Sid:  Oh my goodness, God’s Spirit is moving already, the glory is filling this studio and why not I’m interviewing David Hertzog who has pioneered operating in the glory.  Because when you’re operating in God’s glory everything speeds up.  And just as I was doing the introduction God told me I started moving and started saying it people’s backs and new spines and pain is gone from their backs and neck areas.  David Herzog you proclaimed that you were going to move in the glory now at your meetings I know people that are bald, they instantly start having hair, or instant weight losses, or gold teeth, or new teeth.  I mean creative miracles of all kinds. What does God want to do now?

David:  Right now God’s healing somebody with missing cartilage, God’s putting new cartilage right now, I think it’s in your knees, just get up right now and begin to jump up and down and to bend those knees.  Cartilages growing right now in Jesus name, I command it to grow out of nowhere just begin to form and appear.  Your right I just can sense a lot of glory, there’s people getting new teeth and gold teeth crowns and fillings right now.  If your listening just lay hands on your mouth and in Jesus I just declare gold teeth, grey teeth and black teeth that were not very good turning to bright gold crowns, the entire tooth turn to gold and silver and silver crowns and fillings in Jesus mighty name.  I just release angels of dentistry into your mouth right now, I just see him just pouring in liquid gold, liquid silver and it’s cementing and becoming these bright beautiful gold and silver teeth, praise God.

Sid:  David anyone can say these words you’ve just said, but you sense God’s glory on those words, am I right?

David:  Yes, I just want to say what I feel he’s saying, I only do what I hear or see the Father do, that’s when He did or say something it usually happened; actually it always happened.

Sid:  What is the most outrageous miracle that you’ve ever seen?

David:  Wow, I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff, we were in a meeting there in Paris during a revival and a girl pretty much levitated off the ground thirteen centimeters off the ground while she was interceding for souls to be saved.  At that moment thirteen people came up that were suicidal spirits to begin getting delivered instantly, and souls started coming and that was the beginning of our six month revival; that was amazing

Sid:  Have you actually seen body parts materialize?

David:  Yeah, we’ve seen it happen, we’ve seen, we’ve actually watched as a woman that was bald begin growing hair in front of our eyes and we have a amateur film of it which we’re trying to put together to put for a TV show, but we watched it while it was forming on top of her head, hair.  We have had people had teeth grow where there was no teeth, we had it happen again last week in Dubai but also we’ve watched as we’ve looked into people’s mouths we were actually in Jerusalem just this Succoth here, and behind me were these big, big TV screens and this camera man was filming this woman’s mouth who somebody had claimed they thought they saw some gold starting to grow in her mouth.  So behind me is this big white tooth on a screen that some camera man’s filming in this woman’s mouth.  As I’m speaking people start screaming because behind me everybody there about 1,000 people saw the entire tooth turn from white to gold in front of everybody eyes.  And even I think Steven Strang from Charisma he was there, he was right in the front row, everybody saw this, so more and more people are getting to see the creative miracles as they are happening.

Sid:    In your book, which we’re making available this week “Glory Invasion” you talk about there’s specific geographical areas where there’s almost portals that open your way to the heaven or better yet open Heaven to come to earth.  Explain that.

David:  Yeah, there’s just places on the earth that are already open, for instance Bethel says Genesis 28 “ That he had Jacob’s ladder opened up of this open heaven happen and it’s like angels ascending and descending and he says in there this is the gate of Heaven.”  A gate can be a portal or a doorway.  So as I read that I realized wow, it’s still open over there, this is the gate or one of the gates, so we went over there to Bethel, we laid down on the floor, began to worship the Lord and just soaked in the Spirit and people literally were taken to Heaven, saw each other documented “You saw me,” “You said this to me,” I said “This to you.”  I mean in separate testimonies compared the notes; people were literally in the Spirit, I’m taken.  So in the place like that it’s much easier to have an experience.  Sedona is another place, now a lot of psychics come and New Agers because they try to plug it up and go on the second heavens, but God wants us to go to Third Heaven.  Jerusalem is probably the biggest portal in the world, you go to Jerusalem and when you can break into the Spirit realm it’s so, so, so open you know Jerusalem is like a local phone call to Heaven basically.  It’s just something there where you feel so much closer to Heaven and to God and you can press in.  So there are places that you go that seem to be more open in the Spirit realm than other places, there just geographical locations that are just they are open; open to the Spirit realm which can be either God’s or the enemies.  But there is an open realm of supernatural things occurring.

Sid:  David what does God want right at this moment for those that are so hungering an thirsting for the glory realm what is God want?

David:  Number one He wants you to be hungry just desperate for it, not like okay, that’s nice, but desperate, “I got, I must have this touch of God’s glory, I have to have it, I’m desperate for it, I’m hungry for it, I can’t go a day without it, like that kind of desperation will pull in another realm of glory in your life so just be desperately hungry, not apathetic about it.  You go to other countries I notice third world countries they are desperate for the gospel, desperate for anything that God has.  In the west many times we’re a little apathetic, we’re saved, we’re Spirit filled but okay that’s nice for you and if it happens to me great.  No He wants desperation in God’s people to have these high realms of God’s glory so more people can be touched and saved.

Sid:    Do you believe that many dead will come to life from the resurrection glory power that believer’s will be walking in?

David:  Oh, I believe they will, I mean it’s already happening, but I believe that it’s going to be happening in a massive scale.

Sid:  Have you seen it in your ministry?

David:  I’ve seen it on several occasions one of the most significant one was when I was in Africa and I was teaching how in the glory there is no distance. I was doing this big campaign and there was thousands of people and many miracles and many salvations, many demons coming out of people and one of the nights God told me “ I want you to announce that there’s a woman here whose come from the hospital, her daughters dying, she’s hoping she’ll be healed because she came but I want you to announce that the daughter has just died.  And so I got up and said, “There’s someone here your daughter just died at the hospital, you’re here hoping that she would get healed, and a woman began to weep and wail and we found out that yes, this person did die at the hospital, they have actually have cell phones, they have cell phones in Africa I found out.  So in the meeting the Lord told me to now command her to come back from the dead, so we pointed in the direction of the hospital and commanded her to spirit to come back in her body.  When that woman went back to the doctor the doctor said “We told you not to leave, she died while you left and we covered her with a sheet and at this exact time which was the moment we began to pray for her she came back from the dead and began moving and breathing and so we pulled the sheet off and realized that she was no longer dead.  You don’t always have to in the glory there is no distance like the Roman Centurion told Jesus “You Just speak it and my servant who is not here will be healed.”  So that’s the advantage of the glory is you don’t have to be at the exact spot even for resurrection.

Sid:  David, the glory is dramatically increasing what is God showing you?

David:  Right now there’s two things, there’s miracles and there’s also glory impartation, and impartation of the revelation of the knowledge of His glory.  I just declare that over people right now listening, that the heavy, heavy Khavod weight, presence of God’s glory will invade homes right now, where ever you are on the internet, around the world, at the presence of God and as that glory comes there’s miracles happening.  There’s impartation over ministers, and I see weight loss happening right now, people right now that are believing for weight loss I command weight pounds and kilos go in Yeshua’s mighty name.  And if that’s for you I want you to get up and just run around your room by faith right now just get up and do something, just run in circles right now by faith, just run around your room right now in circles and start checking your waistline, many of you are going to start noticing inches leaving and pounds…

Sid:  How in the world can I interview and go running around David, your making it difficult for me. [Laughing]

David:  You’re pretty skinny Sid so you don’t have to do it.

Sid:    [Laughing] Oh no, I’d like to be running around right now.  David we’re making your book available it’s…why did you write this book?

David:  Why God has been getting on me for years to write this book about this level of the glory, and so I just wrote it out of obedience, God said, “Write the revelation down so that people can run with it and so that they can operate in what you are operating in.” So basically get the book so that you can have the secrets and revelation to live and operate in the realm that we’re understanding.

Sid:  So, between you and me so why are you letting everyone understand what the Holy Spirit is showing you because you could just be the superstar?

David:  Okay, between you and me, and so don’t tell anyone then right.

Sid:  Right.

David:  Just between you and me, basically God’s in a hurry He’s coming back soon, the more people that get this glory and revelation the more souls will be saved and the more miracles.  It’s basically about expanding the kingdom of God not expanding my personal kingdom, that’s the difference.  A lot of minister don’t let their secrets out of what’s causing the things in their ministry to be blessed, because they want to be the only one.  I’m trying to work myself out a job. [Laughing]

Sid:   Well, that’s our job listen if you’re the only one you’re the target for the devil but if a million people are walking with the superstar in them the devil will go mischugah, crazy.  I want you to drive the devil mischugah…

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