Sid: Getting ready Mishpacha to blow the grandest shofar; make the biggest noise maker; it’s called the grogger because it’s Purim.  And you know when the book of Esther is read on Purim every time a particular personality their name comes up we do something different.  For instance when Haman’s name comes up we have this grogger and we make a great deal of noise because we don’t even want…we want to pretend like he doesn’t even exist.  When Mordecai when his name comes up we cheer and we root because it’s like really  a funny thing.  I’ve got Tommy Tenney on the telephone; we’re discussing his book “Finding Favor With the King” which shows the protocol from the book of Esther on how you can achieve that one night with the King.  That intimacy that your heart craves.  But more and more important than that it will change your life forever.  Tommy, what does this mean to you when we do; make all this noise and the groggers when Haman’s name is mentioned.

Tommy: It’s a great thing; they boo and make noise  to drown Haman’s name out.  They cheer to elevate Mordecai because that’s what actually happened.  And you left out a piece that when Esther’s name is mentioned.

Sid: “Ahhhh!”

Tommy:  Because she’s an object of beauty and it’s kaleidoscope of emotions.  But Purim is really about how Esther overcame the enemy and the enemy is Haman.  There’s an incredible secret teaching that I won’t even go into today that Haman is the only latest alliteration of an ancient enemy.  Haman is called a Agite; that means he’s a descendent of King Agag.  If Saul had done his duty way back when Samuel had told him to eradicate Agag and the Amalekites Esther wouldn’t be facing this enemy today.  The enemy that you face today if you eradicate your children may have to deal with tomorrow.  But here she is; she’s facing Haman.  It’s she’s already queen; she has found favor. It would have been easy to just sort of rest upon here laurels to poetically speak.  And some times we get to the point in our lives; the kids graduated, we pass that cancer and we’re at a different stage. But often right when we feel like we’re the safest it’s when we face our greatest attack.  And Esther .even after she became Queen had to be awoken to the realization that just because she’s in the palace doesn’t mean that she never had another problem.  Just because she’s saved doesn’t mean that she’s never had another enemy; Haman rises through the ranks.  Esther Chapter 3 verse 1 says that he was promoted; that Haman was promoted. That Haman was advanced and that Haman was elevated and that Haman was…In verse 10 of Chapter 3 it said that he was given the King’s ring.  And that looks very intimidating until you come to the realization that…I’m just preaching aren’t I Sid.  (Laughing)

Sid: Yeah, but it’s good preaching and it’s in the presence of God so just go for it.

Tommy:  When ever God is ready to promote you He must first introduce an enemy.  Now that’s really strong and I need people to take a breath and listen.  Whenever God get’s ready to promote you He must first introduce and enemy.  And if you don’t believe me look again at the life of David.  David would have still been a shepherd boy if it were not for Goliath.  That the the arrival of an enemy is often the announcement of a promotion.  So when a problem shows up even if you’re saved; when a problem showed up in the palace for Esther, that did not mean it was over that was the announcement that promotion is about to come.  And they’re are people that are listening right now that Haman’s are showing up in their life and they’re facing the biggest problems that they have ever faced. When Goliath showed up it was David’s turn to be crowned; the promises that had been given him long ago that he felt that he had been forgotten on the backside of the pasture taking care of his dad’s flocks. Suddenly the arrival of an enemy catapulted him to his day of favor.  And I’m speaking to people right now that just because a problem has just popped up in your life it’s really an announcement.  And here’s the clue; but you say but it’s big.  David was not crowned king because Goliath was a midget; they would never had made him king of Goliath had been a midget.  Can you see them Sid dancing and rejoicing; David killed a midget.  No it wouldn’t happen.  No, it was because David killed a giant.  The size of your enemy is often a clue to the size of your promotion.  Did you get that Sid?

Sid:  I got it.; so you’re telling me…

Tommy:  (Laughing)

Sid: So you’re telling me that if this afternoon someone comes in your office and says “Tommy Tenney you stole my manuscript; because a lot of people have written books about Esther and I am suing you for 10 million dollars.  What is Tommy Tenny do?

Tommy: Well, first of all I pray; and secondly I assure them I didn’t.  And third I say “God you’re getting ready to do something really big.”  Because you know what Sid; that or you know what Sid?  That very thing happened with the movie script.

Sid: Oh no; I didn’t know that.

Tommy:  (Laughing) And you know what we just said “You know what God; your favor must really be on this because enemies pop out of the woodwork.

Sid: Well,  what was the greatest enemy that you encountered just as you were breaking on this whole series on Esther?

Tommy:  We came under attack in our family.  My daughter; you know I have 3 daughters and I live very transparently and I announced even on national television what I would tell your audience.  We became aware that one of our daughters had been molested and have had a period of time for several years now walking her back through the precess of total healing.  And I’m thinking that I needed to be the best Dad possible.  But I can bring you a report of victory; it wasn’t instantaneous and it is still progressing but…

Sid: That’s got to hurt you more than if something had happened to you.

Tommy: Oh, absolutely Sid but you know what I am not immune.  I may make movies; I may write books; I may be on Christian television but I’m still a Dad and I face all the things that all of the things that your listeners face; and I learned to live by these principals.

Sid: Tommy, when you first found this out what was the first thing you did?

Tommy: Cry, what would you do?

Sid: And then? 

Tommy: Pray and ask God for favor and just start walking out.  We want to spiritualize everything; when Esther found out who Haman was and what…she had to have a Mordecai to step in and say “Esther, it’s your turn I know he’s an enemy I know that he’s there.”  But listen here’s the essence of it; the true thing. Esther refused the presence of an enemy to keep her out of the presence of the King.  And she even took Haman with her to a private banquet.  So here’s my lesson from Esther for all your listeners.  Don’t let a problem in your life keep you out of worship.  You say “But, I got cancer, I can’t really worship; I’ve got this problem, I’d worship better if I didn’t have a lack of resources; I could worship better.  My advice is take your problem with you; take your enemy with you into the presence of the King.  Don’t let the enemy keep you out of the presence of the King take it with you.

Sid: I’m looking at your 12 protocols of the palace and I’m looking at the 12th and I know you know that by heart; talk about that.

Tommy: One night with the King changes everything.  Never underestimate the potential of one prayer; one song; one sermon; one book; one encounter; one word. One word whether it’s a word I spoke, Sid Roth spoke or the Holy Spirit spoke as we were talking to people about Purim.  Purim is about overcoming your enemy and that enemy is exactly what this is all about.

Sid:  Okay, there’s someone listening to us right now and they’re saying “Here’s where the rubber meets the road I have got to hear from God; I have got to have my encounter with God; I have got to have an answer to this question.”  What would you say to them on this day Purim?

Tommy:    Learn to worship; okay Esther sat at a banquet table looking at the King and Haman at the same banquet table. Conventional wisdom would have said “Don’t bring Haman to this private banquet, get the King off by yourself.”  And some people say “I could worship if I didn’t have the problem.  The wisdom of Esther at Purim was she learned to worship with the King with the enemy at the same table.  And that’s exactly what some of the people need to do.4  Learn to worship even though a problem is presence in their life worship anyway.  “Thou prepareth a table before me in the presence of my enemy.”  You know I’ve got to hear a little bit of your wife singing the theme song from your new movie.  Would you play that right now.


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