Sid:  Red hot is kind of an understatement for my guest Pastor Steve Hill, he’s Senior Pastor of Heartland World Ministries Church in Dallas, Texas.  Steve is best known as the man that happened to be on Father’s Day 1995 at the Brownsville Church in Pensacola, Florida.  And history says close to 500,000 if not more have made professions of faith, people thousands healed and delivered and gotten their first love back for God.  I know I went a number of times to those services.  But Steve you bumped into a precise destiny of God for your life, for the other people on the staffs’ life, and for that churches life at that moment.  But what I’m interested in is what God did with you to get you to that point.  You’re a raging, abusive drug addict, totally out of control; a praying mom prays you into the Kingdom, and you met your wife pretty interesting way.  You go knocking on doors; she’s unsaved and did she really slam the door in your face?

Steve: Actually Sid she slammed the door on another pastors face but you got the right story; and for two years tried to get her saved and she wanted nothing to do with God.  My wife was born out of a rape and she was bitter, she was hateful, she was just in a mess.  And for anyone out there that you’ve come from an abusive family I got good news for you God has a special plan for your life.  And God touched her healed her set her free and now she ministers alongside her husband Steve, and we were at the revival together, we’ve ministered in Argentina, Russia, Spain.

Sid: Let me take you back to Argentina because when I think about revival in this generation, when I think about miracles, when I think about salvation I think about Argentina.  We’re you there during the time that this great outpouring occurred?

Steve: Absolutely, we were once again you stumble in some of the right places and I feel like Argentina was one of those places.  We first arrived in 1984 then moved there in 1986 and stayed there until 1992. So we were there during the peak of the Argentine revival.  And Sid you couldn’t have enough programs to cover what we saw. I know I can already tell just by hearing you you’re very familiar with the move of God there.  Signs and wonders abounding, miracles beyond; let me share just one thing.

Sid:  You just preempted my question but go ahead, that’s what I wanted to find out, tell me something you saw there.

Steve: In 1984 when I first arrived there I go to a meeting and a man by the name of Carlos Annacondia is preaching this meeting and then he starts praying for the sick to be healed.  And there’s four men dressed in suits and they look like they’re all professional, and they’re not on the platform but they’re behind the platform.  There’s 25,000 people in this open air meeting and this was before I learned Spanish, I’ve fluent now, but I turned to my interpreter and I said, “Who are these guys because they look strange they weren’t worshipping God they were just standing there?”  And so we asked them the question and said “Who are you? And they said, “We are all dentists and we have come.”  I asked them “What are they doing there?”  They said, “We have come to see God’s handy work.” Because one of the miracles that took place constantly in that revival was the miracle of healed teeth, God working miracles in the teeth because in that nation there was lot of dental problems and they knew they were meeting patients where their mouths had been healed by the power of God.

Sid:  So all these dentists came, what did they see?

Steve:  They were as I said, they were not doubters.  They were all astounded and they were just coming to see once again, it’s obviously they had already been there before they wanted to see once again.  Now these not Christians dentists, these were just people that could not deny the power of God and that’s one of the reasons I love miracles.

Sid: Now tell me about what type of things were healed in the mouth you said teeth, were at that time were people getting gold teeth?

Steve:  The greatest miracle that I saw with my own eyes was the fillings okay, the people that had just cavities in their teeth were being filled with this supernatural metal.  And you know after awhile you know somebody came up to me the other day Sid and they said, “How come you believe so much in miracles?”  Well, after awhile when you’ve seen so much how can you not believe, I’ve seen too much.

Sid: But you know what when you see too much it’s a contagious disease you catch it, but what most Christians in this generation in the United States of America and Canada have seen is the opposite and that’s nothing going on even in churches that preach a lot about it.  And so their unbelief has been contagious to them.  How can they make the switch?

Steve: By listening to your program.

Sid:  Well, I know that but I want them to read your book.  You’ve got to have so many keys from all that you’ve observed in walking in the miraculous.

Steve: Listen Sid, get the book they need to order the book from your ministry “Operating in the Miraculous.”  Let me just share one thing here with you I talk about and with your listeners why God performs miracles.  The six keys just, I mean if you got this book and cut out page 61 to 95 where you get just the six keys to operating in the miraculous about the authority of the believer, anticipating the miracle, these are all “A” words.  The atmosphere, listen to this Sid how to articulate a miracle prayer, what to say because some people stumble all over the place and by the time they’re finished talking they never ever act it out as if there was going to be a miracle taking place.

Sid: Okay, tell me some other miracles that you saw in Argentina because I mean I heard stories that the presence of God was so strong that unsaved people would hear about what was going on on the radio, jump in taxis and go to a church to get saved.  Now to me that’s normal. When are we going to normal in the United States in North America?

Steve: Well, you know that’s a good question because you know Argentina it’s a… you know Argentina they would say they are not a third world country, Argentines are very European and so we spent a lot of time in Buenos Aires which is a city of 10 million people.  And it’s the Paris of South America and why is it America that in the Paris of South America God moves constantly mighty powerful sweeping Spirit of God.  People get out of wheelchairs; these are things that I saw on a normal day people walking that wouldn’t walk.  When I first arrived there you start praying for people and you know you’re praying these North American prayers you know “Jesus heal them in the Name of Jesus.”  And in North America so many people have so much doubt and then I touch this one woman and I say “Lord touch her in Jesus name heal her,” and then I moved on to the next.  And then she starts screaming, she starts screaming “Jovel, jovel, I can see, I can see,”and then her daughter said, “My mom, this is my mom she just opened her eyes, she was blind.”

Sid:  We have in America a cerebral gospel and praise God for it because a lot of people do get saved but what would happen, that was never God’s plan A.  What would happen if we had a plan A gospel a demonstration of God’s Kingdom rather than a history lesson?

Steve: Well, that’s where I live Steve and I think that’s where your audience really wants to live is in the “These signs shall follow them.”  And you know Paul said to the church of Corinth you know that was one messed up church.  And he said to them “I don’t come to you with eloquence of speech, I don’t come to you with this great oratorical ability; yeah I’m a good speaker but I come to you with a demonstration of power and that’s why so many people are drawn to revival services, miracles.  Here in Dallas, Fort Worth people come from all over because there are miracles; people are not only saved but their healed they’re healed there are signs and wonders.

Sid: Now listen you don’t have a secret sensitive church you have a God sensitive church. But some would say the only churches that can boom today are the seeker sensitive.  How many did you start with how many years ago and how many do you have now?

Steve: We’re a baby church, we’re just in diapers we started three and a half years ago with forty people we have 2,000 now and you know, and no telling where this thing is going to go.  But we preach the blood, we preach cross; we preach that you got to get saved.  You know a lot of pastors and I know we’re not going to spend much time on this but I got to say it you know a lot of pastors are afraid to speak strongly in their churches because they feel like they are going to offend people.

Sid:  Not only that, what I see Steve is a lot of Pentecostal Charismatic Churches today even though they don’t say they’re seeker sensitive they down play speaking in tongues and literally a lot of supernatural phenomena to the point where there isn’t a whole lot of difference between Spirit filled and evangelical today.

Steve: Well, you’ve got your finger on the pulse Sid and that’s exactly what’s going on and I would encourage any Charismatic Pastors that are listening, Pentecostal pastors you know let me ask you a question sir, mam “When was the last time there was a message in tongues?”  Do you allow your people to speak in tongues in church, do you pastor speak in tongues in church?  The answer to that all three of those is yes for my church. Do we run around babbling all day long in tongues? No, but people during times of worship, there’s times I get up on the platform and I’ll speak in tongues, my worship ministers speaking in tongues and we have Baptist, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, we got all kinds of folks in the church.  If they’re going to get offended let them get offended, this is God.

Sid:  Listen all you need to do is demonstrations with people of all kinds of diseases like hepatitis where there is no known cure instantly healed under the power of God and it doesn’t matter what you do or say, people are going to flock.

Steve: Now Sid, you’re meddling with my life because I’ve been healed of hepatitis.

Sid:  I know that, we’ll talk about it on tomorrows broadcast.

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