SID: Sid Roth here with Jean Blasi. I’ll tell you something, the rejection this woman went through, she now has come to know the Messiah, she is filled with the Holy Spirit, begins to speak in a language her brain had never been instructed, worship words to God. And then what happened to you, Jean?

JEAN: It was like floodgates opened, I prayed and prayed. It was like I couldn’t stop. Just as fast as I had started, all of a sudden, I just came to a stop. I slid back a little. There was a chair against the wall, and I slid back there. I saw the hand of Jesus go inside me, and come back out, just lift His hand back out. And these are the words I said: “You’ve healed every hurt and rejection and wound I’ve ever had.” I felt like I had never been wounded in my whole life. I felt so clean, I felt so healed. I knew He had sovereignly gone in, from the time even when I was in my mother’s womb, and healed.

SID: He healed you and took all that out, as only God can do. Took all of the hurt, and all of that rejection. But she still had a demonic interference. Someone said there’s more. What happened?

JEAN: Thank God for people who are honest. This lady in my life immediately after me ┬áreceiving Jesus, she said “Jeani, we can see you’ve been touched by God, and we know that you know Him now and that you’re so full of His love. But honey, you need deliverance.” And I said “Is that more of Jesus?” That was always my question. She said yes, and I said “Let’s do this.” She sat down, she did not know me, she was new in my life, and she delivered me from a spirit of death that was in the generations.

SID: Isn’t it interesting, you told me that she asked you about death; about you dying.

JEAN: Yes. She delivered me from that spirit of death, but she turned blanched white when the Lord showed her to get a spirit of death out of me. Her mouth fell open. She said “Did you die when you were 3?” I said yes.

SID: Isn’t that amazing that God spoke through her. You knew it was God.

JEAN: Yes I did. Well then, my rejections had rejections, my fear had fear. So then she got a spirit of rejection out of me, and a spirit of fear. I didn’t tell you this Sid, but before I met Jesus,

I would not allow my children to ride even in my best friend’s cars. They always had to be with me. I said “If they’re going to get killed, I want to die with them.” Isn’t that a bleak outlook on life?

SID: Listen, if you hadn’t been set free by Jesus, there’s no way you could’ve flown to Charlotte, North Carolina and done an international TV show. In a million years would you have done that?

JEAN: No, no way. In fact, I told my deceased husband, before I met the Lord, “Norm, you will never get me on an airplane.” I know I would’ve died. You can literally have a heart attack if the fear is bad enough, and I know I would’ve died. I said “You will never get me on a plane.” Then I met Jesus, and the next thing I know, I’ve lived on one the last 28 years. I love it.

SID: Jean, there are people who have so much hurt, so much rejection, so much fear. Would you pray for them right now?

JEAN: Yes, I would love to. I want you to listen in your heart, not your head. You can’t do anything but reach out to the Lord with your heart. Lord Jesus, I ask You to reach in and touch these hearts. Lord, today You’ve shown me there’s people who fear constantly, every day, all day long, about their children and their neighborhoods. Lord, I want to right now pray for the safety of these children in the neighborhoods and some of these schools. I appropriate Your 91st Psalm,

which is a divine hedge of protection. I ask You to establish angels, Father, around these children.

And Lord, I thank You. Lift off, and Lord we cast away that spirit of fear. We bind it and break it’s power. Lord, we say these mothers will not fear any longer. We bind up the forces that cause it. And Lord, we thank You now. We trust in You. We ask in Your name, Lord Jesus. We trust in You, and we trust in Your Word. And I thank You Lord, You’ve already shown me today the multitudes of mothers who are finally going to take a deep breath and rest. So we just say be free in Jesus Christ’s name.

SID: Jean, I believe some wonderful things just happened, but what is normal for you is walking in miracles. In fact, God said a statement to you that is so wonderful. He said “We reason away more of God’s kingdom than we walk in.” Is that you? Well say “Devil, no more. I’m going to follow these inclinations of the Holy Spirit.” And my inclination of the Holy Spirit is that you are primed for miracles, and we are going to pray for you when we come back. Don’t go away. Be right back.

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