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Sid: My guest by way of telephone I’m speaking to him at his home right outside of Los Angeles, California is Hal Lindsey. He doesn’t need any other type of description because everyone listening has heard of him. Has either heard about his books or read his books and Hal why at this moment did you feel it imperative to put together the best teaching you could about end time events on this video that were offering “Evidence of the End-time?”

Hal: Well it really grew out of the program I do on TBN called “The International Intelligence Briefing.” I just became overwhelmed with how rapidly things were fitting into that exact predicted scenario of events that would come together before the return of Christ. I saw them fitting their expediently and so I just felt compelled to put something out that would put it all together and show people how close we really must be to the coming of Christ.

Sid: Now on yesterday’s broadcast where we ran out of time I stated that you made a public prediction that in this is back in ’91.

Hal: Yes.

Sid: That you saw “The world of Islam would become the most dangerous system to world peace.” And I had the question posed you “How did you see it I mean anyone could see it today just pick up any newspaper but how did you see it in ’91?”

Hal: Well, when the Soviet Union disintegrating I was intensely restudying prophecy. And the Holy Spirit just really highlighted something that was there all the time and I should have seen it. And that is what an enormous role that the descendents of Ishmael and Esau were going to play in the final events of world history before Christ returns. In fact they would be the catalyst according to prophecy that would start the last war called “The War of Armageddon” And so as I looked I saw with the fall of the Shah in Iran and the tremendous changes that took place towards Islamic fundamentalism in Iran how that was triggering a great revival of Islamic fundamentalism. And then I just had to say that the Holy Spirit fit it together for me and prompted me to write an Intelligence Review called “Islam the World’s Greatest Threat.” And I wrote that in 1991 and I could just see that it was clear in prophesy that they were going to be a global threat and that it was coming rapidly.

Sid: Now Hal I have personally by studying your literature and videos etcetera I’ve seen where you have hit home runs based on your knowledge of scripture as to what’s going to happen. Out of curiosity have you ever had egg on your face, have you ever really missed it big time on prophesy?

Hal: Ah, there is one time when I wrote “The Late Great Planet Earth.” That was in 1969 where I said “If this is the time that I think it is and if a generation is 40 years and if it began with the founding of Israel Christ could come as early as 1988.” Now there was a lot of ifs and coulds and so forth and been there but that’s the closest I’ve come to really having egg on my face.

Sid: Now if you were to make that statement again and change the year what year would your put in there?

Hal: You know I wouldn’t put a year.

Sid: Oh! (Laughing)

Hal: I will say this you know Jesus said after He gave many prophesies and answers to his apostles’ question “What would be the time of His coming; what would be sign of His coming and the end of the age?” When He gave all of these predictions He stepped back and He gave an application, “Now learn the sign of the fig tree or learn the parable of the fig tree when the limbs first become tender and put forth leaves you know that summer is there.” So in a parable there’s one basic point and it’s very obvious what’s His point was in that parable that “When the first leaf appear on the fig tree you know that the general time of summer is there.” Then He applies that He says “Even so when you see all of these things” referring to the signs of prophecy about the end times when you see all of them not just a few but all of them coming up in concert He said “Recognize(and that is a command) I Am at the door. And then He applies it he says “Truly I say to you this generation (The one that sees all of the signs coming together) will not pass away until all of these things are fulfilled.” Well, I believe that we are that generation and that we are deep into that generation. So and then He said “But of the day and hour no one knows.” Well He commands us to know the general time but He says we cannot know the specific time, the day or the hour. And so I believe that we’re right in the middle of the general time and Christ could come at any minute.

Sid: Okay, you were right on the button in your prediction on Islam what does the Bible say will happen to the Arabs?

Hal: Well, the warnings are horrific and there will be some that will somehow come to true faith in the midst of this. But Ezekiel chapters 36 – 39 (which is really one message) predicts and warns all of the descendants of Ishmael and Esau that you’re generally called Edom it’s a collective word to describe all of them in the last days. It’s a warning to them that God is going to judge them severely because they usurped His land and that they sought to keep it away from His people when he predicts that they are going to come to that power.

Sid: Well, I do know that you have a dog now.

Hal: I’m sorry, he’s very excited.

Sid: Oh, it’s okay. I want you to give a little teaching right now from Psalm 83. Would you explain what some of these nations are that are mentioned here and what that says verse 3 to 7 Psalm 83?

Hal: Now this is a prophecy that’s really amazing because it does hit right on the issue of this thing. It says “They made shrewd plans against thy people and conspired together against thy treasured ones; they’ve said “Come and let us wipe them out as a nation that the name of Israel be remembered no more.” That could have been at the latest meeting in Jakar (Laughing) in the Southeast Asia where the Muslims got together it could be radio Damascus today. But it says in verse 5 “But they have conspired together with one mind against Thee do they make a covenant; the tents of Edom (which is the descendants of Esau) and the Ishmaelite (which all of these together are the Arabs) Moab and the Hagrites, Gebal and Ammon and Amalek these are…Philistia with the inhabitance of Tyre.” all of these today are the nations that surround the reborn State of Israel. Then He says “Assyria (which is Syria) also has joined with them, they have become a help to the children of Lot.” The children of Lot again were today the kingdom Jordan. So it talks about the fact that in the last days these would confederate together and their joint reason for confederating together is to destroy the people of the nation of Israel.

Sid: Tell me what your read is on Syria?

Hal: You know I have had this sense of something that’s coming there. That’s in Isaiah chapter 17 verse 1. Syria has been the greatest sponsor of terrorists to hit Israel of any other nation of the world. And you name it they’ve got the base for these terrorist organizations in Syria.

Sid: So the US should be as offended with Syria as Israel is!

Hal: Oh absolutely, and my concern is that with the latest movements going on there the United States has already accused Syria because the terrorists are coming across the Syrian border into Iraq to attack our troops. But Syria also has a number of missiles and they have an extensive biological chemical warfare array of weapons. If things get out of hand there and Syria launches a missile at Israel…

Sid: Which by the way I unfortunately see a scenario like that.

Hal: I do too because you know Israel hit North of Damascus and the planes hit and left before they even knew they were there and this really angered the Syrians. But if something like that happens again they may launch a weapon at Israel. And if they launch a weapon of mass destruction like chemical or biological warfare on them they’ll hit Damascus. In Isaiah chapter 17 verse 1 says that Damascus will cease from being a city, it will be obliterated.” Well Damascus is the longest, continuously inhabited city on earth and it’s never been destroyed.

Sid: So what will the European Union and the United Nations have to say if Israel in retaliation nukes Syria?

Hal: Oh my I mean it will be a… repercussions will be enormous but…

Sid: You know I asked you earlier what you see happening next?

Hal: Yes.

Sid: That’s what I see happening next.

Hal: Yeah, because the destruction of Damascus is not related to the War of Armageddon, it seems to be an event that takes place in the end times but independently.

Sid: Alright Saudi Arabia our good friends, what’s your spin there?

Hal: You know I just saw one of the intelligence sites yesterday that I use all of the time Debka Debka File it’s called they’re usually right. They announced that Pakistan has signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia where they’re going to put nuclear tip missiles in Saudi Arabia.

Sid: Oh E Vey! Look hold that thought we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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