Sid: Let me tell you what God is speaking to me; we had a season in which there was such an emphasis on the Holy Spirit it started the whole Charismatic movement. And rightfully so because the Holy Spirit there wasn’t much of an emphasis on Him, and then there was such an emphasis on the Name of Jesus. The power in the Name of Jesus and rightfully so, but we haven’t had that same revelation on God the Father until now. Why haven’t we had that same revelation? Because just before the Messiah returns God says in the Prophet Malachi He would return the hearts of the children to the fathers and the hearts of the fathers to the children. And I was excited when I got a hold of Hank Kunneman’s new book “My Heart Cries Ababa” because we now have that revelation. Hank Kunneman you have such a Biblical revelation and prophetic going from Genesis to the book of Revelation on the love of Father God that I believe that everyone that wants that revelation, I can’t believe a believer that doesn’t, by the time they finish your book their going to get it. How did you happen to even write this book? What was the catalyst Hank?

Hank: I learned this revelation as I was driving in a very bad ice storm you know in Nebraska we have some very bad ice that comes. This one particular day I was driving and it was very very icy and you have to really slow down and you have to drive carefully because the roads are extremely dangerous. In fact there were cars and trucks and semis that were over turned. Cars literally on their side, some on their tops and I was really beginning to be afraid. And I could feel the sweat coming down on my face. I saw that the conditions were worsening and so I called out and I said “Lord I need You help I want You to watch over me; I need You to watch over the situation.” And of course I was saying it in fear and all of a sudden I heard a very strong yet gentle voice saying “Hank, why wouldn’t I take care of you after all I am your Abba.” And when He said those words Abba it’s almost like my spirit being began to reverberate, “Abba, Abba, Abba, Abba.” And I couldn’t shake it it was almost like as I was driving in this ice storm all I could focus on was the word “Abba.” And so I began to go home and research the definition of the word Abba, what did it mean and why did Jesus in the Garden in His moment of incredible pain came a feeling with great drops of blood as was sweating and it was a time when His soul was vexed. Why of all things he would cry out in Mark 14 to His heavenly Father, He would use the word Abba. And so I began to say you know God with my life and the things that I’ve gone through or people that are living today there’s a real sense that people are hurting they’ve been through some things. Some people their souls and been vexed and I said “God I really sense in my heart that this is the final revelation of what You are going to reveal before the Messiah comes that is a reconciliation or a bringing back of the people connecting them to the heart of who God is Abba.” And so that’s why I wrote the book and that’s really how it began to come to me.

Sid: I want to tell our listeners right now that we’re friends, I’m friends with Hank, I recently spoke at his church and Hank opened up to me and told me some personal things that he has never publically shared. And he wasn’t sure that he wanted to share it and you told me that recently you heard the voice of God and what did He tell you?

Hank: The voice of the Lord spoke to me and said “Hank the reason why you were born into the family situation that you were born into,” that we’re going to talk about here, “is because I want you to share a story, a testimony to help other people.” You know I’ve learned something I’ve been in the ministry since 1986, and Sid I’ve learned the importance we have to be honest, we have to be genuine, we have to be able to share our stories that can empower and help somebody else…

Sid: You know as you and I have discussed I am so sick and tired of plastic Christianity if we can’t be real who can?

Hank: Well I don’t think we’re helping anybody, you know we’re supposed to be ministers of reconciliation and sometimes the way that you reconcile is through being honest, being open and being transparent that can help people that can identify what you’ve gone through. And really in my book “Abba” I talked about how there was 3 types of fathers and I began to understand that there’s:

  1. The biological type of a father where there just basically what we would call the sperm donor but they’re not one who stays around and raises that child.
  2. There’s the provider and the protector you know they’re the kind of father they put a roof over their head, they protect, they provide but there’s not a lot of love and affirmation.
  3. Then there’s the third kind of father that maybe had the honor or having that, that is the father that affirms them and looks them in the eyes and tells them “Hey, you know I love you.”


Well I didn’t have those examples growing up. I had the biological example. Let me give you what I’m saying and again Sid, this really the first time that I’ve really opened up on this level like this because I felt like I just needed to hold on to not really let anybody know about it. But the more I realized as I was writing this book that God was after something, He was after the hearts of man and He wanted to heal some people who’d been broken, who’s been wounded. You know people that are saying “Can I love God that way like a Daddy because of their own experience of their own either absence of a father or their own experience with a father. So people are crying out and they’re saying “Is God angry at me? Is He ashamed of me? Is He willing to get involved in my life now?” And so I grew up I had a biological father, I never met him he’s not alive today, but he was a biological father. He married my mother and at the age of 1 he left and left her with 2 kids and went on his way and I didn’t ever come to know him. So for years I felt like I had to hide this thing that I wasn’t…you know my name is Kunneman and I felt like I had to hide this thing that I wasn’t a blood Kunneman. And something that people need to understand…

Sid: So you almost felt as a kid as a kid’s mentality second class.

Hank:   Well I’ll tell you why I did, because I’ll tell you I’ll move a head just a little bit my mom remarried and married what some would call my stepdad and even though I never called him a stepdad, I never referred to him as by his first name. He adopted me as one of his own at the age of 2 and he had 4 kids from a previous marriage. My mom had me and my sister from my biological father. So when they came together it would be my adoptive grandparents, or some would say step-grandparents, they didn’t receive me as their own flesh and blood. There were times growing up, it was very hurtful for me because they would say things like “You know you are not one of us, you don’t have the true blood in you.” And they would say things like “You are never going to get our inheritance.” Now they had a lot of money…

Sid: Now what about something like Christmas Hank, what was that like for you?

Hank: Well and that was a little painful for me and here I’m a little kid and of course I’m not bitter I did experience the pain of not feeling like I belonged. And so they would constantly take the 4 blood grandchildren and they would give them the bigger gifts or give them gifts and there was times that I wasn’t their own flesh and blood you know you get a smaller gift, or I would get a card at my birthday or I had to watch my brothers and sisters you know open up bigger presents and get money at times and promised an inheritance that once the grandparents would go on. Well what happens is nobody got any inheritance, my grandparents wound up both needing medical care and extended hospital stay and it ate up all of their inheritance. But growing up as a kid and I mean I’m 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 years of age and I’m wondering “Why am I being treated differently I don’t understand this?” And what do you mean “I’m not part of your own flesh and blood.” So growing up that was very hurtful. I always wanted to feel like I was part of the family and I had to learn through those times that you know I couldn’t get upset I couldn’t get bitter but at the same time there was times I would just go away and I’d just cry in my room because I couldn’t relate and understand well how am I different then my brothers and sisters? Why am I not a real flesh and blood Kunneman?

Sid: And in that whole thing as a little child trying to process raised in a non-Christian home at age 5 you had a visitation!

Hank: Yeah, that is the most amazing thing and this is what I want to encourage people today. Even though you may grow up into a family or a situation that you didn’t ask for, you know I didn’t ask for it. I was a part of a process that I didn’t realize that Abba was working at that time. At the age of 5 my dad was in the military, my stepdad, and he was in the military and he had orders to go to Guam. And I remember that at the age of 5 I heard a voice and it was so tender and it was so sweet that I began to look around. I was on the driveway and leaning on the back of our parents, my parent’s car and I heard this voice. And again I’m talking in simple childlike terms… I heard this voice basically telling me that “I was loved and that if I would do good and do good things and be nice to others that there was a great plan for my life.”

Sid: Oh, we’re out of time….

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