Sid:  A topic wherever you go you hear people talking about is the increase of angelic visitations, and my friend Jim Goll has written a book, I’m not going to call Jim a prophet anymore I’m going to call him a seer.  Jim is a New Covenant seer. He and his wife have had many encounters with angels but he did a biblical study of angels and unless we understand what angels are up to in our life and understand, since there’s an increase in the supernatural that means there’s an increase in the demonic supernatural, and the God supernatural. How do we know the difference? It is a necessity, a must read it’s called “Angelic Encounters.”  I’ve got Jim Goll on the phone I’m speaking to him at his office in Franklin, Tennessee.  Jim on yesterday’s broadcast you talk about this in your book, but there’s things you didn’t even put in your book of a visitation on December of 2006 in New York. You had winds in the natural you shared, and then winds in the supernatural pick up there.

James:  Yes and so we were in Long Island and as you said, “The Winds did come, literally in the natural.”  The Holy Spirit said this would happen; and again in the book of Hebrews it says “That the angels are winds of God and that they’re flames of fire and they’re sent Hebrew’s 1:14 to minister unto those that inherit salvation.  So that you and me who are out there right now, but I tell you came hovered right in front of me. Then the seer capacity of the prophetic that means the visionary realm.  And I was catapulted into this the atmosphere was charged with the manifested presence and an angel was hovering now right in front of me.  It had a shofar, and it blew the shofar right into my face; and it was clothed in a radiant white garment; it was just emanating with the presence of God.  And then there was a gold sash that came from the left shoulder down to the right waist and then there were letters that was words, that was written on this like gold sash and I could read it and it said, “Israel Awakening.”  The atmosphere was just charged with expectancy and with faith and really a little difficult to explain was a dimension of the destiny of God; it was just absolutely amazing Sid.

Sid:  It sounds exciting to me because you don’t know this I’m about ready to jump on a plane to go to Israel so I’m all ears about an angel that identifies itself as “Israel Awakening.”

James:  Absolutely and it’s coming, it’s being released and I feel the fire of God on me right now as we’re beginning to talk about this.  And it’s beginning to be released I believe in this hour to help bring an awakening to the people; specifically the Jewish people who live in Israel today.  I tell you blinders are going to fall off of people’s eyes.  They’re going to behold Yeshua Jesus as the Messiah. Israel will be awakened unto her place of destiny in God.  There is as well is a parallel then there is an awakening that simultaneously occurs in the Body of Messiah, the church the Body of…

Sid:  There is such a supernatural linkage between natural Israel and the church that it gets so deep that you can’t go as deep as it is.

James:   No that’s so true. That’s what I see and I’ve pondered on this now for a year since this visitation.  This angel’s being released to awaken; and that’s an important word because if you have to be awakened that means your asleep and that is what this job of this angel is, to arouse from out of sleep.  It’s sort of like in Zachariah chapter four where the prophet Zachariah he is aroused by an angel or he is awakened.  So something is awakened that means it has been in a stupor and that is exactly what Paul the apostle says in Roman’s chapter 11.  He says that “In part there will be spirit of stupor or sleeping that would be upon Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has fulfilled.  Well this angel “Israel Awakening” is coming to like “Wake up” Israel from out of a sleep into her destiny.”

Sid:  Now is this why simultaneous and you know have to be a mental giant to see this Jim; the church is waking up from its slumber!

James:  That’s it it’s duel sleep that has happened a duel slumber or a stupor, and right in this hour there is a beginning awakening in the Body of Christ to our role, our function, and our destiny in partnering with Israel in God’s end-time purposes.

Sid:  Now help me out, now this is — we’re letting other people eavesdrop on our conversation.

James:  That’s true.

Sid:  But I’m an evangelist at heart; I want to see all people come to know the Messiah; maybe it’s because I’m Jewish, maybe it’s because of my call; whatever it is and maybe it’s because of my studies of seeing that I could reach more gentiles if I go to the Jew first if I do this.  But it bothers me to see Christians doing humanitarian efforts for Israel, and if I stopped here I’d be in big trouble, it bothers me that when they’ll do this, but they will not share the gospel; I don’t see this in the New Testament and yet I saw “Well, it’s good to do humanitarian efforts, but what is ultimate good beyond going to heaven?”

James:  Oh my gosh Yeshua, Jesus is in the middle of everything and He has to be; but now there is what you could consider also though a gradual or progressive awakening.  And that is where you begin to wake up in stages, and we need the Body of Christ, and Israel, awakened to the fullness, but there is also a staggered awakening. So thank the Lord that the Body of Christ in portioned is being awakened in a staggered way, stages unto a place of responsibility.  So humanitarian aid fulfilling the prophecies out of Isaiah “Comfort ye, comfort ye My people,” is good but it’s not all.  We got to keep believing and keep praying and keep speaking truth for the fullness of awakening of where Yeshua, Jesus, is in the middle of everything, we eat, live, breathe and our purposes.

Sid:  But it’s obvious that God is up to something. I have been a Jewish believer in the Messiah now well over thirty years, and I have never seen a time where so many Christian pastors are saying “I want to understand my Jewish roots, I want to understand Israel.”  And it’s not a natural phenomenon I think Christian pastors must have an angel by the name of “Church Awakening.”

James: That’s right, but see I believe that part of the task of this “Israel Awakening” angel and by the way I think I saw a messenger angel that has a whole host of angels that’s under its stewardship.  In other words there’s a whole company of angels whose job is to awaken the Church, the Body of Messiah to her task to Israel, and to awaken the Jewish people worldwide, and to awaken Israel herself in the land.  And so I believe that there is a whole company of angels, and that I have a visitation by possibly what I consider a lead angel, or a messenger angel, who has then accompany of Israel awakening angels at its stewardship.

Sid:  You know you said something that is helpful; we do things in stages.

James:  Yeah.

Sid:  And that is helpful to me but I know my part is to literally say “You got to tell Jewish people about Jesus, you don’t know when their end is going to come; and there is no other name unto men that we must be…I’m going for it right now with you.”

James:  I totally agree and so Sid your part, part of your role is to not water it down and part of your role is to be in the face and tell the truth, the gospel of the Kingdom. There are others who have another role to do their part in the gradual stages of awakening.  But you are an apostolic evangelistic at heart; you can’t help because you got fire on you so Sid just keep on doing what you do.

Sid:  Well Jim, that really helps me but I’ll tell you something that’s so intriguing to every believer and it’s got to do with the invisible realm of angels.  We’re making available this week your book “Angelic Encounters” and subtitled “Engaging Help from Heaven.”  And you used a line that I’ve not seen before in talking about angels in your book.  A description you called angels “Messengers of love.”  What did you mean by that?

James:  God is love and so don’t you think that those who are being sent ones, that’s what a messenger is, going to carry the very attributes of God Himself.  They’re ministering servants they’re like heaven’s deacon’s sent to earth representing the Father.  And oh my, they come releasing dimensions of the kingdom of God of righteousness, peace and joy.  And by the way you who are listening right now, I tell you “You are not alone, help is on the way; you can engage heaven’s help just say “Help.”  Just pray “Kingdom come, will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” and heaven will send, God will send in response angels on assignment to come minister to you and help you in your time of need.”

Sid:  I’m reminded of the worst night of my life right before I was saved I cried out a two word prayer, “Jesus help.”

James:  Absolutely.

Sid:  And I had such a visitation, my room was ablaze with the glory of God.

James:   And that was also angelic activity, see it was ablaze; it was with the fire, the manifested presence and angels come to release the fire, the light, the love, the life of God.

Sid:  The only way to understand all that God has available for you is to understand the invisible realm especially the realm of angels.  Jim and his wife Michal Anne wrote a book called “Angelic Encounters“, engaging help from heaven.

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