Sid: Well, my guest is red hot for the Messiah it’s contagious anyone that’s been listening this week is red hot for the Messiah his name is Apostle Maldonado.  A couple of days ago I asked you to teach on the Kingdom of Heaven because Jesus made a very amazing statement that too many people slip by.  He said “Pray this way ‘Your Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.’”  I believe your brand new book “The Kingdom of Power” is the revelation teaching necessary so that God’s Kingdom will come on earth as it is in Heaven. Tell me what that scripture means to you.

Guillermo:  Sid I think it’s so simple and at the same time when we don’t have the revelation we don’t know how to apply it.  And this is the question I need to ask the audience.  Is the Kingdom of God a theological concept, or is something that we can bring it here and now? Well, let me answer you in 25 years of experience seeing all kinds of miracles in the Bible and also being in 50 countries.  The kingdom of God is something that we can experience here and now; any person that is born again and walk with God and Jesus Christ your Lord you can walk in this power and demonstrate it here now, why?  I’ll tell you why Jesus said that… when we read the gospels we will see 2 words that interchangeably Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God.  The Kingdom… what’s the difference?  The Kingdom of Heaven is where Gold lives is the Third Heaven according to the scripture is where Heaven is that’s the Capitol of Heaven it’s the government; the Kingdom of Heaven is where God lives very simple way.  Second, the Kingdom of God is an extension of the Kingdom of Heaven where the will of God is done.  In other words any place on earth where the will of God is done we will have Heaven on earth. I’m going to say it again there are many people struggling and they say “My house’s a hell on earth. (Laughing)  Well, my marriage, my business;” why?  Because whatever we do the will of God and we obey the will of Gold we will bring the Kingdom; that government of Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven.  What do we mean when we say “On Earth as it is in Heaven?”  Well, in Heaven there’s no sickness, there’s no lack, there’s no recession, there’s no cancer.  So as it means we will bring there what it is in Heaven on earth; so this is what I teach people and I teach leaders to do the same.  I said “Every time you go to a place and you find a person with cancer and maybe yourself have a cancer and this is what you ask yourself ‘Is any cancer in Heaven?’”  And you will answer “No, there is not no there is no cancer so as it is in Heaven that means it’s healthy, it’s health there’s no cancer.”  So now you remove that cancer because every believer has the authority and the power of Kingdom because the Kingdom lives inside of you to cast out that cancer.  So ask yourself if there’s any lack in Heaven; there’s any recession in Heaven.  If you ask yourself “No,” you answer yourself well?  Now bring the kingdom down; can you do it?  Of course, can you say it “Yes of course.” I’ve got people here that walk into my church and they said “Well, they gave me 30 days to live.”  And I said “Well, that’s what the doctors said we respect what the doctors said but we don’t agree.”  Why, because in Heaven there’s no sentence of death. How is it?  In Heaven it’s eternal life.  So I said “Let’s pray that we remove the sentence of death, I pray over that person and immediately God healed the person, why?  We brought Heaven on Earth through prayer, yes we can do it.

Sid: Now we’re coming into some very very treacherous times in the United States; but it doesn’t have to be treacherous for a believer that understands the Kingdom of Power.  Tell me some stories to just kind of stretch out faith a little bit of people having money problems and money being multiplied.  Tell me about this doctor Gamel.

Guillermo: Is one of my best doctors that I have here in my church Sid he came to me through a missionary trip to Argentina. I was preaching and as I preached I felt from the Lord I heard His voice and then He said “Declare supernatural provisions.” There’s many people that are hearing now and listening to me now and I know they will identify if you believe it this can be for you also. “I want you the release I want you to release bring Heaven on Earth an declare supernatural provision.  And that’s what I did I said “Lord I declare supernatural provision; You cancel debt; supernatural money will appear; supernatural.”  And I said Lord Jesus let’s do it because Sid we’re living in times that if we don’t walk in the supernatural we’re not going to be able to make it.  So I declare it and Sid the moment I did he said he believed it; he was there with me; he was working checking all the sick people and all that but he said “Lord I believe it.”  He paid his ticket with great sacrifice and the Lord said “This money is to pay my rent but I want to go on this trip and I believe You provide.” So after that later he calls his wife and he said “You know Pastor was declaring all this and I believe the Lord will supernaturally provide for me and his wife.”  He said “Well, let’s agree I agree with you and let’s believe it well, he returned from Argentina to Miami and they went back where they put some money in a little box which was a part of the money to pay the rent.  He took some money for the trip and the rest of the money there was maybe $2000, I don’t remember the exact amount. How much money he left in the little box and it was a little and he told his wife go check and bring the money.  When the wife went back checked the open the box and found out 10,000 cash; plus the money that he got left from before he went to Argentina.  Supernaturally God provided $10,000.

Sid: Now is this an exception or does this happen often?

Guillermo: No, this happens, this is normal Sid; I have seen 100’s of people.  There is a woman a debt cancellation $250,000 that just happened right now in the ministry and supernatural and the bank calls her and says “We selected someone to pay the house and you were selected.”  The bank will not going to do that it worked supernaturally or the people in one of the event that we have she didn’t have any money in the bank at all she maybe have $5.00. She believed it when the power of the Kingdom came and she believed it.  Went back to the bank and the bank said “Somebody we don’t know who but they deposited $10,000 something, Sid that’s normal for everybody that believes.

Sid: Now very briefly you were telling me when I called you the other day that cancers, people are being healed of cancers but this is amazing.  This person had a very tough situation they had a colostomy bag; tell me what happened to them.

Guillermo: Well Sid you know I can tell you 100’s and 100’s of cases of cancer even people that the doctor has said “There’s no… you’re dead you go back and die.”  And this is one of the cases and again Sid most of those cases has been people that had been activated in my video’s, my CD’s, my books when they read it, now this book of “The Kingdom.” When I put testimonies like this one for the people to say “Well, if God used a person to heal somebody of cancer God can use me.” You know what I feel Sid I must pray for those people that are listening now to be activated to pray for cancer because that’s one of the anointing’s the Lord released upon my life.  Along time ago the Lord said “I am angry against the spirit of cancer because even it’s killing my people.”  And then He said “I’m releasing a new anointing upon you for cancer.”  So I can activate and release people who have cancer and people that wants to have that anointing to heal caner if you allow me.

Sid: Please.

Guillermo: Father in the Name of Jesus those people that are listening to me now and they have cancer I command I bring Heaven on Earth right now.  I bring Heaven on Earth and in Heaven there’s no sickness; there’s no cancer; and I curse every cancer.  I curse the seed and the root of cancer now; let you’re will be done on earth and you’re will is always to heal and deliver your people.  And right now be healed, be delivered in Jesus Name God is healing people right now.  As a matter of fact there’s a woman your name is Martha, Martha you have breast cancer.  God… you just felt heat in your body; as a matter of fact I see another woman your washing the dishes in your home and you listen to the radio.  Something is happening in your body and you have a cancer in your blood, I don’t know how they call that.

Sid: Leukemia.

Guillermo:  You feel… you’re sweating this woman is sweating I see you sweating in the house; you’re sweating because the power of God is upon you. 

Sid: You know what we’re going to continue recording these words and play it on tomorrow’s broadcast and the same miracles are going to happen.

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