SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Cherie Calbom. And Cherie, it sounds so simple, as I read and listen to what God has taught you. The first thing you tell people to do is to detox. Why do we have to detox?

CHERIE: Because we’re surrounded with chemicals. It’s in everything. 87,000 new chemicals a year are introduced into our atmosphere. It’s sprayed on our soil, pesticides, herbicides, on and on it goes. It’s filling in from exhaust from the cars and from the factories, and it’s just permeating the world. And then on top of it, preservatives and all the stuff that they put in our food that is not good for us. And our poor livers have to process all of that. I would never think of going a year without changing the oil and filter in my car. I know what would happen. Well our livers are more important. Everything, the blood all has to go through the liver to be purified. If we don’t do anything it’s like driving your car until it dies. We’re just pushing our body with all of that gunk building up in our liver or our kidneys, or our colon, and if we never cleanse it, and we’re going to get sick.

SID: But you know, that makes so much sense to me. First, we get rid of all of the toxins, get it out of your body. Then put good stuff. Good stuff is juicing. Why is juicing so important?

CHERIE: It’s powerful. And people say, how can that one thing change my life. But it can, because it’s broken down. It’s like a pre-digestive food. It’s so easily absorbed. It can go right into your system, right into your cells, right down to the cellular it begins to change your body. And juices are loaded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber nutrients, and bio photons, a new area of research that the plants absorb from the sun taken into their cells. When we burst those cells open in juicing we liberate all of those nutrients and the energy from the sun goes into our cells, feeds the mitochondria of our cells. Those are the little energy units that produce ATP. That’s our energy fuel. So many people say to me, I’m tired. I’m dragging around. I feel fatigued. I don’t have the energy I want. Get to juicing and you will.

SID: Tell me some of the things you’ve seen helped by juicing.

CHERIE: Amazing things. Arthritis almost every time. When somebody gets on my program, both osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis. Amazing. I hear this constantly people calling me back and say, wow, the symptoms are gone. Lots of pain just gone, completely.

SID: Tell me quickly about the woman with plantar fasciitis.

CHERIE: She came to one of my seminars. She wanted to lose weight, had no idea that anything else would happen for her. She lost 11 pounds in 10 days. But she called me and said, “The most amazing thing has happened. My plantar fasciitis is gone.” And she was wearing a special shoe and she had a daycare center. Can you imagine trying to chase those little kids around with a foot that is that sore? And she said, “It is gone. What happened?” Well the hipbone is connected to the, you know. I mean, it’s all connected. We’re one whole being.

SID: But I don’t understand how juicing can get rid of pain.

CHERIE: You know, we have acids in our body that collect in certain areas and we have toxins that collect in certain areas. As you begin to alkalize your body, detoxify your body many of these acids that have caused pain begin to be neutralized, a lot of toxins go away.

SID: I’m told if your body becomes alkaline, which juice does for it, even cancer can’t grow in it.

CHERIE: Amen and thanks be to God, it’s true. And I have an amazing story of a woman that was sent home, get your affairs in order, you’re going to die, at 41 years old. At 47, she was pronounced cancer-free. She got on my program. Three and a half weeks later, a tumor the size of a fist fell out of her body. She is totally well today.

SID: Tell me why you’re so passionate about this. You are. You’re not a sales lady. You are passionate. Why?

CHERIE: You know, because I love the King of Kings and he’s called me to do this, and He said, because, “Cherie, tell them how it’s healed your body twice, not just once, but twice, when you were attacked, you had fatigue.” My adrenals were blown out. They were shot. My thyroid was shot from all of that trauma. It healed my body. It healed those things that there was no hope for then. It’s healed the chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I’m a walking testimony of what this program does. But then in all the thousands of people, I’ve sold about three million, in all the thousands of people I’ve worked with and heard from, they are well, they are healed today. It’s the passion of my heart. Satan has perverted our food. He is drawing people away to eat all that packaged stuff and sweet stuff, and sit on the couch and eat chips and dips, and bon-bons, and expect to be healthy. We cannot do that.

SID: Okay. Let me tell you something. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to take some of this juice. We’re going to go to the kitchen and find out what this juice really tastes like. Cherie, you put this all together so quickly. I mean, I thought it would take hours.

CHERIE: It’s fast. It’s fast, fast. I make my morning juice in a minute. Actually, I timed it.

SID: Did you get that, in a minute.

CHERIE: Here we go.

SID: Okay. Let’s test it.

CHERIE: Let’s see what happens. So I’m doing apple to start with, which is a great addition, adds a little sweetness to your juice. And then I’m going to put in some ginger root.

SID: I love ginger.

CHERIE: Isn’t it wonderful. And ginger is very rich in zinc, which is wonderful for the immune system, and it’s an anti-inflammatory. Heart disease, one of the number one contributors to heart disease is inflammation. Get this anti-inflammatory into your diet every single day.

SID: Now I have to tell you. There’s something that appeals to me so much with this, as opposed to a popular pill, a vitamin pill.

CHERIE: Yes. This is fresh. This is what God gave us. It’s from the earth. It’s alive. And do you know live food gives life to our bodies. This is live food because these vegetables take the energy from the sun and incorporate it into the cells of the plant. That’s called bio photons. Bio photons have been measured in studies in Germany and they found these light rays of energy help your cells communicate better with one another. It feeds the mitochondria, the little energy units of our cells and it gives our cells the ability to produce more ATP, that’s our energy fuel. If you’re tired, if you’re saying, I’m fatigued, I don’t have the energy I want, you’ve got to get on live food, and juice is the best live food I know.

SID: I have to tell you, I’m almost feeling, Cherie, as if I’m getting healthier, I know this is crazy, but just watching you do this.

CHERIE: And now here’s the real test.

SID: This is delicious. I never thought that vitamins and minerals could be so delicious.

CHERIE: Isn’t it amazing. It’s so amazing, isn’t it?

SID: What a way to start this day.

CHERIE: So you know, you can start with a live food drink that brings life to your body.

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