Sid: I am concerned; I want you to hear God’s voice and Richard Mull no matter what happens on planet earth. No matter how awful it becomes if people hear God’s voice I happen to believe that it’ll be the most exciting adventure of our lives. What do you think?

Richard:  Amen; definitely.

Sid: Okay, I’m going to take you back; you never went to seminary and you’re in ministry now but you never were taught how to hear God’s voice.  If you were taught anything you were taught the opposite; you got the Bible that’s all you need.  Well, that’s true that’s all you need but you need to do what the Bible says.  And the Bible you tear… if somebody took the supernatural out of the Bible would they have much left Richard?

Richard:  You know it’s interesting we’re trying to find out what percentage of the scripture is supernatural and we’re having some issues because we need a programmer to help us and we have a couple different programmers but we should have it pretty soon.  I’ll be able to tell you what percentage of scripture.

Sid: Approximate, what do you think?

Richard:  I believe it’s between 60 and 80% of the Bible is supernatural. It’s definitely over 50%.  I believe that we’re closer to 80% is supernatural.  If you took out everything that’s happening that’s supernatural you’d only have 20% of the Bible.

Sid: Okay, take you back to ’96, 1996, you’re in ministry and not one but two wonderful ministry opportunities cross your path.  And you realize God I don’t know which one is from you; that had to be very frustrating.

Richard:  It was very frustrating but at the same time when you have 2 opportunities it’s exciting but you want to know “Is there one that is the will of God over the other.” Because either one I would have been happy with.

Sid: So how’d you find out?

Richard:  Well, I was Baptist Youth Pastor and I prayed a prayer that is not normal for us.  And so I said “God I need it to be supernatural; otherwise I’m going to always wonder if I stayed I would wonder if I took the easy road.  If I head overseas and now I got people saying ‘God told them they were supposed to stay here.’  I may doubt and wonder ‘Did I miss God.’  So I want a supernatural answer and this is literally what I prayed and I fasted. And I said either drop a granite stone out of the sky with an etch in it like the 10 Commandments, yes etch it in there you can do that you did it before.  Or…”

Sid: Yeah, I saw that in a movie. (Laughing) I’m just easing go ahead.

Richard:  I said “Send somebody walk up off the street and tell me God told them, I’m supposed to stay here.”  I said, “If it’s a total stranger and they walk up off the streets and they tell me I will know that is from You.”  I fasted for 4 days; I had communicated with the Senior Leader of the church that I was going to be resigning to head overseas unless God supernaturally revealed that I was supposed to stay.

Sid:  So what did God do did you get hit in the head with a piece of granite?

Richard:  The granite did not show up but on Monday morning.  I finished the fast on Thursday, on Monday morning I got a phone call from the receptionist.  She said “There’s a guy out here that wants to speak to a Pastor.” We got 10 pastors on staff and they were all gone to lunch so I came out there.  A guy with a long beard; long hair he had dirty hands; he was missing most of his teeth.  There was an old beat up pickup truck outside the glass windows I could see. I thought “This is going to be interesting; how can I help you?”  And he introduced himself and told a little bit about having a ministry in the inner city to the prostitutes and homosexuals. And he said “God told me today to come in here and speak to a pastor.”  And I said “Okay, how can I help you?”  He started to cry a little bit as he said the words he said “The only thing that I know what God wants me to say is that sometimes we feel like God wants us to go far away like another country that’s where He can use us when in reality God wants us to stay right where we are and that’s where He’s going to use to make an impact.”  And He says “I don’t know why I’m telling you this but God told me today to come in here and tell this to a preacher.”

Sid: Aren’t you glad that he had enough we Jewish people have a word called chutzpah.  He had enough chutzpah; nerve to tell you something of what he didn’t have a clue of what he was every talking about.

Richard:  I thought God “What kind of person could even answer that prayer?”  You know the normal Christian that I’ve always gone off with couldn’t.  I’d never met anybody that would do something like that.  But God said “Wow Richard, tough request but I got one guy I could call on.”  So he did it.

Sid: Okay, you knew what you were supposed to do but you did a little more than what you bargained for.  This pastor Cecil started mentoring you in the supernatural but you had seen something that I think it’s a horrible term it’s called slain in the Spirit.  Rather to me I would call it overcome by the presence of the Living God.

Richard: Yes.

Sid: What did you think about being slain in the Spirit?

Richard: Well, I had never seen it in scripture.  It’s interesting because Charles Finney had always been one of my favorites and I knew that type of stuff had happened to him.  But I felt a lot of what I had seen; I hadn’t been around it much but what I had seen people being pushed seemed a little dramatic.  And so I really shied away from it; couldn’t see it in the Bible.  And I had a drummer in our youth band come up to me and want to share visions he had when he was slain in the Spirit.  I just looked at him and I’m thinking in my head “Okay, if God was going to give anybody visions wouldn’t it be me I’m the Youth Pastor and you’re just a kid.”  And I didn’t say that but that was my arrogance thought that.  And I said “Could you show me slain in the Spirit in the Bible?”  And he couldn’t and I was just like “See.”  I said “If God shows you something in the Word tell it to me and I’d be glad for you to share it but no not something that you saw in a vision when you were slain in the Spirit.”  It was exactly 7 days later that Cecil called me and said “I have another word from God for you.”  And it had been 8 months and I didn’t think he was real, I hadn’t heard anything from him.  And he showed up at my office and he gave me… he said “Before I give you the Word that God told me to tell you we need to go pray for your wife she’s having severe back pain.”  I was like “How does this guy know these things?”  So we went to my house and we prayed for my wife; God healed her and he turned to give me a word from God and the next thing I knew I was laying on the floor having a vision.

Sid: What was your vision?

Richard:  You know it was fairly long and extensive but in a nutshell I first saw an angel at my feet; and the angel seemed like morphed into a man.  It was the same person; it was the same being but at first it looked like an angel but it was a man and he was laying a sheet over me.  And at that very moment this guy Cecil said “There is an angel and he’s laying a mantle on you.”  And I thought “How does he know what I’m seeing?”  And it wasn’t like he had suggested something and then I saw it; it was he was saying exactly what I was seeing.  And then I saw another being that invited me to come and it appeared as though a sword was falling through the sky and it split this veil.   And I couldn’t see the veil until the sword hit it and all of a sudden the image went from kind of greyish to much more clear because I could see through the veil. And I saw this sword and it split this veil and a creature invited me to… it was like a young person invited me to come behind the veil. I went with them behind the veil and there was a large round platform like an altar, or I want to say the word, actually I don’t know what it would be called actually.  But above it was hovering like a Roman shield; not a shield but a helmet. And it was hovering and it was spinning slowly.  I’m just looking at all of this it was 3 dimensional as real as anything I’m looking at right now.  And I’m watching that and then there was a star that came down from above and the closer it got to the more I felt this energy.  It was pulsating inside of me like it was going to explode and at one point I just said “Enough.”  And it was like the vision stopped and I had been on the ground I don’t know how long.  My wife had gotten down to see if I was still breathing because she was worried about me.

Sid: I’m sure.

Richard:  I just sat up and I went “Wow!”  I remembered kind of mocking the kid the week before about what I’d just experienced and here I am exactly 7 days before.  It was just a couple of hours before I would be leading my youth and I was sitting there going “I just got off the floor and I just had a vision.  I’m going to ask that kid to forgive me.”  Because even though I can’t explain just what happened to me and I’m not going to quickly use this word slain the Spirit lightly or anything like that but I know this was an encounter.

Sid: Okay, we’re out of time right now Richard but you then are taught step by step on how to hear God’s voice for yourself.  Your wife then learned step by step supernaturally how to hear God’s voice.  And God literally directed you to have color coded various categories of the supernatural in a Bible.  Imitation leather so that as people read the scripture for themselves that Word will become flesh and they will walk in everything that God has for them in this life.

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