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You know when doctors give you bad reports and they say that your mother or your father died of cancer or heart trouble, it’s your DNA. Well my guest has been shown how to supernaturally change your DNA. He calls it genetic salvation in which God has literally shown him, and thousands of people have done this now. You go all the way, not just four generations, you go all the way where the flaw started, Adam and Eve, you break those curses and you’re walking in new DNA. Now my guest is African. He was born in Zambia. Dr. Myles, you Africans provoke me to jealousy no end. You understand the invisible world. Why does it appear as though the Africans that sell out to the Kingdom of God understand the supernatural better than us here in America?

DR. MYLES: Well that’s because in Africa you grow up in the [unintelligible] where it’s already charged for the supernatural. The only problem is charged the other way where it’s more the demonic supernatural, but you are raised to see witch doctors literally perform what would be signs and wonders if you did not know Jesus, astounding things. And you grow up around it so you are aware that we are not alone in this world. There is another world out there.

SID: But it’s hard to believe. At age 18, his body has painful boils, he drops to under a hundred pounds. And as he just said, he went to the doctors. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Then he went to the witch doctors. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He was in critical shape. But in the meantime, the nastiest student at his school had an encounter with the Lord. And so he saw such a transformation. He talked to him and this friend of his said, “Well if you come out to my church you’ll be healed.” So he’s not too interested in God and Jesus. He just wants to be healed. So he goes to the church, but he got something that he didn’t bargain for. He had a genuine encounter with the Living God. But he wasn’t healed. However, a month later a mysterious light comes into him. Tell me about that.

DR. MYLES: I was living with an alcoholic uncle. And I went to sleep on a bed that was on the floor. And all of a sudden the room I was in was filled with the most brilliant white light I’ve ever seen in my life. It was the manifestation of the Glory of God. And that white light filled into me from my head down to the sole of my feet, and the literally in seconds, unzipped my body like opening up a luggage. And my spirit stood up and I could see my lifeless body on the floor, on the bed. I could see everything. I was aware of everything around me, and my spirit looked like my body, you know. So then suddenly, the Glory of God lifted me up and I found myself on top of the roof of the house we were living in. I could see the neighborhood. And then all of a sudden, in front of me on top of the house, I see this demonic prince. I saw this demonic principality filled with what I could only call as rivers of hate. I had never seen so much hate out of anybody. Demons really hate people. And I looked at this demon and all of a sudden it came after me. But there was no fear in me, though.

SID: You’re a baby believer. How come you had no fear?

DR. MYLES: That was the most interesting thing, because you know, the way I was raised, I should be very afraid. Because we were raised to be afraid of the demonic world and what they can do to you. Witches are legend in Africa. So I should be afraid. But instead, there was zero fear in my spirit. As I looked, and by the way, when I looked at the demon, my spirit could scan the history of this spirit. I knew exactly the dimension of the spirit, what it could do. It was amazing, just like in seconds. And then when it reached out for me we began to fight, and it was a 50-50 percent fight, see. And all of a sudden, something changed. Right above us, the sky, the heavens opened up like around, it opened up. And as it opened up, the same shining glorious light that entered my bedroom covered the neighborhood where we were. I could see something very tiny in my neighbor’s yard. The whole neighborhood was covered with light. And I thought everybody is going to rise up and come out and watch what’s going on. They must be seeing this. And nobody came out. And then all of a sudden, so me and this demonic principality are now looking towards the heavens and we see a majestic golden hand of a man with a huge nail imprint in his hands, and it rested over us. And all of a sudden, a door opened out of his hand, a door.

SID: A door opens out of his hand.

DR. MYLES: A door opens and a blue scroll comes out. And he speaks as the scroll comes out, and he speaks to me and he says, “Son, use my word.” And the scroll comes and I touch it, and it goes into me. I’m a baby Christian and so the only scripture I know is John 3:16.

SID: “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son.” He knows this. Okay.

DR. MYLES: Yes. And so that’s the only thing I remember because coming from a Catholic background, that’s the only Bible I had, was John 3:16. And so I said it. I said, “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that we shall not perish.” When I said it, there was a lightening from one end of the heavens to the next. Then the lightening was followed by what I can call billions of thunders. It was the largest sound I’ve ever heard in my life. The authority of the Word shocked me. It was amazing me. Everything shook. And I thought the houses were going to collapse in the rubble. And the next thing that I saw was this demonic principality was lying flat, head first by my feet. After the Glory of God left and I got back into my body, I was instantly healed from three years of all the boils. Everything in my body, all the pain disappeared completely.

SID: I like that. Would you like that? You see, he saw this invisible world and he had such revelation on what he called genetic salvation. I want you to teach them that when we come back.

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