SID: So Zona Hayes-Morrow had seen miracles her whole life. But she gets married young. Her husband goes off to war, divorces her and she goes out having fun, clubbing. But a couple by the name of the Goodwin’s, gave your father a prophetic word. What was that?

ZONA: The Goodwin’s gave my father a word. The word said, “The thing that you want the most in the world is not going to happen. She’s gone too far. She can’t come back on her own. When she comes in at two or three o’clock in the morning you tell her you love her and you tell her I love her, and then you shut up, because she doesn’t believe anybody loves her.” And that’s what my dad did. He created an atmosphere of love. He’d stopped loving me because he was frustrated, because I was a backslid and I wasn’t raised that way. And he created an atmosphere of the love of God in our home.

SID: Now one day after that atmosphere of love, he puts his hands and prays for Zona on the bed. She’s not there. She’s out clubbing. She gets home. What happened, Zona?

ZONA: When I got, right before he put his hands on the bed, Sid, he asked me, he said, “What is He going to have to do, what is God going to have to do bring you back to me.” I said, “He’ll have to knock me in the head.” I said, “Dad, the church members haven’t even come to see me in three years and I see them at the club.” I said, “So why would I want to serve their God?” And so he said, “Well.” So when I left he said, he put his hands on the bed. He said, “God, you heard her. You do what you have to bring her back.” Four o’clock in the morning I came in. I lay down on the bed. I was on my right side and turned over, and my eyes were on a belt buckle.

SID: Who’s belt buckle.

ZONA: My angel. He was as big as three men. And so his belt buckle was even with the edge of my bed. Well you can imagine how big it was.

SID: Must have been pretty intimidating. You’re a short woman.

ZONA: And he was sitting Indian style and put his right leg over his left, and he got up, and he just stood there and looked at me. I tried to scream but nothing would come out. And he walked out of the room. I heard him walk down the hall. And I walked down the hall, and he was waiting at the back door, and he walked through the wall. Well that just, I ran to my dad’s room and he said, “Do you know who that was?” And I said, “Who?” He said, “Your angel.” I said, “I don’t want him. He’s too big.” I said, “I want a little one with wings.” But he said, “No, it takes a big one for you. You’re so flaky.”

SID: How would you like to pray for your backslidden children and have an angel that big come in. It was very intimidating to you.

ZONA: It was very intimidating.

SID: And then of course, she very quickly became a believer in the Messiah. Why, you saw the Spirit of Death three times in your life. Tell me what the Spirit of Death looks like. I can’t even comprehend.

ZONA: I saw the Spirit of Death the first time in Sheffield, Alabama. It walked through the wall and it said to me, he looked, he pointed his finger at me. He said, “I’m going to kill you because you’re the closest thing I can get to Norvel Hayes.” I wasn’t even in ministry then. He said, “Because you,” but he knew that eventually I would take the torch and be mentored by my father, which he’s my mentor, and because it works. What he teaches works and I’m going to teach it, and I teach it now.

SID: He has such passion against cancer, heart trouble. You have that same passion.

ZONA: I have that same passion. And let me tell you, I had an appointment at the doctor’s office and I had a sore on my foot. And the devil tries to sneak in any way he can. And I told him I was confirming my appointment, and something inside me, I had been doctoring a sore on my foot, and something inside of me said, it was the Holy Spirit, said, “Oh, I need for you to look at a place on my foot.” I went in and the doctor said, I wasn’t going tell him. I wasn’t going say anything. He said, “You want me to look at a place on your foot?” I said, “Yes, sir.” He looked at it and he said, “Surgery in the morning at eight o’clock.” It was three malignant cancer cells inside of my foot, I mean a micro inch, just micro from the bone. And they of course, and what did I do? I had to, God met me where my faith was because I didn’t even know anything was going on. But the devil meant to sneak in. But the Holy Spirit will speak through you when you give your life to Him, and He knows everything.

SID: Tell me about, I’m curious, what does the Spirit of Death look like?

ZONA: It looks like it just exactly, it’s black and it had, it pointed its finger. It has a hood. When I was in Birmingham, Alabama, the last time the Spirit of Death appeared to me, he stood right by my bed. I stood up out of my bed and I looked at him face to face. He said, “I’m going to kill you because you’re not carrying this message on how to make the devil leave you alone.” He said, “I’m not going to leave people alone.” I said, “Oh yeah, you’re going to leave. I bind you and I command you to go from me never to return again.” And you have to say it with authority because the devil works with authority. You don’t have to scream. It’s all in the way you say it. Because he’s under your feet and you have to tell the devil to go. The Spirit of Death, and he left in a split second and he’s never been back.

SID: Well you know, she has insight into how to fight in the invisible world. Most people, they get the doctor’s report. They have the symptoms inside of them and they don’t understand that the battle of faith is based on the Word of God in the invisible world, and they pray one prayer, they mean it and nothing happens. But you prayed over and over again. When we come back, I want you to talk to me about a couple of the life-threatening conditions you had and how you got rid of them in the power of Jesus. It’s different. You know, I was talking to her dad, Norvel Hayes, and he said to me, “Most Christians, even spirit-filled Christians, don’t understand how faith operates.” We’ll be right back.

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