Sid:  My guest here Nick Griemsmann he had incurable schizophrenia and you know what it says in scripture “To who has been forgiven much they love much.”  And the Holy Spirit took him step by step showed him how to be free; how to do his own self-deliverance.  You may have problems with or relatives that have mental disorders or tormenting spirits or addictions of all kinds or pornography to alcohol to drugs.  Or dealing with emotional problems or dealing with fear and dealing with physical problems.  Because a lot of physical healing happens once you get rid of the strongholds and you get rid of the curses and you get rid of the spirits of infirmity.  And so few Christians understand this. But Nick the scripture that just came to me so loud and clear when you were sharing how God set you free and I think to myself “Oh God how could I have dealt with what Nick dealt with.”  But you know what to someone that is forgiven much they love much and that’s what I’m getting from you Nick.  I am… the first time I spoke to you on the phone I could feel such a presence of the love of God.  How can others have that type of presence around them; have such intimacy with God the way that you do?

Nick:  Well Sid it’s actually pretty easy. You know the Bible says that if you seek the Lord you’ll find Him.  And I’d get on the floor and I’d pray on my face in different ways; you could sit down and stuff.  I would always quote that scripture; I would say “Lord You are a great rewarder of those who seek You; You said if I seek You I’ll find You.”  And I asked the Lord how far can You take me in one life?”  I said “How far can You take someone that seeks You?”  And I never thought that when I was sitting in the mental hospital years ago that I’d ever be able to minister to others hope and love.

Sid:   I feel like you have such compassion; that’s got to do why the healing gift is so amazing in your life.  For instance have you really prayed with people that teeth grew back?

Nick:  Yeah, we were up at a children’s home up north of Phoenix Arizona and a young girl had her tooth it was like it was down and over and it was bothering her.  And we prayed for it and it grew back into place in front of everybody and all these kids were giving their life to the Lord.

Sid: Tell me one person you prayed for and brought you great satisfaction; one person one situation.

Nick:  Well, I visited a young lady at the Children’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. I went there to pray for a young girl; she was 13 she had just had heart surgery and they were leaving the next day so they needed prayer.  So I prayed with this young girl and she gave her heart to the Lord and she was crying and she was so thankful that the Lord saved her.  And in the middle of rejoicing that she got saved she looks up at me and she says “Do you think Jesus could heal my arm?”  And here she is she just heart surgery and she wants her arm healed; and I said “Yeah.”

Sid:  What was wrong with her arm?

Nick:  She holds up her arm and it’s literally 3 or 4 inches in diameter in length than the other one.  And she said that her growth plates she fell when she was 6 or 7 or something and her growth plate broke or something like that.  She wanted it the same length as the other one.

Sid: What was going on inside of you when she said that to you?

Nick:  Well, I was rejoicing over her salvation and that God was touching her. I looked over and I looked over and I said “Whoa that’s a big miracle Lord.”   And you go inside and say “It’s a big miracle Lord but I know that You can do it.”  And so we prayed and we asked Jesus to grow her mom out and her mom was standing right there and this arm instantly grew out 3 or I would say 3 maybe 4 inches length and then it got fat like the other arm.  It wasn’t skinny any more like the other kids are.

Sid:  My goodness I wish I had a camera on that in the hospital room. Tell me some issues that can prevent someone from receiving their freedom, their freedom; their deliverance.

Nick:   Well, one issue is unforgiveness and a lot of times we’ve been hurt and we hold on to anger or unforgiveness in our hearts.  And Jesus said “If we don’t forgive others we can’t be forgiven.  Basically we can’t experience the kingdom of God on earth if we’re not forgiving others.  And so a lot of times I pray for people and they’ve been hurt and they need a lot of healing in their heart first before they can actually get let’s say arthritis actually cast out of them.  So I’ve seen a lot of people just when they forgive somebody the infirmity will actually just leave their body.

Sid:  Have you seen someone with arthritis that has forgiven and then the spirit of arthritis has left?

Nick:  Yeah, I saw actually a lady that I was walking by a fast food restaurant and it was like a strip mall and I was walking by.  And this homeless individual and she was sitting outside of this restaurant and I said “Hey, would you like me to buy you some food.” So I went in and bought her some food and I come out. And she was very hurt; stuff going on with her life and so I prayed with her and we prayed forgiveness and things and she received Jesus.  And she couldn’t actually get up and go inside and get the food with me because she had such bad arthritis in her whole body.  And the Lord instantly healed her when she prayed and it just went out of her body.  And I saw her 2 months later accidentally and she was completely healed still.

Sid:  Tell me another issue that might prevent deliverance.

Nick:  Failure to live a lifestyle of repentance.  You know Jesus said that we’re supposed to repent.

Sid:  But wait a second the popular teaching of the day is when you got born again you repented for all of your sins and you don’t have to keep repenting. What would you say to that?

Nick:  Well, that’s actually not true because we’re actually supposed to deal with all of our stuff.  Paul said that “If you steal you’re supposed to steal no more.  He said “That we’re supposed to cast off the works of darkness.”  So if you’re doing something against the word of God you’re supposed to deal with it and get rid of it.  That’s how you’re supposed to enter into life.  Hebrews chapter 6 actually says that.  Paul actually wrote “Let’s not go back to the basic principles.  The elementary principals of the gospel which is faith, towards God; repentance from dead works.” So without repentance you can’t even access the kingdom of God.

Sid:   So tell me a little bit more about some of these issues that prevent deliverance.

Nick:  A lot of times they’re just living in sin they don’t even realize it.  Somebody will come up for prayer they’ll be sleeping with their boyfriend and they’ll want to be healed of a disease. Their Christians already and they know that they’re not supposed to be doing that. And so you pray for them and nothing happens and you find out later that well, they’re sleeping together and they don’t want to repent of it.  Well, you can’t access the kingdom of God without basic elementary principal of repentance.

Sid: So you can see how the devil is spreading the lie you don’t have to live a repentant life.

Nick:  Yeah.

Sid: Because that then just traps them for the rest of their life.

Nick:  Exactly, so Paul said “If you practice such things, anger, fornication, if you practice adultery, if you practice getting drunk; things like that.  If you practice sin then you cannot enter; you cannot partake of the kingdom of God now. You can’t do it; you can’t get delivered if you practicing making a practice of sin.”

Sid: Another issue you talk about is believing lies in your mind such as what?

Nick:  For instance if you believed you blasphemed; or if you believed your ugly, or if you believe that your disease is incurable, or if you believe that God doesn’t love you.  You believe that you’re rejected. So you believe all of these lies.   

Sid:  And I’ve bumped into people that believed that believe these things that attend church every week but you can’t talk them out of it.

Nick:  That’s a stronghold that they actually have to walk though.  And the main this is your will.  So when I said “Practicing sin.”  I’m not talking about struggling with pornography.  I’m talking about someone who practices it and doesn’t care.  Same thing with lies; you feel like you’re rejected or you hate yourself.  If you really want to be free from it and you seek the Lord for it then you can be free from it.  If you’re just going to eat the lie like it’s a piece of cake then you’re just going to be stuck with the lie.

Sid: So many people that are listening to us right now that are trapped in homosexuality; trapped in self-hatred; trapped in addictions of all kinds.  Trapped in generational curses.  Trapped in sicknesses of all kinds, trapped in mental disease.  Trapped in all sorts of emotional problems.  And step the Holy Spirit directed Nick Griemsmann how to be free from schizophrenia and these same steps work for all of these areas.

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