SID: Hello. Thank you. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest is a daughter of one of the generals of the faith. And I guess the devil felt if he could take her out he could kind of take away some of wonderful things her father Norvel Hayes did. Thirteen times, listen to me, 13 times, she had life-threatening disease from kidney failure to heart disease to cancer. And this young woman is moving higher than her father moved because this young woman represents and will teach you the most stubborn faith I’ve ever encountered. You know Zona, those people that don’t know you, think, oh, what a glamorous life. Your buddies were your father’s friends, Kenneth Hagin, Lester Sumrall, Joel Osteen’s father. It just, I mean, it must have been wonderful for you. But it attracted you at a young age. You haven’t even, you didn’t see your mother since 10 years of age because your folks got a divorce. It must have been very crushing when they got the divorce just as a 10 year old.

ZONA: It was a crushing. With my dad being a businessman and I had, my dad had prayed and told the Lord, said, “I don’t believe that her mother is going to raise her to serve you. And Lord, I want you to deal with her. I would love to raise her and to teach her to serve God.” And so one night I came in after visiting my dad in the hotel and I told my mother, I said, “It’s not that I don’t love you, but my dad needs me.” And she said, “What do you mean?” I said, “I want to live with my dad because I want him to take me to Cleveland, Tennessee and raise me so I can play with my cousin.” And so the next day she had my clothes ready and we left.

SID: Now as a teenager, she had something awful happen to her. She had 42 growths all over her body. And she would go to the doctor, the doctor would cut it off and then they’d grow right back. So her father being a pragmatic businessman, Norvel Hayes, he said, “I’m not taking you to the doctor any more.” That made you even angrier. Then Kenneth Hagin gave him a thought. What did Kenneth Hagin tell him?

ZONA: Well Kenneth Hagin told him, he said, “I hear that Zona has got back problems.” And my dad looked at me and my dad said, “She wants me to take her and get those growths cut off and they all come back and bring their cousins with them.” And so there was 42 growths on my body and Kenneth Hagin said, “Oh Norvel, I can curse those growths just like Jesus did the fig tree and they’ll die and disappear.”

SID: But he then went to a meeting. He didn’t curse the growths and your father is getting desperate. He’s praying for all he’s worth and he gets taken to Heaven. What happened in Heaven?

ZONA: God spoke to him in an audible voice and He said, “How long are you going to put up with those growths on your daughter’s body?” My dad said, “What do you mean? They’re not on my body. They’re on her body.” He said, “You’re the head of your house. What goes on in your house if it’s not victory is your fault.” And so He said, “You curse those growths in my name just like I did the fig tree and they’ll die and disappear if you will believe and not doubt, son.” So my dad came back in his body, came in the living room. I was sitting with my boyfriend on the couch and he put his hands on my knees, and he cursed those growths at the root in Jesus’ name, and commanded them to disappear. He asked my boyfriend, he said, “Do you believe and not doubt, son?” And he went, “Yeah, whatever you say, Mr. Hayes, whatever you say.”

SID: I don’t blame him.

ZONA: What are you going to say? And so anyway, my dad liked to drive me nuts for about six months.

SID: What was he doing for six months? How was he praying for you and how often?

ZONA: He wasn’t praying for me at all. He was confessing a hundred times a day and they weren’t going anywhere. And he was driving me out of my mind. So I met him in the hall one day and I said, “Look, Dad, you’re about to drive me nuts.” I said, “Look at these growths. They have not disappeared.” He said, “I don’t see nothing. I don’t see nothing.” He danced around like my dad could. He snapped his fingers, made a twirl and he said, “They don’t have no choice. They have to die and disappear. Thank you Lord for removing the growths off my daughter’s body.”

SID: And at the end of 90 days, what happens?

ZONA: I was a sophomore in high school. And I came in and I was changing out my dresses. Sister Hagin had taught me how to sort my clothes out, as I didn’t have a mother and she did. And so I was putting my spring, winter, summer and fall clothes together. And so I’d reach up and get a dress, and I’d see those growths, and I’d put the dress on the bed, and I’d reach up and I’d put the dress on the bed. About the sixth time of me reaching up, they were gone. That scared me.

SID: Forty-two?

ZONA: All of them were gone.

SID: What affect did that have on you when they were all gone?

ZONA: Well I like about passed out. I looked everywhere for them. And I ran out of the room and my dad met me, and I said, “Dad! Dad! Look! Look! Look! The growths are gone! They’re gone! They’re gone!” I said, “Dad, I don’t even let anybody know I’m a Christian in school because I want to be popular.” I said, “But you work for God. I don’t do nothing and you mean He loves me this much to remove 42 growths and I don’t even work for Him?” And the Spirit of God came on us and I’m telling you it was a glorious time.

SID: Now you would think someone like that would serve God with every fiber of their being the rest of their life. But Zona gets married at 17. Her husband goes off to war, sends her, not a Dear John letter.

ZONA: Yeah, it was a Dear John letter.

SID: A Dear Jane letter. He wants a divorce and she goes berserk. Don’t go away. We’ll pick up right here.

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