Sid:  Oh my goodness you know what whenever I get around people that are in the Glory, and my guest is in the Glory, words of knowledge start hitting me.  I mean it’s like when you’re in God’s Glory it’s easy when you’re not in an open heaven it’s difficult, but just as I started speaking God told me that there are people whose backs are being healed right now.  In fact I see a spine and it’s being straightened right in Yeshua’s Name. There’s some people that and I don’t know the medical terms but the soft part in between the bones that’s being just replaced right now in Yeshua’s Name, in Jesus Name.  My guest David Herzog; I’m speaking to him at his home in Sedona, Arizona and David you told me two interesting things about Sedona.  The first thing you told me it was a joke, but unfortunately it was true.  There are more channels than television sets in Sedona and what you meant was channeler’s that’s New Age capitol isn’t it?

David: Yeah, they like to think it is.

Sid:  But you told me you know something better about Sedona; you told me about in fact you talk about it in your brand new book “The Glory Invasion” that there are special portals all over the earth in which God has opened Heavens and what did you tell me about Sedona?

David: It’s an open Heaven portal town which means its destiny is to be the open portal where people come and want to worship God.  And amazing that people come from all around the world and they come to try to find energy to try to worship something everybody’s worshipping something.  So there’s a destiny for worship just like Jerusalem in a sense on Sedona.

Sid: So the devil knowing this goes after the areas that God has destined to be open Heavens.

David: Yeah, the beautiful places on the earth, Sedona was the most beautiful town in the U.S.A. according to USA Today in 2003.  So you come here and you actually sense “Man God is all over this place, it’s so beautiful and it’s strikingly beautiful and the presence that’s here.”  So what a lot of people do is they just want to ride off of that to maybe get to a second Heaven but not to God.

Sid:  And a lot of people don’t know the difference between the Second Heaven and the Third Heaven and they actually think the Second Heaven is the Third Heaven.  But the second Heaven is the area that the devil and his demons inhabit, the Third Heaven is where God is. You know I almost believe we don’t even have to knock what they’re doing we can just tell them about the wonders of God and how they’re just missing it.  As opposed to evil it’s just like “Why would they want the counterfeit when they can have the real thing?”

David: Exactly and a lot of churches let them down and that’s why they’ve gone to the New Age; they’ve gone in churches and there’s no power, there’s no miracle, there’s no love, they’re no healings it’s just dead dry boring religion.  So in a way it’s the churches fault so they’ve gone into New Age well, I’ll get it somewhere else.

Sid: When I think about you David and your wife Stefanie I think about two people that are desperately in love with God, so hungry for the things of the Spirit, but in particular what you emphasize and your latest book which is literally just off the press is called “Glory Invasion.”  For starters what is Glory and how did you get so fascinated by this subject?

David: The Glory of God I knew what the power was before, I knew what the anointing was, I knew what healing was, I knew what…but when I tapped into the Glory of God I realized I didn’t know what it was until I experienced it.  The anointing the way I explain it is trapped inside your physical body in a way like you have to pray or stir up the anointing many times when you’re praying for somebody you’re pressing in to get a word, you’re laying hands on people. They’re different things you do to stir up the anointing and the anointing a lot of times after you’ve ministered in the anointing you feel tired or worn out and you have to replenish it.  Kind of like a laptop computer once you unplug it you can go for a couple of hours but then you got to replenish.  But the Glory is not necessarily coming from the inside of you it’s coming from outside of you from the Open Heaven.  So you’re operating from a Glory that’s outside it’s like Acts 2 they went out and ministered, but Acts 4 it said “Lord stretch out your hand to heal, that they’re shadow was healing the sick.”  So it’s a different your not exhausted necessarily from ministering in the Glory it’s happening like the cloud of Glory around you, it’s not necessarily coming from inside of you which is a great thing.

Sid:  Now the title of your new book is called “Glory Invasion” and by the very title you can see where you’re headed; do you believe that we’re either having or going to have a fresh visitation of God on planet earth?

David: Oh, I really believe that it’s already happening and God’s starting to just invade believers, nonbelievers, cities, even areas on the earth that you would never think that would never be open with the Glory of God just invading governments and people and demonic powers.  And it’s no longer Lord just give me a little touch of your Glory, God’s Glory wants to invade every area.

Sid: Well David and I just got back from a meeting he invited me, he put up a gigantic tent at Miracle Valley, Arizona which is where A.A. Allen had his famous Tabernacle that so many miracles happened there.  And David I was so pleased that David invited me to be one of the speakers. Where I’ve interviewed David before, I’ve had him on television and on radio I had never seen some of the things that I saw with my very eyes take place at these meetings.  But you know David some of the things that I saw the old timers said, “Well, that’s nothing new that’s been – that went on in A.A. Allen’s ministry at the Tabernacle.”   For instance I saw with my very eyes someone’s hair that was all grey and about 1/3 of it became brown, I mean I understand you’ve seen this a lot and I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never seen that happen and then I went up to speak to this woman because I guess the reporter side of me took over.  And she said to me that each day it’s getting more brown.  Now has this happened much?

David: Yeah, we’ve seen that a lot since about 1999 since we started experiencing the Glory these are some of things we’ve started to see the unusual miracles that the Bibles talks about miracles and there’s the unusual miracles.

Sid: Speaking about unusual miracles I saw a man that he lost so much weight he had to hold his pants up; the next night he came to the meeting he had taken his pants in and guess what happened he lost instant supernatural weight again and his pants were falling down.  I mean really, I mean I’m glad he had hold of his pants he lost so much weight.  How about that does that unusual sign happen often?

David:  Yeah, we see that a lot practically every weekend, pretty much I’d say pretty much every single week when we’re ministering somewhere at least someone’s getting instant weight loss.

Sid:  Okay, if I’m understanding you right we understand the anointing we understand that comes from within, but there is like… could you call it just God showing up; the angels of His presence showing up and that’s when the Glory comes?  What’s going on to the best of your understanding?

David: Well, when the Glory comes yeah all of Heaven comes.  Like when a President comes he’s got bodyguards and entourage, when the Glory comes He’s surrounded by hosts of angels and miracle angels and there’s all kinds of things happening when you operate in the Glory.  You’re getting all of Heaven at your disposal; when you’re just operating in the anointing it’s still Biblical and it’s good, but you almost feel like you’re alone in it sometimes.

Sid: Do you see difference in results when you minister under the Glory versus ministering under the anointing?

David: Oh, major, major, major difference; under the anointing only if I’m in a big crusade somewhere I can minister 1 on 1 you know to some people but when the Glory starts coming down I can see 1000s of people instantly healed in a couple of seconds.  Because there’s 1000s of angels doing the work; Lord stretch out your hand to heal.  I can stretch out my hand and He’ll bless it and He’ll heal but if I say “Lord stretch out your hand when the Glory comes I’m almost like a spectator just watching it feels like sometimes.”

Sid:  David, maybe you know this maybe you don’t but I was sitting at the camp meeting when I wasn’t speaking I was listening to you you were one of the other speakers and just minding my own business and all of a sudden someone poured water on my head.  And I turned around and there was no one that was close enough to have poured so much water.  So the next thing I did I took my hand and I rubbed it through my hair and it wasn’t wet. I’m thinking what is going…and then I smelled the most beautiful perfume so I nudged the guy next to me and I said, “You know I just had water poured on me.”  And he said, “I just had water poured on me,” and then the guy next to him said the same thing and they all smelled the perfume.  What was going on?

David: Well, that night that was the cloud of Glory that came into the room; the Bibles talks about the cloud of Glory and I was seeing, and a lot of people were looking when you turned around we could see literally a white mist coming into the building.  I have a bunch of pictures on it of it and you see just 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of 1000s of little round white angelic beings or lights, I don’t know how to explain it.

Sid:  It was so beautiful we got a picture of it in fact it’s going to be on our next news letter.

David: Oh, praise the Lord.

Sid: And by the way if you’re saying to yourself “I would sure like to know how to minister under the Glory; I just want to be in the presence of the Glory.”  That’s why David wrote his new book “Glory Invasion.”  And I have David speaking the first night of my “One New Man Conference.”  That’s going to be at the old PTL grounds. Rick Joyner has purchased it and renovated the hotel.  The meeting starts August 23rd and we got a whole slew of people we’re going to impart.  I believe it’s the birth of the One New Man on planet earth.  Yes, it’s started but it’s the birth, it’s the greatest ingredients some of the most anointed of my friends that you’ve heard on radio or seen on TV are going to be there. If you would like the brochure please call our 800 number or write and we’ll send you the brochure.  It’s limited seating it’s only a 1,000 and you can stay right in the hotel and the meals are there, so if you want information write for the brochure.  David in your heart why did you write this book “The Glory Invasion?”

David:  Well, basically every time I write a book it’s God telling me to write it, He told me to write this book oh about three years ago and I started writing and then I just put it off because I got busy. I had so many different people come up to me prophetic people who I had dreams and I had the Lord “You got to finish this book you got to finish this book.”  And finally last year oh I think it was the month of May the Lord said, “You’ve got to write it right…you’ve got about three weeks to finish it do it now.”

Sid:  We’re out of time right now.

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