SID: Now Apostle Maldonado told me that early this morning he was praying, and God gave him instructions on great miracles that are going to happen. But before that, we hear a phrase, “The Kingdom of God.” Tell me what that means.

APOSTLE MALDONADO: You know, when Jesus taught about the Our Father prayer, at the end of that prayer he said, “Yours is the Kingdom and the power, and the glory.” I call it the three realms of God. Well the Kingdom is the government of Heaven. The power is the ability of Heaven and the Glory is the atmosphere of Heaven, like what we feel now. So every time we preach the government, God has to confirm it with power. Any way you see it power is in the middle. The question is if we preach the kingdom, where is the power? If we preach the kingdom, where is the atmosphere of Heaven? When Jesus, I want you to pray this way, and let they said, “Let your kingdom come and let your will be done as it is in Heaven.” In Heaven, there’s no recession. In Heaven, there’s no sickness. In other words, our moral, our pattern here, any believer can bring Heaven on Earth now. So Kingdom is the government of God that we have delegated by Jesus. When Jesus came, he brought the Kingdom. He said, the Kingdom is within you, is in you. Any believer can bring the Kingdom here on Earth. If you go to pray for a person with cancer, you go in Jesus’ name. There’s no cancer in Heaven. That is my pattern. I will bring Heaven on Earth right now. If you believe it, it will happen.

SID: Well let’s, I want you to give me an example of that. There was this youth pastor that got the revelation of the resurrection, and he had a small youth group, and it grew. You’re telling me it grew to something like 4000 once he got this revelation.

APOSTLE MALDONADO: Well that’s the pattern, Sid. And every minister that comes in contact with our minister, that’s the pattern. This youth pastor came. He was activated through watching my teaching and reading my books. So he was so touched, and he went back into his church, and started activating the young people. It went to 4000 kids.

SID: Now one of the kids, a 12-year-old, his mother dies.


SID: The first thing a 12-year-old would think when their mother dies is not, God, I want my mother to come back to life. But he did. So he calls the wife of the youth pastor. And what happens?

APOSTLE MALDONADO: And she was in the movie, as a matter of fact. She was not in prayer. She was watching a movie. And she got the call, and said, “Who’s this?” “My mother just died. The doctors came. They checked. She’s dead.” And she said, “Well let me apply what I learned with Apostle Maldonado.” So she rebuked the spirit of death and the mother came back to life.

SID: Now that is normal. I pray that the whole world would become normal. For instance, you have verified miracles of people that have died and come back to life. But what’s more exciting to me than those verified miracles that you’ve had is your most recent School in the Supernatural. Tell me how many.

APOSTLE MALDONADO: We got 2500 people came into the School of Supernatural, foreign countries, large churches, small churches, big churches, business people, normal regular believers came into the school. And I took testimony. I said, “I’ve been teaching you how to walk in the supernatural.” I bring testimony. And 25 of those people came to testify. They got 25 people raised from the dead. And I’m very careful when I say that. I say, well, give me the documents. Where are the papers? And they brought out the documents saying, we have seen it in India, we saw it in South America, we’ve seen it in America. I mean, this should be normal. One of the believers, 30 days, had been saved for 30 days, and his boss fell from 16-20 feet, fell on the floor and he’s dead. Paramedics came, checked him out, and they said, “Don’t touch him. He’s dead.” So he goes, “Can you allow me to pray.” And just 30 days in my church. But he said, Pastor was teaching about rebuking the death of the people,” and he said, “Let me pray for him.” He rebuked the spirit of death and the man came back to life. Now the man got saved, went last week into baptism, water baptism, and both came and are being trained now to do miracles.

SID: That’s the way it supposed to be. Now we’re coming into a time in the history of Planet Earth where money isn’t going to be worth anything, where fear is going to be rampant. People, you think there is unemployment now, you haven’t seen anything yet. But that is not the government of God. Tell me about Dr. Gamel.

APOSTLE MALDONADO: Dr. Gamel, what I’m saying, when you walk in the power of the Kingdom and the resurrection you will see all kinds of miracles. Dr. Gamel is one of my Cuban doctors that came from Cuba, and he went me to Argentina. And being there the Lord said to me, “I will do a supernatural provision. I will bring supernatural provision now.” So I just declared it. And there’s some crazy people in the audience and they said, I got it, I receive it, you know. There’s some people that say, let me analyze it, let me. And there are some crazy people like you. We got some people that believe. We got the miracle. If you’re watching right now. So the doctor said, I believe he took some money from his house, took some out from the box in the house and paid the ticket to go to Argentina. But he said, “This is the rent. I need to pay my rent with this money.” So when I declared the supernatural provision, so he said, “Lord, you know, I did an effort to come here, because I didn’t have the money.” So he said, “Lord, you do something.” So he called his wife and said, “Let’s believe.” When he came back from Argentina, he told his wife, “Go over there and check.” So when they went back to the little box they found $11,200.

SID: Now I have to repent. I have to repent. I said I would turn him loose to teach. Next segment he will teach and you will receive the revelation.

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