Sid: I have to tell you I am so red hot for the Messiah. Let me tell you what happened to me at lunch.  I befriended a 97 year old Jewish man that doesn’t hear too well.  So I said “Do you read the newspaper?”  And he said “Yes every day.”  So I gave him my book but he refused to read it.  So I would ask him every once in a while “Have you read the book?” “No, no, no; this time I said “And see if you read my book you would understand more about God,” I said it must louder because he can’t hear.  And in fact I think everyone in the restaurant hears me witness to this guy and he says “Well, how do you know I haven’t been reading the book, I have been.”  So you know you just never can tell, look his name is Abe and I don’t how much more time he has, he’s 97 and he’s on his own.  I want you to agree with me right now that Abe will have a visitation of Messiah Jesus in Jesus Name, that he will know you before he leaves this earth. Amen.  My guest Mike Shreve and talk about faith; when you understand what he understands some of those impossible situations you children and your grandchildren, and some of you even your great grandchildren they’re going to change.  Why are they going to change?  Because God has 65 promises Mike Shreve has researched and teaches upon and as you speak these promises you’re not pleading with God but you’re absolutely affirming His word.  Mike God prepared you for this because first the doctor’s said you could not have a child.  You contended with the prophetic word you’ve heard, scriptures and a miracle happened you had a child.  But then they said “Oh your first born, your son, is going to be mentally impaired and you said “Absolutely not.”  As a matter of fact besides God saying that you were going to have a child did He say anything else to you at that time?

Mike:  He told me I was to marry my wife that we would have a son; the word for some reason God used was that he would be an attractive son. And…

Sid: See attractive today is, if you weren’t listening yesterday a miracle occurred and he not only is smart he has a college degree but he has a photographic memory.  Would you say he’s attractive?

Mike:   Well, yes he is and he’s a miracle.  My daughter’s a miracle too.

Sid: Tell me about your daughter because you ran into a serious problem with her.  You know how to contend with the promises of God against the devil, but you’ve gone beyond contention you have gone absolute supernatural belief.  Tell me about your daughter.

Mike:  It was definitely a spiritual warfare over her, my wife was about four months pregnant, four or five months pregnant when we went to the doctor and he came in with a very sad look on his face and troubled look on his face. He said “Your daughter has Spinal Bifida” and because of certain chemical things going on in my wife’s body he said “She’s got cretinism which is a severe form of retardation.” After he showed us the dark spot on her spine to prove that she had Spinal Bifida on ultra sound he leaned across his desk and said “There is an alternative,” and we knew what he meant, he was implying that we should go the right of abortion which was absolutely unthinkable to us. But I tell people that we’ve taken an alternative we made up our minds right then and there never to go back to him again.

Sid: (Laughing)

Mike:  And as we left his office Sid, this is the powerful thing, the Holy Spirit fell on my wife and she heard the audible voice of God she sensed a little child dancing before her and she heard the audible voice of God “Your daughter will dance on the streets of Jerusalem.”  And we just heard that she wouldn’t even walk but God said “She’ll dance.”  And so from that day forward every day we kept claim and confess that promise over her womb, and she would confess Psalm 138:8 very adamantly that verse says “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me.”  And she would say “Baby, daughter you concern me,” and so God said “You’re perfect, I declare that you’re perfect and we decree that you’re perfect.”  Four months later when she was born the first thing this new attending doctor said was “She’s perfect.”  The very word that we had spoken over her for 4 months, and she is.

Sid: But what about this dancing business?  Does she dance, tell me about what happened.

Mike:   From a very early age she showed this talent and this proclivity towards dance; she would dance for hours in front of the television with these videos where children sing Christian songs and Biblical songs.  And then she would dance along with them and it was the most joyous thing for her to do.  And then she joined dance groups where most of the members were twice as old as she was and she did just as good as they did; she’s got a very marked talent in that area.

Sid: Well, you’ve seen what God has done with your children and you know you hadn’t been a believer number one you would not have been married to the same woman you’re married to right now.  But number two if you were married to her you would not have had two normal children; as a matter of fact if you hadn’t been a believer you probably would have aborted the second child and the first would have been born severe brain damage.  You must be one grateful father.

Mike:   Oh, I am every day I’m grateful. One primary scriptures we chose to quote over my daughter also is one of the promises; one of the 65 promises God’s given our children specifically is in the Psalm 139 where David said “I am wonderfully made.”  And then it goes on to talk about how God created his inward parts before they existed, and that He mapped out his days before hand before he was even born.  So we began to claim Psalm where in verse 13 and 14 it says “For You formed my inward parts, you covered me in my mother’s womb.  I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Marvelous are your works and that my soul knows very well.”  And so we would speak over her and we gave her the name Destiny Hope in advance because the doctors said she “Had no destiny or hope.”  And so we counteracted that with a prophetic name.  We would say “Destiny Hope you are fearfully and wonderfully made and God forming your inward parts and He’s covering your mother’s womb and you will be a marvelous work of God.”  And that’s actually what happened.  I believe the spoken word will make all the difference.  And I know there’s many parents out there that need to hear this revelation; I got an email this week from a woman that I shared this revelation with like 5 years ago.  I shared this insight and these promises with her at the time all 3 of her children were heroin addicts, every single one of them or all 3 of them were in jail too at the same time.  She was desperate to begin, and she’d been praying in desperation for them for years, but she learned some of these promises and the ones she really began to focus on Isaiah 54:13 the Bible said “All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.”  And Isaiah 49:25 where God said “I will contend with him who contends with you and I will save your children.”  And then Deuteronomy 30:19 where “I call Heaven and earth as witnesses against you I set before you life and death therefore choose life that both you and your offspring may live.”  And so she began to say “Choose life, choose the life of God for my own life and for my children and I believe God will contend with the demons that are trying to snare them and that He will save my children; all my children shall be taught by the Lord.”  Well, within the last couple of years that she began praying that over her children two of them were delivered from drugs and are saved and serving God.  One of them the daughter has prayed and accepted Yeshua as her Messiah Savior and she’s in the process of really being delivered.  And so all 3 children got a miracle when she began to confess.

Sid: Mike I have a burden I have seen what’s going on in the school system in America, in the universities; children of Christians, families that go to the universities will be talked out of their faith, they have atheistic professors, homosexuality is taught as a normal lifestyle; they mock God, and the peer pressure overwhelming. In the past it was vital someone understand what you’re teaching, now it’s life or death because there’s such darkness in the school system right now.  I mean your book is literally just off the press, I have a copy in my hand “Sixty-Five Promises of God for Your Child.”

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