healing, they quit. The Bible says, “Don’t cast away your confidence. It has great recompense of reward. For you have need of endurance, determination, persistence in order to see the miraculous.”

SID: You know what I believe, Kynan? Those lying symptoms will hang around as long as they think you’ll eventually give up. And once they realize that you’re not going to give up they find someone else that’s willing to give up.

KYNAN: Absolutely. Satan is a bully. And like all bullies, the only thing a bully responds to is brute force. And you have to learn how to really, really stand your ground and tell the enemy, you’re not going to have my health, you’re not going to have my body, you’re not going to have my mind because it belongs to God, and I’m going to fight for it with every fiber of my being. Until you get to that place, the enemy will keep attacking and he will keep disturbing your health. But when you make a decision and say, no more, I will not tolerate it anymore, and keep pressing, you’ll wear down the enemy and he’ll have to flee.

SID: Okay. Many times Jesus cast out demons and people were healed. Other times, he prayed for the sick and people were healed. So there’s a distinction. Kynan, in your experience, what type of illnesses have you seen that the first thing you look for is to cast the demon out even before you pray for someone to be healed?

KYNAN: Well the first and most common one is cancer. I believe, along with many of those that have gone before me that cancer is a manifestation of the demonic spirit of death, also mental illness: schizophrenia, bipolar disorder. You see this throughout the New Testament. Jesus cast out spirits of insanity. Things like arthritis and things that deal with the bone are often times manifestations of spirits of infirmity in people’s body. We have to use discernment to know how to identify these demonic spirits.

SID: Now you talk a lot about sin can literally be a portal for the demonic.

KYNAN: Demonic spirits have a legal right to enter. When people are involved in pornography, adultery, watching demonic movies, the new age, and there are so many involved in the new age that, you know, many people don’t realize it, but these things are allowing the enemy to have a stranglehold on believers without their being aware of it. And so you got to understand that the first thing, if you really want to, let’s say you’re not experiencing healing and you’ve been dealing with prolonged infirmity, the first thing you’ve got to identify is are there some open doors or demonic portals, and through the power of the spirit you need to collapse those portals. And when you do, we’ve seen many people supernaturally healed just by breaking the power of the demonic.

SID: Now what do you exactly mean, “would collapse the portals”?

KYNAN: What I mean is we have to take authority through the name of Jesus and close those doors. It’s just like in the natural, it’s like, imagine a tunnel that an enemy is traveling through. Many times during wars, there would be secret tunnels where spies and enemies would come through and the first thing it would do is take a stick of dynamite, and they would collapse that tunnel, and it would block off the passage to those enemies. And the same way in the spiritual realm, we have to take the dynamite of the Holy Spirit, the dunamis of God, and we have to release the power of God that will break and cut off that demonic entrance.

SID: Do that right now, especially cancer.

KYNAN: Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, there’s someone watching me that’s been dealing with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. There’s another person dealing with melanoma of the skin, another one with leukemia. And right now in the name of the Lamb Jesus Christ, Yeshua, we collapse, we break the power of every demonic portal, every demonic entrance that has been opening the door to sickness and infirmity, right now. If you’ll just stretch your hands right now, I believe that the Holy Spirit is even healing you now. We cancel the assignment of the devil in Yeshua’s name. Amen.

SID: Did you catch what Kynan said? The devil is a bully. But the devil comes like a roaring lion, but all he’s doing is roaring, and you give him no place. Why? Because greater is he that’s in you than he that’s in the world. I tell you, there is more power in the resurrected Jesus. I tell you the grave is empty. The tomb is empty. He’s alive. I tell you he’s alive and he can live inside of you. Just ask. Say, Jesus, I make you my Lord. Do it now, right this moment, out loud. Ask him to forgive you of your sins, be your Lord and live inside of you. Now.

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