Sid: And I’m going to tell you something; I believe that when you start listening to Freddy Hayler’s music; but even before I play another anointed selection from his “Song of Angels” Freddy your wife Annie whose very prophetic wanted you to go to Pavarotti concert tell me about that.

Freddy:  Well way back in 1988 Pavarotti was appearing at the Orange County, or the Orlando Civic Center. It was $500 a seat, and we didn’t have the money at the time we were just newly married. So we basically needed a miracle, and she called up and asked the lady who was in charge of the tickets could we have $500 seats for free and she said “My husband I think can sing like Pavarotti,” even though she just said that by faith. She said “Oh he’s a tenor, well I just had a cancellation, I’ll tell you what since he’s a tenor well let you have both seats for $50.”

Sid: That is amazing that they offered that to you!  Okay but go ahead.

Freddy:  I went and I had nothing to expect; I didn’t know who Pavarotti was; I didn’t know that kind of singing.  And I sat there and listened to  Puccini songs and the Heavenly sounds that he was making and with the beautiful arrangements. I just started to cry and I noticed that the executive for Sun Trust Bank and his wife were next to me and were wondering shy 2 young kids were sitting next to them but.  (Laughing) They were in the VIP seats and they were crying and everybody was just moved by his voice.  And the Lord just spoke to me as I sat there and said “I’m going to give you a voice like Pavarotti but instead of singing the opera arias, I’m going to have you sing the arias of Heaven.

Sid: So after you heard this from God an amazing door opened for you where you got voice lessons from one of the best opera teachers on the planet.

Freddy: Yeah, amazingly you know I was given this opportunity to train with Jerome Hines who is the most storied singer at the Metropolitan Opera, and also Franco Corelli. They trained me in the Apaseo Corelli technique.  Which is what Crusoe, Stephnelico, Delmonico and Pavarotti and all the great tenors use. including Andre Bocelli.  And so I was like wow this is great to learn this technique.  And it’s a very secret technique it’s almost like hidden from most people.

Sid: What did they say about your voice; these world renowned teachers?

Freddy:  Yes, my first teacher Ken Smith when he heard my voice he said “That is truly a gift of God; that is pure gold in the Italian tamra and it’s a miracle you have that voice.  It’s like Crusoe,” so he was very excited you know when he heard me sing.  Jerome Hine’s wrote a note and said “To the most Bella of OJ on the planet.” I mean he wrote this most beautiful note and it was very kind of him.  He sang opposite Domingo; Demers; Pavarotti all of them.  And he said he thought that my voice was the most beautiful tenor voice and right up there with the greatest he had ever heard and it was amazing that he would say that.

Sid: And then after you got trained you had a conflict; you could have used your voice for God or you could have used your voice for the world.  And in addition to the conflict you and Annie were living on rice’s and beans.  (Laughing)

Freddy:  (Laughing) Well, it was a hard decision we really needed the money and they were offering me at the time $20,000 a night to sing and that was for starts.

Sid: Well, that’s pretty good for finishes but…

Freddy:  It was a temptation brother; you know when you’re eating rice and beans and really you know it was really a temptation and I said “No, I’m going to believe God for a miracle.  Somehow He’s going to open the door as He promised that I would sing the arias of Heaven.”  And then about 2 weeks after that when I said “No,” finally and it was a final no to the people calling me to sing in the opera I got a call from Provident Records they wanted to record me singing the great hymns of the church with the London Symphony Orchestra, the greatest symphony of the world.

Sid: Now let me ask you this; “I hear a young female singing with you and it’s such an innocent voice; it’s such a pure voice who is that sings with you on some songs?

Freddy:  Well, that’s my precious daughter Rebecca she was 12 at the time and she’s just amazing she and she is a worshiper and an intercessor and she loves God.  And she has this voice genetically I guess she’s got her daddy’s voice and I’m sure she’s happy with not that her mother’s voice is bad.  But she’s definitely got my voice and it’s kind of like just the same tambra and color of my voice which really makes it a nice blending sound.

Sid: It’s so peaceful the blending of your two voices.  Let’s play a selection of both of you from “Healing Prayer” tell me about that song.

Freddy:  Well, it’s a beautiful famous song that God’s basically leads people into a calm and peaceful spirit of majesty.  And in prayer we adapted it to make it a healing prayer for spirit, soul and body.

Sid: Listen if someone is healed spirit, soul and body they are healed.  Let’s hear “Healing Prayer.”

Excerpt “Healing Prayer”

Sid: Okay from Song of Angels “Healing Prayer.”  Freddy tell me about… so many people are having such peace they sleep better; tell me about one.

Freddy:  Well, there was this mother whose daughter had been on all these psychotropic sleeping pills and drugs to try to go to sleep at night.  She had fear I don’t know if she had picked them up from watching stuff on the cable that she shouldn’t have been, or satellite, or you know video games or… but she couldn’t sleep and she was afraid and she was afraid and she had insomnia and almost incurable an very much bringing the whole family down.  And she began to at night she… well she ordered “Song of Angels” album and she began to play them at night.  And as she played them the atmosphere of the room changed and she said “That she could actually see the glory of God on the ceiling of the room as the child slept; she felt demonic oppression lose.”  And the child supernaturally I think in 2 days she started falling asleep at a regular hour and not waking up all night for 8 or 9 hours.

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