SID: Sid Roth here with Zona Hayes-Morrow. Zona, you’ve been attacked with life-threatening things and you have won each time. In ’94, you had what the doctors diagnosed as kidney failure. Tell me about that.

ZONA: They diagnosed me to be put on dialysis and I got down to 64 pounds, and I was getting tired. That’s how people die, is when they get tired.

SID: I’ve seen people get so tired that they give up.

ZONA: That’s exactly right.

SID: That’s when the devil hits you.

ZONA: But any disease, anything, any kind of a disease or high blood pressure, or diabetes is a name that a doctor put on the devil, period.

SID: I like that. I like that.

ZONA: And it’s not normal, you know. And so I asked the Lord, I said, “What do I do, Lord?” I mean, I was talking to Him. I never said it out loud. I never, I talked very little when I was on dialysis. Because you start talking symptoms, and symptoms are, they’re not real and they’re symptoms. And so I asked the Lord what to do, and He said, “I want you to go on the dialysis center and there’s 50 dialysis recliners in there. I want you to take a blanket and I want you to put the blanket over your head because you cannot watch and see what that machine is doing. It’s taking all of your blood out of your body and cleansing it, and putting it back in your body. Don’t watch that or you’ll get more tired and that’s when you’ll die.” I said, okay.

SID: So did you really pull the blanket over your head?

ZONA: I sure did.

SID: What did other people think? They thought, I just went in automatically and I put the blanket on me, and stuck my arm out. I had a fistula and they put needles in my arm, and they all of course, they were hollering at me, “Zona, Zona, Zona,” and they said, “put the blanket down.” And I thought, no, I’m not doing it. I’m not going to look at the machine. So for three months I never looked at the machine again.

SID: You know, Zona, you told me something else that impressed me. You see, as a young girl she would go around with her father, but really wouldn’t listen to a word he was teaching. She had it memorized, but she really didn’t have it in her heart, wasn’t really comprehending, you know, she was tuning him out. Then God tells you to read his books.

ZONA: When I read my father’s book, see, this was two years before I was attacked again. He said, “I want you to read my book through seven times. Then I want you to read it through once a month until I tell you to quit because you’re going to need it.” I had to keep, I had to start building myself up for, when they diagnosed me with dialysis the second time, they gave me 24 hours to live if I did not go on dialysis the second time. And when I did that, the Lord, I mean, He just miraculously, when I didn’t react, I did not react when they said, you’re going to have to ¬†go back on dialysis. All I said was, to myself, not again. And so I got, I just started praying and just kept real quiet except when speaking to the Lord. And it’s just, you know, I saw myself healed. I’d stand in the bathroom and I’d close the door, and I’d take a glass of water. I poured it in the commode. I’d tear toilet tissue off. I’d flush the commode and I’d say, “Thank you Lord for a miracle in my kidneys.” I’d flush the commode. I’d go to the sink, put the cup down, wash my hands, straighten my clothes. I did that about five or six times a day because faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.

SID: So you were seeing yourself as a healed person using the toilet normal, flushing the commode. You picture what she’s doing? I mean, that is such a stubborn faith. If you hadn’t exercised that stubborn faith, do you think you’d be here right now

ZONA: I would not. I would not. If I didn’t remember how my dad stood in the gap for me, how he stood in the gap for the growths, I was a six-month baby, a six and a half, seven-month baby, and I weighed four pounds, 10 ounces when I was born. Got a blood disease, got ran over by the car and the car drug me under and dropped me off. Different things that happened and the devil, the first time that Spirit of Death came to me he said, “I am going to kill you because you’re the closest thing I can get to Norvel Hayes to make him stop.” That’s exactly.

SID: But he missed. He made a mistake.

ZONA: That’s right.

SID: He picked on this little lady that says, devil, that’s enough. I believe that you can pray right now and people are going to be healed all over the audience. Would you do that?

ZONA: Yes I will. Father, in Jesus’ name I pray for all these people, Lord, the viewers, the people in the audience here, and I thank you Lord for your healing power, your authoritative power, death and life, for the power of love, not when your afraid. In the power of love, I thank you Lord that your healing power flows from the top of their head to the souls of their feet, driving out everything that’s not victory in their minds, in their bodies, in their families, in their finances, every single thing. Satan, you’re a liar. You take your hands. Diabetes, you go in Jesus’ name. High blood pressure, you go in Jesus’ name. Kidney stones, go in Jesus’ name. Liver problems, go. I speak to every person’s body right now that’s viewing this program, and I thank you Lord. All they have to do is start thanking you, Jesus, for your miracle working power, for your healing power flowing through my body, in your delivering power in Jesus’ name. Amen.

SID: Zona, tell me something good that has happened to you, something good, very quickly, because this was a staggering dream you had of people in Hell. Very quickly, tell me about that.

ZONA: Well I’ve seen a lot of flaky people. I’ve seen, you can’t compromise. Your ministry is, your success in ministry in serving God is in your character and integrity, not how good you preach, in your character and integrity first. And I had a dream of Hell, and I saw, I was on a cliff. I saw a cliff and I saw people falling into Hell with bibles. That’s what I saw.

SID: So the outside isn’t what counts. It’s the inside. Do you have the Word of God, the Messiah of Israel inside of you? Well if you have sin inside of you, he can’t be inside of you. This is the good news. If you repent of your sins, turn from those sins and turn to God, He’ll give you the power to overcome. He’ll cause your sins to be wiped away and then you ask Him to live inside of you and be Lord of your life, and then you read the Bible and you serve Him. It’s so simple. You need help to be confused, but where we’re living right now in the times we’re living right now, if you do not turn to God, you’re meshuggah. That’s a Hebrew word and it means “crazy”. Stop being meshuggah. Make Jesus your Lord. Let me tell you something. There is no greater peace, purpose, meaning than making Jesus Lord in your life.

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