Sid: We want everyone everywhere to participate in the rapture.  Now I have Perry Stone on the phone. He has spent 80,000 hours researching the Bible now I’m not saying researching the New Testament I mean the Bible which is Genesis to Revelation.  He has put together 7 DVD’s, it’s set. It’s really a school on the book the only book in the Bible that says that “If you remove one word from this particular book your name will be taken out of the book of life. The only book in the Bible that says that there’s a particular blessing in hearing this book.” And Perry Stone I believe that if there ever been a time that the true believers in the Messiah must understand the future things that are going to happen based on the book of Revelation and the other books of the entire Bible it’s now. On yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about a very controversial issue.  Most people don’t even want to talk about it because it is so controversial and that is the time of the catching away, or as it’s referred to the rapture.  In your opinion, when will this be in reference to the tribulation; in reference to the pouring out of God’s wrath?

Perry: I think most people we would classify Evangelical believers have an understanding that Daniel 9:27 predicts 7 years of time.  And in that midst of that 7 years a man that is coming breaks a treaty in the middle of the 7.  You can see that clearly in the book of Revelation; the man that breaks the treaty is called the beast rising up out of the sea Revelation 13:1.  And he’s better known as the antichrist.  He breaks the treaty; in our Bible it’s listed in chapter 13 which chronologically according to the timing of the book of Revelation is the middle of the tribulation. And that correlates with Daniel 9:27.  Now people have asked me for years pre-trib means at some point before the breaking of the 7 sealed book in the book of Revelation the saints are in heaven before the tribulation begins.  Mid-trib would put the catching away at either chapter 11, 12 and 13 which all of that is around the timeframe of the middle. That’s called mid-trib, others believe in what’s called post trib.  Post-trib means end of or the conclusion of something. So post-trib would be I call it the U-turn theory it’s Revelation 19.  At the end of the tribulation where were caught up; we go to heaven where we immediately do a U-turn get on horses and come back down to earth.  And some just basically that the Lord returns and sets up His kingdom at the end and that’s the end of it.  So the beginning of, the middle of and the end of the tribulation.  Now let me explain to you 3 quick reasons why I believe in what’s called pre-trib.  Point number 1 the book of Revelation is basically in a chronological order; now John will jump from heaven back to earth; under the earth and back to heaven.  And you hath to recognize that in the study.  That’s the reason Apocalypse Code is good because it explains in detail the order of things.   And John is here one minute and there the next.  Because John is seeing in 3 worlds at one time.  Now you have to understand that, but concerning the timing; notice that the church is mentioned chapter 2 and 3.  And John is told show or write about the things that were, things, that are and things that shall be.  The things that were is chapter 1 he saw Christ as the High Priest; the things that are, are the churches of Asia that he could address the messages to 7 churches.  The things that shall be are future tense. Past the church age in other words.  The church age in the New Testament is called the “Dispensation of the Grace of God.”  So we are dispensing to the world through the grace of God the message of grace, mercy, forgiveness and covenant. When that season comes to a conclusion there will be a catching up of the overcoming church. Now when I say overcomers he said 7 times to the overcomers.  To the overcomer, to the overcomer, to the overcomer….  An overcomer is someone who follows the Lord and has a covenant with Christ and is looking for Him to return doing His will on the earth that’s the overcomer, basic definition of the overcomer.  Now back to the timing of the rapture.  Chapter 3 last verse is the last word to the church; chapter 4 verse 1 “After these things I heard a voice like a trumpet saying ‘Come up here.’”  Now when the Lord returns He comes with the voice of the Archangel and the trump of God.  At some point at the rapture we will hear “Come up here.”  And there will be the sound of the trumpet and immediately we will be in heaven that quick. That’s what happened to John, chapter 4 verse 1 and 2. I believe that this is the imagery that John saw of the churches appearance before the heavenly throne room. Now let’s go forward and show this; in the mid-trib in Revelation 11:18 says “Now has come time to judge the saints, the prophets and those that fear His name.  That is known as the bema or the judgment seat of Christ.  It is mentioned by Paul in Corinthians; it’s mentioned by Paul in Romans.  We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ to receive rewards for things for which we did. And we can gain a crown or we can lose a crown based on did we do the work of God that He called us to do.  Now that happens in chapter 11 which happens to be the middle of the tribulation period.  Chronologically it’s there you can’t deny it.  A person who studies the book can’t deny it. That means the church is in heaven chapter 11.  Now some would say that’s a pre-trib catching away.  No you see the multitude in chapter 4 and another multitude coming out of tribulation in chapter 7 so you see this multitude standing around the throne of God worshiping God singing “Worthy is the Lamb that has redeemed us.”  So now we come now to Revelation 19 the marriage supper of the Lamb. Now under in the Torah when a man and woman married the Bible says in Deuteronomy they were given one year off to get to know each other and the man could not go to war for one year. Now I believe as the tribulation is going on on earth it starts at the breaking of the first seal and then sixth year of it is when mystery Babylon is destroyed in chapter 17:18.  I believe that the marriage supper in heaven is one year long and here’s why. God worked 6 days on the 7 day he rested.  On certain feasts of Israel you had a season of complete rest during that feast.  Some feasts went on days; you had Passover and unleavened bread; first fruits.  Which are all through a 7 days and then you have tabernacles which is 7 days. So here’s my point I believe the marriage supper is just a supper and then go back to earth and rule.  I believe we really celebrate for an entire year.  Because the Bible says that there remains there for a rest for God’s people. And when Paul used that word rest in Hebrews it is the Greek word for a Sabbath’s rest.  So God rested on the 7th day; you know there was a Jubilee law you know this that every 6 years you work and on the 7th year you rested and the land rested.  There’s your principal up in heaven.  Six year tribulation while the tribulation is going on the 7th year on earth we’re in heaven with marriage supper of the Lamb for that period of time.

Sid: Perry how does this, just briefly how does this tie in with ancient Jewish wedding?

Perry: Well, one of the things that intrigued me years ago Sid is that when we reenacted with 100 cast members the entire Jewish wedding based on all the evidence that you can find from historical sources the Jewish sources.  What I found out that was intriguing to me is in the time of Christ and in the old time. Sampson, if you read the story of Sampson in Judges for 7 days he gave a riddle and at the end of 7 days they told the riddle and it was a wedding. And then in the New Testament they ran out of wine in John chapter 2 and the reason they did is because the celebration went on for 7 straight days.  And when I started realizing that the number 7 is connected to the ancient Jewish wedding and how the saints or the church who is the bride of Christ; He is bridegroom and we’re the bride will be caught up to meet Him in the air, and the parables bear this out.  And then 7 days that you read about in ancient Jewish wedding can represent the 7 years that we’re in heaven with the bridegroom.  And there is a law in the Bible where Israel doubted the Lord; the 10 spies did for 40 days and God made them wander a year for every day that they doubted.  You know the prophet of God laid on one side for 300 and some days representing 300 and some years that Israel was in disobedience and the 40 years that Judah was in disobedience He did 40 days. So there’s a year exchange that can be found in scripture. So using that principal if the Jewish wedding was 7 days in length which it was; then the tribulation is 7 years on earth so it would be 7 years in heaven.  And that’s really you could go into the 7 sealed book and how there had to be 7 witnesses that originally put…

Sid: Real quick because I’m real curious 1 or 2 sentences. Who are the 144,000 witnesses?

Perry: They definitely in Revelation 14 are Jewish men. They’re virgin men; they never been married and during the first part of tribulation they are sealed by the seal of God.

Sid: Did you ever tell a Jehovah Witness that? I’m just teaching go ahead.  (Laughing)

Sid:  They preached that for years until they got 144,000 and 1 members and what do you do with that.

Perry: They were find until they had less than 144,000…

Sid: I’m sorry Perry, I’m sorry Mishpochah we’re out of time again.

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