Sid:  Get ready there’s a great Jewish wedding that’s coming up.  My guest Jim Goll knows a lot about that great Jewish wedding that’s coming up.  He’s a New Covenant Prophet; he is an Old Covenant Seer all in one package.  And Jim and his wife have been especially prepared; they’ve had so many visitations from angels and they’ve done studies in the Bible on angels so that we can cooperate with the angels; accomplish our destiny because these angels are sent to those that are heirs of salvation.  That’s us, to help us especially at these set times that we’re living in give us direction, give us protection, and most Christians don’t have a clue as to what’s going on.  Jim your wife had a visitation how many nights in a row of angels?

James:  Oh my goodness Sid it actually lasted over an entire nine week period of time, it was sort of like a mini gestation period.

Sid:  Which gave her insight and gave you insight into this realm; that there’s a section in your book that I find very intriguing, and you had an angel of visitation in which this angel said to you I’ve come to release a message on the wedding of the church and Israel.  Tell me about that.

James:  I’ll tell you that was an amazing time; you know I had studied this subject you know of Israel and the church and the last days for years. But I personally had never yet been released to speak on the subject yet you know sort of like a pot is simmering you know on a stove and sometimes you have an immediate release and other times it’s just like it’s a slow cook.  Well, that’s the way this was for me and we were doing a prayer retreat gathering in the state of Georgia and that night an angel came and was actually dressed in a wedding garment of all things and again emanating in the manifested presence.  And this angel appeared in the room looks right at me and says “I have come to release the message concerning the wedding of the church in Israel.”  And that was like a green light was given to me to then begin to speak on the subject.  I remember that night when I gave this message I shared things I had not studied, I shared things that was in a realm of the depth of the heart of God that I really didn’t know; I mean in the natural, but it was by the Spirit of revelation.  I believe I had angelic help I tell you that in this day in which we live angels are on the release and part of their task is they are releasing living understanding to us.  One of the areas that their releasing is revelation or the Spirit of living understanding out of Isaiah chapter 11:1-3 is about God’s purposes between He church and Israel.  You see God, the Holy Spirit, through Yeshua Jesus really is waking us up.  And I tell you many of us have been asleep, have been dormant or we’ve just not been aware but the Lord is releasing angels to arouse us.  And there is a message being birthed in this hour of a bridal wedding that is coming; the Lord the Holy Spirit is preparing the bride without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing.  And He’s awakening Israel to her place; to her function; to her fuller greater destiny.  And so since I actually had that encounter you know that today, or let’s use the word Messianic movement, I mean when I had that encounter there was maybe twenty different maybe ministries or Messianic type congregations in Israel, and today there is around a hundred.   I tell you there is a wedding coming between the church and Israel.

Sid:  Now when you say a wedding; what do you really mean by that?

James:  You know sometimes we do speak in parabolic or prophetic language; Jesus did it and then He would take His disciples aside and He would give them plain language.  Well, what is the wedding?  A wedding is where there’s more than one party and they’re opposites and opposites attract. In the end time, these last days in which we live, there is a joining, a covenantal. What’s a wedding?  A marriage, it’s a covenant being brought together and these two covenants the Old and the New are being brought together through the hinge of Yeshua Jesus; let’s keep everything clear.  This is about the centrality of the man Christ Jesus, and there is a wedding a merger; a covenant relationship that is coming and an awakening between a bride and a groom; between two different parties are being brought together to bring forth great fruit in the earth.

Sid:  You know there are so many things to talk about, but you really need his book to understand this in-depth; he does it from a biblical viewpoint, and experiential viewpoint, and a discernment viewpoint to know the counterfeit from the authentic.  But you talked about one gathering in which you noticed glowing crosses on the foreheads of people. Tell me about that.

James:  Yeah, that’s amazing we have had several; I remember I was at a gathering with Mahesh Chavda and I’m sure Sid that you know Mahesh.

Sid:  I’ve interviewed him a number of times.

James:  Yes and he has incredible amazing God encounters, he and his dear wife Bonnie.  In fact my wife and I were healed of barrenness through the ministry of Jesus through Mahesh Chavda years ago.  But Mahesh was ministering that night and at the close of the gathering there ended up being, like in the book of Ezekiel where it talks about that the Holy Spirit will mark on the forehead.  Now this is a God mark not a demon mark of 666. God has a mark like in the book in Ezekiel where He will mark people who sigh and groan over their cities for the purposes of God to be birthed.  And there was a supernatural marking of a supernatural glowing of the cross and let me tell you the cross is the center of everything.  And God wants our mind to dwell on these things and he wants us to dwell upon the completed work of the cross of Jesus Christ.

Sid:  So we kind of dwell on the fact of this mark on the forehead, or you know of 666 of the demonic, but I believe God marks his children too.

James:  Yeah and again angels are used as protection and sort of like in the Old Testament where there was the Passover and the blood was put on the door.

Sid:  Right.

James:  The death angel passed over; let me tell you God has supernatural signs that He wants to mark His believers with that gives you protection; gives you protection.  And so yeah, God’s got signs and wonders and the supernatural dimension. I just tell you let the cross be the center of everything.

Sid:  You know I’m amazed that when I interview people that have been supernaturally spared from auto accidents and things like that of the angelic activity.   I happen to believe that every true believer if they had eyes to see has probably had their life spared many times that they didn’t even realize it was going on.

James:  Oh I totally believe that too and in one of my chapters on “Angelic Assignments” I go through these different assignments that angels are given.  They’re given to give us direction, and deliver God’s messages. They are used also in scripture and today to release dreams, visions and understanding.  And angels are used to give guidance, impart strength and one of the things you’re talking about right now Sid is angelic protection and for sure whether it’s called like we call it guardian angels that they’re given to watch over us.  Or how about Psalm 91 “For He will give His angels charge concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”  And so I just say “Let the angels be released into your life; angels of protection to build a hedge of protection around you.”

Sid:  Hey if ever we needed a hedge of protection I mean I don’t even need a prophet to tell me what’s going on in reference of this country in terrorism and what’s going to happen here.  I mean you can just read Intelligence Reports and know about all of these missing suitcase bombs and other types of atomic bombs.  When the former Soviet Union made peace with America what they did is they just took all of these weapons that they said that they were going to destroy and they sold it to some of these Arab nations and they’ve come across our border.  If we can’t rely on supernatural protection we’re all in trouble!

James:  Yes and the days in which we live it’s only going to escalate the fight of dark and light; the fight of kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of His dear Son.  And in the past I’ve actually called forth a Holy Spirit border protection around this nation.  And I just say to you it is important to possession to call forth angels on assignment, whether it’s on our Canadian border or whether it’s at…let me tell you one of the main places is our seaports.  We must speak, we must pray, we must prophecy, speak forth angels, guardian angels, gatekeeper angels, at our ports of this nation because that’s one of the most vulnerable places for the inroads of darkness into this land.  So call forth angels of protection, angels of guidance, speak forth this dimension, angels bringing deliverance, Psalm 34:7 “The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him and rescues them.”

Sid:  And of course I look at even more in the positive sense that our seaports are going to be used for Jewish people to escape America and get to Israel some day; so these seaports are important in America.

James:  Oh that is huge, that is whole another big subject about places of refuge and places of protection.  And again angels are a part of God’s arsenal that is released to help create these safety zones, and these places of refuge, and the seaport exits from even this land in the future to fulfill Aliyah of the return to the land of Israel.

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