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Sid: Now I’m speaking all this week to Tommy Almonte who was born in the Dominion Republic but a young age went to the United States; backslidden and had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and he says everyone could and should and must.   But a question comes to mind for many of our listeners Tommy and that is you talked about the wonderful relationship you have with the Holy Spirit what about Jesus, what about God the Father do you talk to them.

Tommy:  Yes I do and it wasn’t until I feel like in the beginning of my relationship with the Holy Spirit He did introduce me in a way to Jesus and God the Father. Because He wanted me to get it; meaning He wanted me to know that not only did He want to have intimacy with me but He was the person that was standing by Jesus to lead us into the presence of Jesus.  And once I realize that I remember one day I walked in to spend time with the Holy Spirit and I felt myself in the presence of God.  Now when I say in the presence of God I mean literally I was standing quite a distance maybe 2 or 3 yards a way from the throne of God and He said to me “Hold my hand and as I hold His hand He started walking closer to the throne of God.  In the distance I knew that there was someone sitting in the seat of the throne.  And someone standing next to Him and I’m walking closer and closer and I felt myself standing literally before God Almighty and Jesus.  You know any time I had this encounter with God I never had any encounter with God that’s outside of what’s in the Bible.  The Bible says that the Father is seated in the throne in Heaven and that Jesus is now at His right hand and is seating. And as I was standing there the Holy Spirit released my hand and I was standing there.  He was standing behind me the Holy Spirit and let me go and take a couple more steps and Jesus came down from..He was next to the Father, He walked towards me and He said “We want…we want you to have a ministry where you can touch people.  And He shared a couple of other things there that were more personal.  And while He was speaking to me I laughed, but I laughed out of unbelief because He was saying speaking things into my life that were not yet in place.

Sid: Can you tell me one thing that just seemed outrageous to you at the time.

Tommy:  Well, as He was speaking to me I was able to see what he was saying He said you will be able to ministering to 100’s, 1000’s of people and I laughed. And my laugh was more on unbelief and when I laughed it was the first time that God Almighty had spoken.  And I asked Jesus “How do you plan to accomplish this?  Now here I’m in the presence of God Almighty and I look to Jesus and I say “How do You plan to accomplish this?” My question was more out of fear; I was saying I”m not capable of doing what You said that I’m going to be doing you know.  All of my…you know as you’re growing up you have all these views of who you are and a lot of those you know are negative you know…

Sid: Of what you can’t do.

Tommy:  Of what you can’t do right and speaking of things that I was able to do that I just couldn’t see how that was going to come into place.

Sid: Did He tell you that you would have a deliverance ministry?

Tommy: No, he says that you will have a ministry that would touch 100’s of 1000’s of people.  And at that point I just said “Well, I don’t know how…and literally I verbalized that “How do you plan to do that?  And God Almighty He was quiet the whole time and He said “I’m in control.”  Now you have to understand when he speaks in Heaven, Heaven stops.

Sid: Hm.

Tommy: Everything in Heaven comes to a pause, I felt like everything that was taking place in Heaven stops, His voice was…the only way that I could describe the voice of God is like a train that is coming down and along with the train there is mighty waters are coming down.  And for us it’s like thunder, His voice is such that when He spoke; whey He say “I’m in control.” Everything stopped and you can sense in the spirit that everything has stopped.  But when He said that I realized that my question to Jesus was a question of questioning whether they were capable of doing this.  And here I’m in the presence of God and I’m questioning whether they were capable of doing what they were saying it was going to happen in my life.  But when I came back into my room I was numb physically I was numb for about 3 days.  The first day I literally I said to my wife, “I can’t feel my legs that I’m numb to the point that I’m walking but I don’t feel like I am walking.  My hands were numb, my face as numb; after 3 or 4 days slowly it started to fade away into my same normal feeling on my flesh.

Sid: Any idea why this was going on?

Tommy:  You know all I can say is that our flesh, our flesh is flesh and when you’re in the presence of God that His presence is such that your flesh cannot stand it.  It literally…being in the presence of God your flesh…I mean our flesh was not meant to be in His presence and so you know anytime that I go in the presence of God when I come back into the room I cannot feel my flesh.  Now it’s not like the first time it happened but my flesh is numb and I can feel like it takes hours to come back into the normal feeling of my flesh and to be honest I can’t explain other than our flesh when it’s in the presence of God it has to you know it has to bow to the presence that’s greater than what our flesh has ever encountered.

Sid: Tommy you told me that the Holy Spirit had a message for the people that are listening before we started this week; would you tell me what the Holy Spirit said.

Tommy:    You know I was thinking about talking to you Sid you know that the Holy Spirit wanted me to let everyone know that we were not created we were not created for salvation.  In our mind we think that once we become saved and we ask Jesus to come into our hearts that’s the end of the rope. But that’s not why we were created.  We were created for intimacy; it was the purpose why you and I were created to have an intimate relationship with God.  I feel that sometimes we settle for less;  because once we accept Jesus Christ we say “Well, we have all I need and this is where I’m going to stop.”  And the Holy Spirit is saying to you “Don’t settle for less.”  I believe and I know  that when we die here on the earth that level of intimacy where you end here on the earth is the same level of intimacy that you will carry to Heaven.  If you have a close relationship with God here on the earth, that is the same level of intimacy that you will carry and breathe into Heaven.  Some of us are going to have to go to the beginning of getting to know God because…

Sid: You know what someone told me and I’m curious what your spin is on this “That wherever you start in Heaven people that start a head of you you will never past those people.

Tommy:  You will never past those people.

Sid: God told you that.

Tommy:  And this is why, if I know you Sid for 20 years and someone comes and meets you today for the first time the gap of relationship between 1 and 20 years is such that if I continue to move forward within that relationship with you…

Sid: Oh, I’m sorry we’re out of time but I catch what you are saying… 

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