Sid: We want everyone everywhere laying hands on the sick and seeing miracles.  Because the truth of the matter is even if miracles break out in a church only so many people can go into a church; only so many people are willing to go into a church.  But what’s going to happen when born again believer’s take God’s word as literal truth and start moving and laying hands on the sick.  You know teaching is cheap, preaching is cheap but when the rubber meets the road.  For instance, I’ve been interviewing all this week Don Gossett.  Don Gossett had the high privilege of being mentored by of the top healing evangelists in the world that’s traveled with a number of them. And he teaches on healing that this generation just doesn’t have a clue. But what happens when a man that teaches all over the world develops cancer; deadly melanoma.  Don tell me about that when that happened to you. I mean it’s one thing to teach it’s another thing to see other people healed.  But then when you get hit yourself it’s a whole new ball game isn’t it.

Don: It certainly is; well I had had a growth on the side of my head it was a mole there about the size of the end of my finger and then it began to change in color and size and then it became really ugly in appearance.  I combed my hair over my temples to hide it’s repulsiveness and this continued on for some time.  And I begin to apply the principals of faith and prayer and actions that I had done in past days for other things.  Just persisting that there would be a manifestation of God’s healing for my body.

Sid: Now when someone perhaps would notice that and would say to you “What is that?”  How would you answer them?

Don:  Well,  I would perhaps say something like “I have faith that God’s going to undertake for it and God’s going to heal it or it’s going to go or something in that nature;” not trying to be passive but trying  not to be indifferent about it.  But then I was getting ready to go to an overseas mission when I was having a final breakfast with all my 5 children and my wife.  So my son said “Dad we’re really concerned about that ugly growth inside of your head; before you leave for missions tomorrow we wish you’d see a doctor and find out exactly what the nature of it is.” So I consented to my children’s request and was able to make an appointment at that same afternoon with a doctor and he did his initial test and then he left the room and came back in and said “Reverend Gossett how soon can you be ready for surgery?”  I said “Surgery? I had no idea that you had this in mind.”  He said it’s imperative that we have surgery as soon as possible.”  He said “My prognoses at present moment is that you have a cancerous growth there that needs to be tended to at once.”  I said “Well doctor I have a problem I’m scheduled to leave tomorrow for an overseas mission’s been schedule for months.  The advertising has been done; it’d be a great king disappointment if I don’t arrive.  He said “Well, if you go  how soon will you be gone?”  I said about a month.  He looked at his calendar and he said “On March the 4th we’ll have this surgery.”  And then he warned me about the potential danger of the growth and later that same day a paper was put in my hand that said that “If you have a growth about this same color and texture of this growth you have only 6 months to live.”  Well, that was quite devastating to me because I had no concept that my life was going to end in six months or any soon period.  And when we got to overseas I was really battling intense fears; I mean the fears became very real.

Sid: As real as I said earlier it’s easy to preach it when it’s someone else it’s a whole new ball game when it’s someone else.

Don: That correct, well I would look at myself in the mirror and I would battle with the spirit of pity.  And Harold Hill would say “I’d have a pity party” and I was really feeling sorry for myself.  And you know as a Christian I wasn’t afraid to die because I knew that Heaven would be my eternal destiny but I didn’t want to die; I had a life I wanted to live and I wanted to invest it for God’s glory.  But then one day my wife saw me looking at myself in the mirror touching the growth slightly and she said “Somebody I know is having some real fears” and I thought she came in to give me some little tender loving care but that wasn’t her operation. She sad “Don Gossett shame on you.”  I said “Shame on me why did you say that?”  She said “You’re the preacher that’s preached all these messages on overcoming fear and here you are fearing.”  I said “Oh, but honey this is for real it’s happening to me.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Don:  And she said “Well, there’s 3 things God wants you to know I’m convinced.”  Number 1 you may have the surgery so don’t be frustrated by that fact but number 2 you may not have the surgery God may intervene and heal you by His power but number 3 don’t give place to fear because like the old Job God told him that the thing that you greatly feared came upon you.”  And with that she put her hand on my chest and began to rebuke the spirit of fear like it was a monster; I mean that woman commanded that spirit of fear to leave my life.

Sid: Now when the Bible talks about a helpmate that’s really what you had.”

Don:  That’s right she really helped me and suddenly like a fetter around my chest that fear was broken around my chest that fear was broken.  And I can say again gratefully I never again had a fear of that ugly growth even though I could see it staring me in the face.

Sid: Well, how did you pray; how did you pray; did you worship God I want you to get really specific and tell me what you did and why you did it.

Don:  Well, I was convinced that my answer was in the word of God itself and this speaking forth principal had already been part of my life so it wasn’t anything new. But I began every day to rise up and speak the healing word “That by His stripes I’m healed, that Himself took my infirmities and bared my sicknesses that He took His word and healed me from all my destruction.”  And on and on would speak what we call the healing scriptures and they were not just little theories they were realities to my life and I was speaking them with confidence.  And I continued to do that week after week while I was overseas.  And you may ask what happened to the growth?  Well frankly it just got uglier and worse.

Sid: Now while it was getting uglier and worse and you are worshiping God and you are believing God for all your worth did your faith teeter a little bit?

Don: You know as I recall there was several years ago I’m sure there were probably times when my faith was certainly challenged I’ll just be frank about that. But I continued to persist on I knew that the principal of if you hold fast to your confession of faith without wavering for He who promised is faithful.  That if any man wavers in his faith let not that man think that he’ll receive anything from the Lord; James 1 says.  And on and on I began to just put into practice the principals that I had taught and preached and lived by.  And on the day after the month was over we were flying back home. On March the first I reached up and half of that growth fell out into my hand.  And then ….

Sid:  Huh, now try to remember when half of it fell out in your hand how did you feel?

Don:   I was grateful, I was grateful that something was being manifested in a remarkable way that a miracle was undertaking; that the supernatural of God was flowing and I was thankful.  Well, on that night of March the 3rd that night in my sleep the rest of that growth all came off.  I awakened about 6:00 in the morning and there was nothing there; now there was a head there.

Sid: I’m glad.

Don:  And I raised up to the mirror and I saw that it was totally gone and it was smooth as baby skin and  I came back to my bed and there on the covers was that old growth all scattered.  And I awakened my wife and I said “Good morning honey, this is the day that I’m scheduled for surgery and there is nothing to surge – hallelujah!”

Sid: You know that was talk about the midnight God the midnight hour and you mean just before the surgery it came off.

Don:  It came off during that night of March the 3rd; what a remarkable event.  And so at breakfast with my son and my wife we discussed it “What am I going to do, nothing like this has ever happened to me?” We decided we were going to keep my appointment and I went that day to the cancer institute for the test for the surgery.  And I said as we got to the room I said “Nurse, you may not have noticed but I don’t have that growth anymore.  She said “You don’t have the growth, what happened to it?”   I said “Jesus Christ healed it.”  Well, that made her nervous of course and she said “I better get the doctor.”  And the first doctor of the case he came back with my medical chart, he began to exam my head and he began to read the chart again and he said, “I better get the other doctor.”   He was in a case more than I.  Well, when he brought back the second doctor, the second doctor was rather dubious he said “What’s this Don I hear you working a wonder on yourself?”  I said “Doctor I didn’t do it Jesus Christ has done it” and I then shared with him briefly how I battled intense fears and how my wife prayed with me and I was set free of the fear and how I’d been speaking the word of God itself.  And how in just the past 48 hours the healing had manifested and here I stood before them and they of course they kept checking around, they kept testing and touching my head to see if was there anything left at all.”  But it was a testimony of God’s glory and I’m very grateful.  And the principal of speaking the word became my source of victory.

Sid: You know Don, we’re just about out of time now.

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