Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah. His name is Robert Gay; he’s a Pastor in Panama City, Florida.  And Robert, someone that I really value in the Body of Messiah by the name of Bishop Bill Hamon.  You were his Worship Leader; did the anointing on him because he is such a prolific prophet; did it rub off on you?

Robert: Well, I would hope that it did and I consider Bishop Bill Hamon my spiritual father.  And we’ve had this wonderful relationship with he and Ma Hamon for over 25 years now.  And we so appreciate the relationship that we have and we appreciate all the anointing and transfer that we have received from their ministry.

Sid: But of course it didn’t start there; it started because you had praying parents; you were raised in a Pentecostal home.  And when you were just 11 years of age you received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  And someone told me you couldn’t speak English for the next how many hours?

Robert: Well, my mother and father; actually it happened on a youth meeting on Tuesday night I went to this youth meeting and I did not go there with the intention of being filled with the Holy Spirit.  I just was going to the youth meeting and they began to pray for people to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  And there was a lady that began to pray and of course all the folks just began to gather around others that were being prayed for to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit. But any way she began to shake a lot while they were praying so I thought that that was the thing that you were supposed to do so I just began to just shaking myself.  And the next thing you know she turned around and said “I believe this little boy right here can be filled with the Holy Spirit and hands began to come from all different directions toward me.  Any way I got baptized in the Holy Spirit; my Mom and Dad came to pick me up; I could not even talk all the way home because any time I would try to open my mouth tongues would come out.  I went to bed that night just praying in tongues and it lasted that way until the next morning.

Sid: Just out of curiosity as a little 11 year old kid how does that little mind wrap “I can’t speak English anymore?”

Robert:  Well, it was just one of the strangest things that had ever happened to me.  I had an understanding; at least a partial understanding of what had happened but the only thing that I knew was that I couldn’t open my mouth without some other unusual language coming out.  Of course being brought up in a…

Sid: I think I might have thought; I’m never going to be able to speak English again.

Robert: (Laughing) Huh I really didn’t know at the time but I would just my Mother and my Father they would ask me a question and I would not respond to them.  I would just “Hm hm” because anytime I would try to speak anything that tongues would come out.

Sid: And another thing I like is you are a Worship Leader and you move in strong words of of knowledge and prophecy. But I love it because sometimes you sing it; tell me about one time you sang a prophecy and what happened.

Robert:  Well; we’ve had a lot of different things that have taken place over the years.  One of the things that I remember very vividly and I was ministering in a town that was right below Atlanta, Georgia.  And as I was leading into worship the Lord; and this was back many years ago when the first began to do this at least manifest in this way through me.  And I began to sing this and the Lord gave me what I call a song of deliverance; and I began to sing this.  The words were “There is somebody here…

Sid: Could I get you to sing it; rather than tell me it?

Robert: Well, my voice was a lot better back then.

Sid: That’s okay, I’ll give you grace go for it.

Robert:  But I began to sing “There’s somebody here you’ve misaligned a vertebrae in your neck but now the Spirit of the Lord is upon you and He’s healing you.” It was something like that; and it was very short and it wasn’t real long. Nothing what you would call great and profound melodically but at the end of the service there’s a lady that comes up to me; running up to me at the end of the service weeping and crying. And she said  “When you sang that song I want you to know happened to me something  is something popped in my neck.  Said I’d been going to chiropractors for years, I’d been going to doctors for years.  I was in an automobile accident; I’m on constant pain medication because of my neck and she said that when you sang that song something popped in my neck and every bit of pain left my neck immediately. I saw the pastor about four months later in a conference and he brought to my remembrance what had taken place.  He said “Do you remember the lady that had gotten healed in the service with her neck, he said “Since then she’s not had one bit of pain medicine; she’s not had one thing what so ever; she hasn’t had to go back to the doctors and hasn’t experienced one bit of pain.”  Nobody laid hands on her; no body did anything but it was just released through a prophetic song of deliverance.  And it’s what I believe you know the Bible says that “He sent His Word and healed them.”

Sid: You know you had something so wonderful happen with your children.  And as far as I’m concerned to have your children serving the Lord; that’s the most wonderful thing in the world.  But when your daughter was about to be born in 1988 she has a sonogram and it reveals that your daughter is dead in the womb.  What occurred?

Robert: Well, what happened is my wife began to bleed heavily and so she went to the doctor of course we had already found out and established that she was pregnant.  She went to the doctor and they did a sonogram and whenever they conducted the sonogram and diagnosis came back that she had a blighted ovum.  And a blighted ovum is basically where pregnancy takes place but then the embryo dies on the vine.

Sid: Awe.

Robert:  So you have the sack and you can actually see the formation of life but there is no heart beat and no activity what-so-ever.  And she was bleeding real heavily and so the doctor said “We need to do a DNC and we need to do it immediately.”  And so I could not  actually could not go with her to the doctor that day so she called me at the office and I was at that time working with Christian International with Dr. Bill Hamon. And she was crying and weeping and she said “What do I do?”  And I said “We’re not going to do anything as far as what the doctors say; we are going to stand on the word of the Lord.”  Because what had just happened several months previous we had received a prophetic word that we were going to have a daughter who would be a dancer in the House of the Lord.  And so Paul said “Take the prophetic word and war a good warfare with the word that you have received.”  And so we took that word and we began to war a good warfare with it. And so whenever I got home that night I laid my hands upon her stomach and I said “You will live and not die.”  And we began to declare that and we began to take that word those prophetic words that we had received about having a daughter who would be a dancer in the House of the Lord.  And we just began to war a good warfare with those and about a month later all the bleeding stopped.  And then she went back to the doctor and the doctor proceeded to do the sonogram and heard the heartbeat and literally jumped back at astonishment in the fact that there was a heartbeat that was actually there. And what we believe is that God actually resurrected her in the womb and she was born that year in 1988.  And today she’s the head of our dance team.

Sid: So that prophetic word was from God.

Robert:  Almost definitely; most definitely.

Sid: I mean it saved her life for starters.

Robert:  Exactly.

Sid: I mean because you knew that she was going to be a dancer therefore you knew she was going to live.

Robert:  Exactly, exactly and again any time you make and stand and you believe what God has said. Although we have promises in the written word; there was no specific word that I could go to in the Bible that said “I was going to have a daughter who’d be a dancer in the House of the Lord.” We would have had every reason just to believe whatever the doctor said and do what the doctor said.  But we had a diagnosis; I call it a pre-diagnosis from Dr. Jesus saying “She is going to live and not die.”  We had a pre-diagnosis that said that she would be a dancer in the House of the Lord and God resurrected her. And again today she’s serving the Lord and she prophesies in the Church and now herself has 2 children.

Sid: Well, as far as I’m concerned you are one blessed man.  I mean your 3 children saved; filled with the Spirit; operate in the gifts of the Spirit.  And your grandchildren I mean there’s no greater blessing as far as I’m concerned.  But I am concerned that many people that are listening to us right now and they may miss the next great and maybe last outpouring of God’s Spirit on planet Earth that’s just about ready to hit us because they just don’t understand the Ten Commandments.  Explain on that just briefly.

Robert: Well, I believe as a part of the New Covenant that we have to understand that grace does not separate us from the Ten Commandments.  As a matter of fact I have taught this and believe this that grace actually ties it to us; ties the Ten Commandments to us to a greater level.  In the Old Covenant of course what we know as the Ten Commandments were originally written on the tablets of stone. However Jeremiah begins to prophesy of a day that the day would come when God would write a New Covenant.  And this is what he said “I will write my law upon their hearts and I will write it upon their minds.”  So in the Old Testament the Commandments were of course “You shall not have no other gods before you; don’t steal; don’t lie; all these things.  These are commandments that were written on stone that were then imposed upon the folks, the people that were under the Old Covenant.  In the New Testament now we are actually tied to those Commandments to a greater level because they are now written upon our heart.  So now they are Commandments that now motivate us to live righteously; they motivate us…

Sid: I’m sorry we’re out of time.


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