Sid:   I got reacquainted with someone I knew a number of years ago Renny McLean. Just at the right time I believe it was a moment that God had ordained because I have in my hands his new book “Eternity Invading Time.”  And if you really want to understand from Heaven’s perspective how to operate in Bible faith not rules and regulations but an understanding of this realm that God is in called eternity. Renny you’ve had heavenly visitations and I have to believe a lot of this is written in your book from a heavenly viewpoint.

Renny: Oh oh, totally totally is I mean you know when you have an encounter with the Lord your whole view of God changes you know.  Anybody who’s had an encounter with God I can tell you you’re not judgmental.  Because when you had an encounter with the Lord what you seen in His eyes is compassion.  I mean He looks at you and knows everything about you and he’s not condemning you.

Sid: You know I’ve shared some personal things with Renny and actually I did it on the air this week but they’re personal prayers that I pray almost if not every single day of my life. And one is to walk in the compassion of the Messiah; I believe as you believe Renny before the Messiah returns there will be men and woman raised up that will walk in that type of compassion.

Renny: Oh, I believe that because the manifestation to the power of God’s glory is really and truly revealed through the love of God.  And you know when it comes to the place where He’s loved becomes us you know my goodness nothing is impossible we’re walking in the realm with no limits.

Sid: Now when you say “Nothing is impossible” it’s one thing to someone for someone to parrot that expression but it’s another when what I see on what goes on in your various meetings even at a young age you saw dead people come to life. You’ve seen a number of dead people come to life, but tell me just kind of whet the appetite of some creative miracles.  For instance, I read here in a meeting you had in Dallas there was a lady in a wheelchair who had a 5 inch pin in her leg.

Renny:  Yes.

Sid: And she had a great miracle; tell me about that.

Renny:  Oh, what happened was we had been in the meetings for 3 nights while we were in 3 nights of meetings I clearly remember that was the night where wheelchairs were emptied.  You know people were walking and deaf people were hearing; blind people and cancer were being healed.  So faith was already high and you know when it’s already high I mean people can believe anything. And it was the night where people could literally believe anything; I just looked at this dear sister who had been coming to the meeting every night and she had a foot brace on and I said “Take it off.”  And you know she obeyed me; she obeyed the Word of the Lord and she took it off and I clearly remember when she took it off she walked.  We didn’t realize though the magnitude of the miracle we were just attracted because she could walk again and she was totally healed.  Well the following week when she went to the doctor and came back to the church testify she said “Well I had one of the most interesting testimonies you’ve ever heard.”  And she said “The doctors cannot find the pin that was in my leg;” it was 5 inches of tin or steel, or whatever they call it.  When she went into the hospital and they had it examined all they saw was five inches of brand new bone.

Sid:  And that should not be so strange when I read the Bible especially in light of the book that you’ve just written “Eternity Invading Time.” As you state in your book “Eternity God’s realm is drawing closer to our realm called time.”

Renny: Yes.

Sid: I have to ask you a question through Renny “How do you personally view God, How should we view God?”

Renny:  Okay I’ll tell you I love that question you asked me because this is where I think the church has to redefine what it talks about.  Number 1 there’s a word I want to introduce to our believers and the it’s the word to conceptualize and it means nothing more than to teach us something in its original form.  Now if we see God in natural terms God is out of context; if you see God in the supernatural than God is in context. The problem is we’re trying to make somebody supernatural; we’re trying to make Him natural and He’s not natural.  And unfortunately in the west we really have done that down to a science. Isn’t it funny God probably saying “Don’t you find it funny the very definition of the word God means a supernatural being we want supernatural ability and He demands to be worshiped.”

Sid:  And you know what in our Spirit filled charismatic churches…

Renny:  Oh my goodness.

Sid: We’re not seeing the supernatural we’re hearing the talk about it.

Renny:  Yes.

Sid:  But we’re not seeing the goods and people they go there long enough they learn literally unintentionally we’ve been discipled in unbelief.

Renny:  Oh, you are preaching, you are preaching to the choir because I’m telling you Brother Sid I believe today I honestly believe today that when most of us preachers preach from the pulpit we honestly are ministering to educated unbelief.  Because it’s unfortunate to say this but it the naked truth. If the truth be told this is what we’re dealing with; we have educated the unbelief of the believer to the degree that the unbelief of the unbeliever is now stronger than the actual faith in God.  And so we have relegated God to a natural form to something that He isn’t; so God really and truly is out of context.  That’s why it takes a revelation for you to operate in the miraculous; you can’t operate in the miraculous with common sense.  See I’ve often said this Bother Sid see unbelief is the product of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; your unbelief reveals what tree you’re eating from because when you’re eating from the tree of life you’ve got nothing but faith; nothing but faith.  And you got more sense to believe God than you have to doubt God.  And you see I often say this “When reason is absent faith is present; when reason is absent God is now.”  And even as I say now right now when reason, oh my God I just feel His… when I say reason is absent faith is present that means the miraculous is possible here and now.  Everybody listening to this broadcast or this radio interview; everybody right now I’m saying to you right now “All things are possible to you right now as you stop trying to reason how God’s going to do a thing if you just let Him do it.”  Oh my goodness gracious me you’ll find He’ll do it in more ways than one.  I’m telling you the miraculous power of God is present right about now; because when you’re heads out of the way God will start to move.  The most brilliant mind of our time was a man call Einstein. It was said that he used 12% of his brain 12%.  And they say that we today use 8%, don’t you find it strange brother Sid that all of modern discovery that we know of today; the greatest inventions that have come about in the last 100 years.  And don’t you find it strange that it’s come about with 8% knowledge.  Can you imagine if we have 8% use of our minds today can you then imagine what Adam had before he sinned?  We are practically retarded in comparison to what Adam was; so today Adam’s legacy to us today is unbelief, fear and doubt.  But Jesus Christ Yeshua died on the cross and really and truly opened back that realm to us; the realm where there is no time.

Sid: You know one of the hottest things in secular radio are talk shows. Can you imagine if a man or a woman of God moves in this realm proclaiming the true gospel no mixture but the true gospel it’ll be the hottest talk show in America; in the world.

Renny:  Oh, I believe it, I believe it but you see Sid it’s what you said to me earlier we have a seeker friendly church.  And what’s happened today is this if you look on television today and you listen to a lot of radio broadcast right now do you not notice how the world wants the supernatural that’s why the psychic phenomena in America is so big.  The reason why it’s so big is because the church rejected the ministry of the prophet and that’s why the counterfeit took off so big and made a huge killing off of it.  So if the false prophet can generate that kind of income and keep his kingdom going my goodness what would the ministry of the prophet do in the church today?

Sid: Answer this question, why is it that the biggest Spirit Filled churches in the land most of the pastors have tight control and do not want change?

Renny: The reason being because I would say their scared of God showing up; because we don’t have a problem that we’re defining God in what God means we have a problem when He shows up.  Because when God shows up He shows out; and I’m telling you that when God shows up He exposes everything.  So the secret of it is that we got to just let go and let God. And that’s such an easy catch phrase to use.  That is so real to let go and let God because until we let go; until we let go God doesn’t manifest Himself.  And if the truth be told we really and truly is I’d say you know it’s a hard statement to say like this but I just got to say the truth.  It really boils down to a control issue; that’s really what… you know Sid that’s really what it boils down to.  It boils down to a control issue so the question is “Is Jesus Lord of the Church or is the Pastor?”  That’s really what it boils down to.

Sid: You know that your speaking truth right now Renny but the presence of God is so strong now right I believe that and we’re just about out of time, but I believe anything could happen.  I see ears popping; if your ears are popping and you hear better guess what’s just happened, you’ve just been healed.  But you know on tomorrow’s broadcast by faith we’re going to get Marina on that’s Renny’s wife and her ministry is worship. And Renny what happens when someone is truly worshiping God?

Renny:  Oh, when somebody’s truly worshiping God you become in harmony with God and when you become one with God through your worship cancer dissolves.

Sid: Okay mishpochah consider yourself challenged. I want you to understand this thing called life in this temporary period called time from eternity’s viewpoint God’s realm.  Don’t miss the next move of God’s Spirit there is such truth in this book that so few Christians understand.


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