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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah lukewarm it’s deception. You’re better off being cold then being deceived because it you’re cold you know you’ve got a problem. But if you are lukewarm; if you’re like the average 21st century American Christian.  You go to church on Sunday; you love the people, you love God; you love the pastor, but during the rest of the week there’s no difference between you and nonbelievers that have a good moral conscience something is wrong somewhere.  We are at the wrap up, we’re about ready to see the greatest revival; I mean it’s not an accident that you’re listening to me right now.  We’re about ready to see the greatest revival the world has ever seen; God is right now releasing anointing’s, ancient anointing’s. Because there is so much work that has to be done; instead you’re holding on to the toys of this life when the true riches are about ready to come to you.  And you know what I’m reminded of Kathryn Kuhlman who had a great miracle ministry and she said “She was the bottom of the barrel last choice of God for this great miracle ministry but many great men of God were offered this ministry and turned it down.”  What do you mean by offered this ministry? What I mean by that is that is that if He can trust you with little things He can trust you with big things.  You are being offered a very very special destiny; don’t miss it for the toys of this earth.  My guest is Patrick McEnnerney I’m speaking to him at his home in Casa Grande, Arizona and Patrick you were in middle of what God was showing you would you expound on that?

Pat: Yes, I was talking about a prophetic word and let’s just back up we’ll roll back a little bit.  I was flying from the east coast to Montana, and I actually had been fretting because this conference was an important conference that I was going to do.  I had writers block; a road block and I always prepare myself and I don’t ever give a message unless I’m convinced that it’s totally of God. I’m not into tickling anybody’s ears and I was crying out to the Lord on the airplane and the Lord spoke to me He says “Chill out.”  He said “What I gave you 10 years ago you’re going to use and listen I want to share with you what I want you to preach.”  So the Lord opened; it enlightened my eyes; it enlightened my being and said “I want you to preach about the sons of thunder; the Covenant Sons of signs and wonders.  And they’ll be marching out of Zion with fire in their hands and they will shout out the name of their God as kingdoms fall apart.  Jesus is returning soon.” Now I shared with you Sid earlier about a vision that God gave me in Spokane in 1998 and this is really part of it God didn’t give it all to me at once.  But there’s this new anointing, this new breed, this new army of believers that is Jew and Gentile.  And that is the new man; that is the man restored into relationship that will walk with such phenomenal power that we’ll be raising the dead and casting out demons, healing the sick and preaching the kingdom of our God.  There’s only one nation and there’s only one blood; and that nation the King is Jesus the Messiah.  The blood is the blood of the Lamb and we can’t enter into this new anointing into this new army into this thing God is doing presently at this very hour.  He’s tearing away the hierarchies; He’s tearing away the religious things.

Sid: I sure hope that He speeds this up because I am so ready for the new that I can taste it.

Pat: I am too, you know one of the things that I combat constantly is this lip service that people say they believe.  Intellectually they have ascended to truth; but in their belly there is no truth of that belief or they would step into it and do it.  People need to forget really all the stuff that they’re doing for the most part and come back to the simple truth and come unto Me; Jesus said “Follow Me.”  My call was this that I know that I wasn’t God’s first choice; I’m convinced of it but I said “Here I am, choose me.” And then the Lord allowed His fire to come.  And we see in Numbers these Levi Priests and they were a holy nation; they were holy.  But they weren’t in a position, they weren’t doing really what God had asked them to do; they were outside of what God had spoken to them.  They looked good; they were the famous and they were the ones that all would be led by.  God stepped out in their midst and they were consumed in their fire.  But they’re fire pans became holy and He used it as a memorial of who God is, and I believe that these sons of thunder these Covenant sons Jew and Gentiles will walk with such power that the fire of God will come from heaven and consume up darkness. And I’m seeing in our ministry tremendous things happen.  Well, it isn’t happening worldwide.  Well, I think that God has been calling and preparing people; healing was non-heard of 5 years ago basically.  And now there are hundreds of healing centers or healing rooms and they’re now seeking the face of Jesus.  And they’re thinking “Could this gospel be true?”  

Sid: Listen, there’s got to be a change. The system that we have as King James would have said “Stinketh.”  Listen the system we have is four walls and expect nonbelievers to come in droves inside of these four walls to get saved by the paid professional.  That’s not the way that God set this whole system up.  He wanted everyone to be a worker and you’re starting to see tremendous miracles in your ministry.  And I asked you a question; “What do you think was the turning point where you began to see these miracles.”  And you said “It really was through the crucible of suffering.”  People don’t want to hear about it, but you had a sickness, tell me about it.

Pat:  Yes, the Lord came to me and revealed to me in 1991 the Holy Spirit said “When you gave yourself to Jesus you died, but you have not given me permission to reign and rule in your life.”  And so I consecrated my life and I asked the “Father in Jesus Name, I charged the Holy Spirit to come in with power and remove anything that would hinder you possessing me.”  And forgot about that little prayer but within 2 weeks I became ill and I was eventually diagnosed with intractable migraines and the pain never left for 6 years and I was on methadone and demurral and it was excruciating and I would pass out from it.  It literally ripped away my fortune and in that process, see God didn’t bring that, if I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have had to suffer.  But in that process and in that tremendous pain I put a demand in heaven in desperation and there was a cry that started coming out of me and God leaned and fastened His ear to me and heard my cry.  But because of that I entered into what I would call Christ crucified.  Now I’m not talking about being perfect; I’m talking about I desired and I started giving up all the idols.

Sid: You know when you’re in such bad physical shape you’re willing to give up anything to get relief.  And why is it that we can’t do this without these challenges?  What is it that makes us so hard headed and stiff necked?

Pat:  Well, I can only speak for part of what I understand and what I’ve experienced but the church as a whole is like the fig tree that Jesus cursed.  It had leaves but it had no fruit; and Jesus maybe a lot of people don’t know this a fig tree produces fruit before it does leaves.  And this tree dried from the roots up; a trees don’t die in that way.  What Jesus was saying “He hates the counterfeit.”  And see the devils a liar and a thief he comes, to steal, kill and destroy; he’s the master counterfeiter and deceiver.  And so we have walk in the truth and we worship God in the Spirit of truth and Spirit.  So I believe as in my case; being raised in Catholicism, the Catholic Church; I knew who Mary was and I heard about the Father.  But I didn’t really know this Jesus, that He’s the only way, He’s the only path; He’s the only door.  And He is life and if you don’t go through Him you don’t have life.  And so I saw a facade of religiousness but I never saw the power.  When I minister today I tell people that many have never heard about God and they’re religious and they’re there to jure and come against it.  And I say “If what I say is true we can demonstrate it; that it is true sharper than any two edged sword.  And many times before I preach I’ll walk over and I’ll speak it from the pulpit “In Jesus Mighty Name I rebuke that Spirit of death on the person stand up.”  And they’ll be radically miraculously healed by the power of Jesus Christ.”  That brings the lost into the house; and our ministry has moved somewhat; God has told us and we’d done it and we obeyed it.  It was a mandate to get a tent to go to places where people won’t darken the church.  We put the tent up and those that get saved with relationship to other churches Jew or Gentile churches we want them to be discipled. They mustn’t stay in this state of a convert; they must be discipled.  And so you know God said “His word came with power” if we’re not preaching the gospel with supernatural power you know it’s not a new thing; signs and wonders followed those that believe.  And we have to judge ourselves and look back at the wake that we leave behind.  Is there supernatural things happen in your ministry; or in your house or in your home?  If there isn’t you’ve missed it; because Jesus declared that all those that believe signs and wonders follow them.”  And He doesn’t need our intellect what He needs is us to enter into His death and be Christ crucified.

Sid: Patrick, let me tell you something, what you are touching on few people talk about.  We’ll pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast Mishpochah.  Because you have been crying out to God for walking in the power; he’s going to tell you how because he has the goods.  I want you ready, I want you in place for the last, for the greatest move of God’s Spirit in history.


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