Sid:  You know the truth book, that’s my name for the Bible, says you do not know when your end will come. That you don’t know but you can know where you’re going; you can know where you’re going to spend eternity.  And I’ve done investigative reporting over these years of people that have died from a medical viewpoint, left their body, gone to Heaven and been told their time wasn’t up and been sent back for a purpose on planet earth.  And I’ve put together the 10 best testimonies on two power CD’s called “Life After Death”…Why do you need this? Because you’re going to spend eternity with God you might as well find out what you’re life will be like in eternity rather than this temporary.  And the second reason is there are people that you want to spend eternity with God in Heaven. By giving these two powerful CD’s “Life After Death” you will make a major difference in their life.  I want you to hear the best interviews I’ve had on these subjects.

Interviewer:  Dr. Eby tell me some other things that might be in interest in what you actually have observed with your own senses in Heaven.

Dr. Eby:  Well, one of the things of course it excited me tremendously was the beauty of the music; let’s call it an unlimited vibration or set of waves such as down here.  It’s not based upon a mathematical equation such as all earthly music is.  I said,”Who composed this music?  Jesus said, so absolutely unfathomable He said, “Didn’t you read My Book, I make everything and I make it for my pleasure and for the pleasure of My family.  So He said, “I’m the author, I’m the composer.”  Well, that was one thing, another thing that amazed me was the beauty of an aroma in Heaven such as I had not up to that time ever smelled on earth, I smelled it twice here since; an aroma that is a perfume so absolutely Heavenly that it had to be made by God and for God and I asked Him, “What is this composition of this aroma that is just saturating everything here?”  And He didn’t answer, it was later when I was back on earth that I asked Him again to tell me and He said it’s in The Book.”  And I stared from Genesis to Revelation and I found the answer, it’s partly for the benefit for those that are listening, the prayers of the saints, to me this is one of the most beautiful little gifts that God’s given that we don’t generally recognize, that’s the sweet smelling savor which is in God’s nostrils is partly at least according to Revelation 5 and 8th chapter.  “The prayers of the saints which He has distilled to speak into a perfect perfume just for Him to enjoy because it represents the obedience of His children.”

Sid:  Is everyone’s paradise the same?

Dr. Eby:  He said, “Didn’t you read in My Book that I never make two people totally alike?  And He said “Therefore I gave them the desires of their hearts and the abilities and skills to do what they could would those desires. He said, “Up here I have completed them.”  So everybody’s paradise appears individual, well I said, “How would I get to see anybody.”  He said,  “You’ve already tested out the mind that I gave you up here and its instantaneous, if you want to visit anybody or they you you just think and there you are together.

Interviewer:  Let me see if I understand this, let’s suppose you are an artist, your paradise might be some of the greatest works of art the world has ever known in your valley, is that what you’re saying?

Dr. Eby:  Precisely, it would be artistic nature far superior to anything that you could have even dreamed of down here; if you’re a musician obviously you’d want your pleasant place of abode to reflect music and you go right down through all the categories that she places in the human concept down here.

Sid:  Thank you Dr. Eby we’ll have you back later to talk about your experience in Hell.

Dr. Eby:  Instantly I felt myself just plummeted with the same speed which cannot be calibrated to the center of the earth; there I landed with a thud inside of a 4 x 4 6’ high whole inside of solid rock.  The immediate impression was which would be accountable to our human senses absolute cold, absolute blackness, absolute silence. I quickly said to the mind again, Jesus explain, this is different than I learned in church.  He said, “My son I want you to know that the present Hell is a holding tank for the unsaved souls pending the eventual great white throne judgment.  God is not there these people that elect to go to Hell do not want him to interfere with their programs or their plans they just tell Him in one way or another “Stay out of our lives, stay out of our way.”  And He said, “My Heavenly Father said that He will give the desires of the heart to all of his creatures He grants them by placing them then in a holding tank apart from Him until that day when they shall called forth from wherever they are to be judged before the great white throne.”  Well, I tell you the instant I landed in this place down there it’s absolute terror, absolute horror. Of course we’re in the spirit body it cannot be frozen, it cannot be burned, it simply exists with thousand of sensations which this nervous system we own down here couldn’t convey, it’s absolutely hell, there is no other reason.  I was surrounded by demons; the demons seemed to be so excited they were doing their fancy rock and roll dance in honor of my getting there and they said to me “Instantly all thousand of them, “We got you here, you’ll never get out.”

Sid:  They didn’t realize that you were only there for a short time, they thought I was a real sinner.  And they said “We’ve got you, you believed our deceptions while you were on earth you could have right this moment be with the Lamb of God in Heaven if you had believed Him, but we told you He didn’t exist and you just fell for it and now we got you.”  The stench there was absolutely indiscernibly horrible but it’s that of dying dead flesh and of course their boss Satan is the captain of their host and he is the author of death so you would expect it to stink.  Jesus called him unclean spirits, and boy they are.  Well, I don’t have time to go through all of that either. But they told me no uncertain terms that they had practically won the world at that time to Satan because of the fact that people that God had created on earth were so disinterested in perusing a knowledge of Him, a worship of Him that all they had to do was to make some deceptions and most of the people follow them.  Well, I wanted to get out of there and I screamed and yelled and realized that there is no communication from the present Hell to Heaven, it’s a place of isolation as Jesus said. If it hadn’t been for His mind on mine so that we could communicate it would have been more horrible even.  Suddenly I’m snatched out of there, suddenly I find myself standing before this Great White Throne which St. John described in the Book of Revelation, it is up there and it was when he saw it, it’s not used yet.  On it was a tremendous the throne looked to be about 3 stories high and it appropriately wide.  The personage was surrounded in a mist, I said, “Quickly voice in my mind I said, “Jesus I want to look into the loving eyes of my Heavenly Father, I want to see that tremendous amount of love that would cause Him to sacrifice You as my Lamb.  And Jesus immediately replied in voice, “He said, “My son didn’t you read the book, I told you in your present form you could not look upon God and live, He’s just too powerful it would just distinguish you. You’re here to be edified not to be exterminated. He said, ”He surrounded himself with this midst to protect you.”  Suddenly out of the midst came a hand with a book in it.  I could read write through the pages of the book to the back cover, we’d call it that where in Hebrew is written the words, “The Lambs Book of Life.”  Suddenly another finger came out of the midst and started turning the pages with lightning speed, the voice on my mind said, “My son He’s looking for your name, remember I expunged it for two minutes so that you could experience what is to be a sinner and sure enough He got to the end of the book.”  He closed it with a clamp of thunder and said, “Your book is not in My Family album there is only one other family that’s the family of Satan depart.”  If I could just transmit to an audience at any time the horrible sensation that was mine when I hear God Almighty say to me “Depart.”

Sid:    Dr. Eby when you share with us this week and perhaps maybe one on one and the individual declines the offer of eternal life, what goes on inside of you?

Dr. Eby:  Well, of course I’m disappointed in my very human failure of my communicating adequately; on the other hand the Lord has told us, told me personally when I was with Him in Lazarus Tomb when I asked Him I said, “Why would anybody believe me?”  Well, He said, “That isn’t the question to ask,” He said, “I’ll ask you my question, did they believe Me when I came to earth?”

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