Sid: My guest Tom Horn you recall from the St. Malachi prophecies.  He has got a bomb shell of a book. I’m telling you this is beyond my imagination the facts that you have gathered from the secret plan on the currency,  for the anti-Christ, to the secrets in the great seal in the US; it all stems to a group called the masons. Which when you told me the person that founded freemasonry was a Rosicrucian if I had known that I would have realized the whole thing must have been New Age.  But tell me about how Washington D.C. was physically designed with Masonic symbolism.

Tom: And this is one of the things Sid that just comes as such a surprise to people; people that are unfamiliar with the American Masonic history they have no clue the involvement by Freemasons in even he layout and design of this city was part of a magnificent occultic plan. For instance, if you go to Washington DC today you can hire a guide now, a free masonic-guide, who will show you the house of the temple; show you the buildings that belong to the Scottish Rite Freemasonry. But they also will show you the design and layout of the capital city and how it was shepherded by those who wanted to reflect dedication to all of the ancient pagan gods that Bacon and his followers were seeking wisdom from.  Not only that you can go to the government’s own website; there’s an article called “The Most Approved Plan: The Competition For the Capital’s Design.”  This is one the Library of Congress’s website and it tells how after they advertised this competition for the design of the center of Washington DC of how George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Commissioners of the District of Columbia rejected all the other plans and instead designed a plan of their own that was based on their own that was based on (This was a quote from our own government website). “The Roman Pan-peon the circular domed rotunda dedicated to all pagan gods.”  So our own government websites admit that this is a fact; so now what does that mean?  In very partial terms in what way was it dedicated to all these pagan gods?  This is the part that stands out as astonishing anyone could visit Washington DC; they could go over to the Capital buildings; they can go over to the dome and stand there and look across that field at the that great Washington monument that’s standing there.  What they don’t recognize is that this part of the greatest conspiracy of all times sitting right out in the open because that diagram is well known in ancient Egypt.  It is a magical talismatic energy creator if you will; it’s a prime evil concept Sid; it was designed in antiquity for only one purpose; regeneration; resurrection; apotheosis.  Literally for deity incarnation from the underworld for under the earth surface through the union of these two respective figures, the dome, which is the ancient structural representation of the womb of Isis, and the obelisk which is the ancient…

Sid: Now you’re talking about the Washington Monument now.

Tom:  I am and that’s a model by the way from antiquity; it exists today on the grandest scale in 2 places and this is very important.  At the heart of the capital of the most powerful government on earth, the United States, and also in the heart of the most powerful church on earth the Vatican.  And there’s a few things about this and I won’t get bogged down in the details but they’re important that people should know.  First, the US Capital has been called the mirror Vatican throughout history due to the striking similarity between the primary building and streets.  And in fact that isn’t an accident; America’s forefather’s first named the Capitol City Rome.

Sid: Hm.

Tom:   But the parallelism between Washington and the Vatican is most clearly illustrated by the Capital building and the dome facing the obelisk known as the Washington Monument.  And then at the Vatican by a dome facing an obelisk in St. Peter’s Basilica that was actually taken from the Biblical city of On that was dedicated to the god Osiris.  And it was moved there and erected in the middle of St. Peter’s Basilica and in fact Sixtus the Pope at that time when the did erect it and dedicate it he even performed an exorcism on the obelisk to try to cast a demon of Osiris out of it.  (Laughing) But in any case that is what we call an alchemical blueprint; it is an ancient formula; a mystical construct for the purpose of resurrecting from the underworld the spirit of Osiris into whoever the leader happens to be at that time.  I got a…

Sid: And you say another name for Osiris is anti-Christ?

Tom:  Another name for Osiris or Apollo is the anti-Christ; the god Osiris in Egyptian mythology was renamed Apollo in Greek mythology and that’s an established fact.  There’s a great deal of academic material out there that says that isn’t just Tom Horn’s opinion that’s an established fact. And what makes that interesting when you for instance at the great seal of the United States of America is that you have all of the images are Egyptian in their motif.  So you have an uncapped pyramid; you have the all seeing eye of Horus; these are all Egyptian motifs.  But then the motto’s that are on the seal these are all taken from Greek prophecies about the return of Apollo.  So you have the marriage of Osiris and Apollo on the great seal of the United States.  You see the same thing in the Statue of Liberty; the Statue of Liberty was created by the same guy that created the Eiffel Tower was sent here as a gift to the United States.  And in their own documents concerning the creation of it they said that the body of it was created to be that that to represent the goddess Osiris, Egyptian Mithras.  But they said that the head with the spikes sticking up off of it was representing the god Apollo.  So once again in these images you have the marriages of the Greek and the Egyptians but they’re all talking about the same god.  And in ancient times the obelisk and the giant towering oboist like you see in Washington, DC.  And isn’t it interesting they made that obelisk to be…

Sid: And again you’re talking about the Washington monument.

Tom:  I’m talking about the Washington monument.

Sid: Okay.

Tom:  And you can look it up on the internet or if you visit Washington, DC and go to the Capitol dome you’ll just stand there and look at the Washington monument.  And this was created to be the largest one in the world and is it a coincidence that it is 6-6-6 inches high; some measurements say it’s 6-6-6.0 inches high.  And at the base it’s 6-6-6 inches wide along each side at the base; I don’t know if that’s a coincidence; I think that there’s some inspiration there being maybe worldly.

Sid: Tell me about the secret plain for the anti-Christ on the US currency.

Tom:   Sid, it’s a fact that the great seal of the United States is a prophecy of a global leader who will oversee a New World order.  And just so the listeners know that’s not just my opinion that’s also been verified by Masonic-leaders like Manly P. Hall who is probably the most celebrated 33rd degree Free Mason of all time.  He called the great seal the signature of the Free Masons.  In fact he said that the unfinished pyramid on its reverse side is a trestle board or a blueprint if you will of symbolic task to the accomplishment of which the United States government was dedicated from the day of its inception.

Sid: How do we not know this as I’ve lived my whole life as an American; how come this isn’t all over the news?

Tom:  Yeah, well hopefully between you and me Sid we’re going to put it all over the news.

Sid: Oh, I know that; tell me about our US currency, this is amazing.

Tom:  Yeah, even Presidents and Vice Presidents have verified that the symbolism on the great seal of the United States is a prophecy about the coming of an end-time leader.  And why that should be concerning the Christians is because the god on the great seal of the United States the prophecy the Novus Ordo Seclorum prophecy is taking from the Cumaei Sibyl.  One of the most important prophetesses of the god Apollo who prophesied that at the end of time the god Apollo would return giving birth to a new golden age.  Well, why should we care about that?  Because the god Apollo is the same god that is identified in the New Testament, in more than one place, as the spirit that will fill the end-times anti-Christ.  Now I said Presidents and Vice Presidents; for example Henry Wallace who was the Secretary of Agriculture for the United States in 1934. He was the one who brought to President Roosevelt the significance of the prophecies on the great seal of the United States, and then it was Roosevelt that in turn pushed to have the great seal placed on the US $1.00 bill.  Both of them were Freemasons 32nd degree Free Masons, but they believed that this was a prophecy that invoked the return of the god of Free Masonry.  And there’s a great deal of occultism surrounding this that we can discuss perhaps on another show; but they were believers.  And so throughout American history you’ve had scholars, you’ve had road scholars like James H. Billington.  Famous names like Charles Elliot Norton who said “When you look at the great seal of the United States it is hardly less than an emblem of a Masonic emblem of a Masonic Fraternity forecasting the return of their god the great god of the universe which is not the God of the Bible.

Sid:  And your book “Zenith 2016” it talks about codes; Masonic codes that have been used by our current President and the Presidents previously in speeches…  And they believe when they say these things it kind of goes into the atmosphere.  Give me one quick example.

Tom:  Well, one quick example January 20, 2001 George W. Bush who I voted for by th way, during his first inaugural address; he faced the obelisk known as the Washington monument in DC and twice referred to an angel who rides in the world wind and directs this storm.

Sid: So not just the President but congressmen are using this angel in the world wind which is an occultic masonic term.

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