Sid:  My guest Jim Goll. Jim has written a new book called “Angel Encounters”, and if there’s ever been a time to understand how to cooperate with angels and know what they’re doing and what they’re not doing.  And understand the invisible realm and understand there are literally angels of light that are demonic that are coming across as being good, and knowing the difference between the counterfeit and the real thing.  And Jim and his wife have had so many encounters themselves with angels; they’ve studied in the scriptures and they’ve put it all together in a book so that you can engage help from heaven; the title is called “Angelic Encounters.”  And Jim on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about a visitation you had and I know about this visitation because I haven’t had the same visitation, but I can tell you for the last year I’ve been saying there’s something new happening in Israel.  And when I began saying this I was saying it by faith, and I was saying that their spiritual scales are coming off of the eyes of Jewish people and now it’s happening by experience. I’m getting so many reports of Jewish people in Israel coming to the Lord.  But you had an angel; I even love its name “Israel Awakening.”  And this angel came to visit you and said, “Not only are physical Jews in Israel are being awakened to the gospel but Christians are being awakened to the plans and purposes of God in reference to Israel and the Jewish people.”  Would you explain more about that visitation?

James:  Absolutely Sid, and not only is it the role that the church being awaken in prayer, and humanitarian aid, and care and bringing forth of the apostolic gospel.  And not only is it Israel herself in the land, being awakened and blinders coming off to be able to behold Yeshua, Jesus as the Messiah, but these Israel awakening angels are being released around the world, I believe.  And there’s like a commissioning that’s happening in the end times and they’re going to minister to Jewish people who are in the diaspora, or scattered across the world still. Going to awaken them to their call, their purpose, their destiny.  Some people even being awakened to the fact that they have Jewish blood and they haven’t even been aware of it; it’s been hidden.  You’re going to be finding in these next months and next year’s, you’re going to be finding people who have been in denial or hiding of their Jewish roots and they’re going to be awakened suddenly as it would be.

Sid:  You know what I find Jim, and I’m not going to make a doctrine out of this, but many people I meet that have developed… they’re gentile Christians and they’ve developed such a love of the Jew in Israel. As they do some probing in their genecology they find out they have physical Jewish blood.

James:  That’s what I’m referring to, there’s three elements of this awakening and one is to people scattered worldwide. This heaven’s help through angelic messengers are taking blinders off of peoples’ eyes and causing them to become alert and aware of their purpose, calling and destiny.  One of the thing things that was amazing about this visitation was that there was this young guy named Matt Sorger; he was the host of the conference.  He had written down unknowing to me, he had written down that there was an angel that had come into the auditorium that night with me, and its name was Israel Awakening.  And so at the end of the conference that last night when I’m getting up and I’m telling about the winds coming and I’m telling about this visitation Matt Sorger, and I had this all written down on paper by the way, I still have the piece of paper.  Matt Sorger gets up, interrupts me and says “Wait a second, I have a confirmation to this, I have it written down right here that there was an angel that came with James Goll to the meeting tonight and its name is “Israel Awakening.”  We had both of us this written down separately, and so God said, “He’ll confirm His word by the witness of two and three.”  So we had a confirmation of the name of the angel and the visitation right there that very night.

Sid:  Beyond that night has God shown you more about these angels, it’s more than one, “Israel Awakening” it’s a team of angels.

James:   That’s the way I understand it now because I’ve had a year to ponder on this.  I believe that I was visited by what I would consider by a lead or a messenger angel over a whole company.  Team is a good word, almost like a tribe, but a company of angels whose job is to awaken Israel.  Now but I also have seen that this deals again with hidden destinies and now in this hour destinies, again I’m using the word blinders, blinders are coming off of peoples’ eyes.  In fact right now people if you are listening I just declare that “Hidden destinies are going to be revealed in your own life and there’s an awakening that’s coming; your inheritance.  The Lord is going to cause for there to be an enlightenment an illumination a Holy Spirit revelation.  It’s going to happen perhaps through a dream, a vision, a revelation, through inspiration through the Word of God, but I just speak forth these angels are being dispersed.  And they’re even being sent your way and engaging help from heaven, you are not alone and part of their job is to awaken us into hidden destiny.”

Sid:   Something I brought up earlier in the week and I don’t want it to escape; what is the difference between a seer; s-e-e-r and the New Testament prophet?

James:  Actually the word seer is used in the Hebrew language. It comes from a couple of different Hebrew words.  Different from the word prophet and the Hebrew word prophet, ——- or navi, or naba, or nabyet, then in the Old Testament, the word seer is khozeh or khazeh, and that basically is a different way that the prophet person, vessel received revelation.  So if we bring it over to the New Testament understanding, I believe that a prophet who functions specifically in the gift of discernment of spirits is a seer prophet.  And the discerning of spirits is in the plural, and so you can discern the angelic, they’re spirits.  You can discern the demonic, you can discern the human heart, you can discern the Holy Spirit, He shape, His form, His moving, you can sense, feel, know the manifested presence of God.  So a prophet who, in the New Testament, is a seer is someone who moves in dreams, visions, visionary revelation and specifically the gift of discerning of spirits.

Sid:  Let’s talk a little bit about your book “Angelic Encounters” or “Engaging Help from Heaven.”  Why would it help every believer that is alive today to read this book?

James:  You know the Bible says that in the last days that in the end times it says “Difficult times will come.”  Listen I’m giving you keys on how you can engage heaven’s help, how angels get released, how you can call on the Father to release heaven’s army into the earth realm.  All of you who are listening out there you need help, I need help, and so I’m giving you scripture keys on how to unlock heaven’s army to come to your aid.  I’m also giving you testing how you can test the spirits to see if they be of God; because in the last days again seducing spirits will come, and so there will be as Lucifer fell, Jesus saw even the devil, Lucifer fall like lightning from heaven and so there are some keys that we are given experientially, through church history and through the scripture on how to be able to discern good from bad, light from dark.  And let me tell you this isn’t just for a few, a great like special elite prophets, this is for you, God wants you to grow in discernment on how you can have the keys of binding and loosing, welcoming heaven’s angels, and binding up the dark side of the force; of the demonic dimensions.  And I tell you this is really practical and we’ve got all kinds of stories in here too that are today’s encounters to help inspire your faith to believe that God is alive and well on planet earth.

Sid:  And you know what I love, you talk about there are two major tasks of angels.  One is to give us direction.

James:  Yes.

Sid:  Two is protection. Angels are involved at the beginning and the ends of our life and everything in between so why wouldn’t we want to understand it and I don’t hear too many people giving courses in understanding from a Godly perspective how angels interact with humans.

James:  Well, see we got to take back this territory Sid.  You know the New Age movement excuse me I don’t mean to offend anybody, but the one dimension almost understands these arenas better than the church does but it’s our territory.  I mean the authentic real supernatural, the New Age is a false counterfeit, but we need to take back this territory and that’s why I write and minister so much in these areas “Angelic Encounters, Engaging Help in Heaven” will be a practical tool.  I just tell you this is a practical tool to help you be able to release heaven’s army in your behalf.

Sid:  Now tell me just briefly because I found this fascinating, you talked about another prophet by the name of Bill Yount that had an experience with the angelic in Israel, explain that.

James:  Yes, you know God again will confirm His word by multiple voices. So while I had that encounter about “Israel Awakening” a friend on the east coast living in Maryland right about the same time he saw a small break appear in the demonic black clouds hanging over the nation of Israel.  As a small break in the cloud appear simultaneously the borders of Israel lit up like flashing green light from heaven signaling we’ve got a go for launching.  He said, “Immediately I saw many of these strong angels,” and I said, “It wasn’t just one, I say it’s a company being released from their duty on the boarder of Israel and being sent as in an emergency to personal deliver messages to the churches all over the world to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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