SID: Hello. I’m Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s natural supernatural. I’ll tell you, before we started the show, the presence of God has been so strong. This will be as life changing as any show that you have ever seen. It could not happen. It’s outrageous that it happened. Married 17 years, a pastor and his wife, high profile, television ministries, love each other. But the wife had an affair, a secret affair. And out of the tragedy they have come up with supernatural keys to not just have a marriage, but have a marriage made in Heaven, to not just have a family, but a family made in Heaven. Look, the Bible says that the believer is to provoke the Jew to jealousy. You will provoke everyone to jealousy when you have a marriage that God has put together and God has made supernatural. I am so excited about what you’re ready to hear, because I am angry. We are in an anything goes society and it’s getting apparently worse by the second. I’m overwhelmed at the statistics that Bob and Audrey Meisner have revealed to me. Tell me some of them, Bob.

BOB: It’s surprising. Where we used to live in a society of moral absolutes, those things are now being eroded away. Where for men, over the age of 40, they will have had a sexual affair, about 50 to 65 percent of men, and for women, it’s about 45 to 50 percent of women over the age of 40 will have had a sexual affair. It seems as though we are over-sexed in our society, over 25 percent of all searches on the Internet have to do with sexually related searches.

SID: Pornography.

BOB: Pornography being that way. Also, for husband and wives, a husband does not know. Seventy percent will not know that his wife is sexually involved in an affair or they don’t know about their sexual activity, and about 50 percent of women don’t know what’s going on between themselves with regards to an affair.

SID: No wonder marriages are troubled throughout the whole world. No wonder. This really is a strategy against you. But I’m going to tell you something, it’s not an accident that you’re watching, and God is about ready to move supernaturally in your life. Audrey, it should not have happened, but it happened to you.

AUDREY: It should not have happened, but it happened to me.

SID: You love your husband. You have three children. You’re busy, busy, busy. And then that’s one of the keys.

AUDREY: I love my husband, I love my kids and I love Jesus, and I had known Jesus since I was a little girl. We were in a full time ministry in our entire lives. All we wanted to do was be world changers. And so 17 years into our marriage, some young guy starts coming to our church, and he starts paying attention to me and flirting with me, and I thought, we need to just get you a girlfriend. But something in my heart was feeling lack, and something just invited, I was 36, I had these three kids between 10, 12 and 15 years old. And part of me, it just feels good when he tells me I’m beautiful, oh that feels nice when he gives me a little attention, thinking that there’s no way that I was even capable of ever doing anything inappropriate. Never mind an affair, I didn’t think that could even happen. So what happened was, I said, I’m in control. This friendship can be no problem. I can go in the same car with him. I don’t have to have boundaries that other people have because I’m in control. So please know the spiritual pride here, you see, because pride doesn’t [unintelligible] when you don’t think you need God in a certain situation. And so I just gave into it, and I started being friends with this guy. We started having fun together. And what I didn’t realize is that sin will take you further than you ever dreamed it could go, and the other thing, is it’s never satisfying.

SID: The inevitable occurred.

AUDREY: Yes it did.

SID: [unintelligible]

AUDREY: The friendship was this. It was just a short trip between a friendship and sexual affair.

SID: How long did it last?

AUDREY: The sexual affair lasted three weeks.

SID: Okay. Bob, when she confessed to you, what happened to you?

BOB: I found my bride of 17 years holding my feet and cry and confess into the sin of adultery. In my mind, what am I to do? Here I am a spiritual leader in our community, a pastor. In my mind I had no answers. Immediately, I began to create a rescue plan for my life. Immediately in my mind, I was leaving. And for this purpose for her to be exposed for what she did to me, immediately I took on the cloak or a garment of the victim. I’m the innocent one here. I wanted to gather everyone around me to be able to show what she did to me. I left that room not knowing what to do, and I called a friend of mine, a pastor friend of mine. And he said, “Bob, let’s talk this evening, later this evening.” He says, “Who knows?” I said, nobody. He said, “Good, let’s keep it that way.”

SID: That’s not what you were thinking.

BOB: No. I wanted everybody involved, because I’m the innocent one here, and this isn’t just a little mistake, you know, that okay, we’ll get over and through this. But that evening we talked on the telephone. And he began to speak to me the principle of covenant, and I wanted to expose. And he says, “But the Father’s heart is to cover.” Covering has two primary principles. Proverbs 25:2, it says, “It’s God’s glory to conceal a matter and for a king to discover its understanding.” To cover is to protect, and secondly, to promote healing. You see, when we come to God He doesn’t shame us, He doesn’t expose us, rather He gathers us in and He loves us and He covers us. But He doesn’t leave us there. He says, I want to heal you. You see, I want your past to determine your future. He says, I want my love and grace to determine your future. So he begins to speak to me of the Father’s heart, and he says, “Will you have that for your wife?”

SID: Okay. It got worse. Shortly thereafter, Audrey finds out she is pregnant. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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