Sid:  My guest by way of telephone is another Jewish man that is red hot for Jesus. He’s a High School Geology instructor; also Neil Russell is it Astronomy that you teach too?

Neil:  I teach Astronomy and I teach Earth Science, I teach all about the physics of this world.

Sid:  Okay, so that kind of explains why you had such a passion to understand what Sir Isaac Newton was teaching in reference to the Bible and I have in my hand one of the first copies of your brand new book called “Newton’s Riddle.”  This is historical fiction, but I believe it’s very very prophetic, give me a thumb nail sketch of this book.

Neil:    Isaac Newton spent 30 years right before his death in 1727 studying the scriptures, he really believe that God had placed him on this earth not to find out just how the universe worked in gravity but how the scriptures would point to Christ return.  Now in the book we have an American who is a code breaker. He happens on to this code that Newton had passed on for the past 300 years and through his knowledge into breaking codes he breaks it, and he finds out that Newton had come up with a an approximate date when Christ was going to return.  And in this book he also points the fact that any country who would turn its back on Israel would be cursed and the country that he saw was America.  So my main character Dr. Ezra Schroder, he felt that God had placed this book in his hands to implore and reluctant president of the United States to come to the…

Sid:  Who just happened to be a female I might add.

Neil:  That’s right, because America at that point had turned its back on Israel, and Israel at that point was facing annihilation from its surrounding Moslem countries.

Sid:  And what was happening to America as they walked into that curse of Genesis 12:3?

Neil:  There are curses that God has in store for any nation Sid that come against Israel. For America I truly believe that the curses that are going to come are going to come in the form of illness.  It’s going to come in the form of monster earthquake that has been predicted but has not happened for the past 200 years. Also in the form of an economic collapse which will place us all the way back to start; we will become a third world nation.

Sid:  You know it’s really brilliant the way you work this in you talk about how countries like China are investing in the US government bonds. Any time they decide to just pull their money out because of the trade deficit that they’re getting so much more money in the United States.  We literally could collapse without a bomb.

 Neil:  Our country is so poised right now, we’re standing on the brink; everything in this country is pointing toward the fact that we are standing in the point that if we make a wrong decision right now, our president or whoever is in charge, our economy is going to go down the drain.

Sid:  Now, just for those that aren’t familiar with it I have interviewed people that have written books and of course you worked this into the story line of what happened in the United States sometimes within twenty-four hours of going against Israel.  Tell me a few of those things.

Neil:  Sid I can give you hundreds of examples, but let me give you…

Sid:  Isn’t it amazing though that all of these examples are like within like 24 hours of the United States going against Israel – wham Genesis 12:3 hits the United States in many different arenas.   Give me some examples.

Neil:  January 16, 1994, when President Bill Clinton met in Geneva with Syrian President Assad for the purpose of pressuring Israelis to give back the Golan Heights.  The moment after the meeting was over a powerful 6.9 North Ridge earthquake rocked Southern California becoming the second most devastating natural disaster to every hit the United States right behind at the time Hurricane Andrew.  Got another date for you, January 21, 1999 then the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was coldly received at the White House by Bill Clinton; after that meeting both the President and Secretary of State Madeline Albright snubbed the Israeli Prime Minister by refusing to have lunch with him.  It was that very day that the Monica Lewinski scandal broke into the headlines; now which led to the impeachment and the disgraceful downfall of Bill Clinton. Sid I got one more that goes right to this second.  And everybody will remember this I believe God’s final warning to America came on August 23, 2005.  Now as the world watched the last Jew was forcefully evicted by their own country members from their homes in the Gaza Strip. This was all due to the response of the tremendous pressure exerted by our own President and his Secretary of State on Israel to disengage from the Palestinian land.  On that very day a weather system formed off the coast of Florida, now this storm grew into a hurricane named Katrina which destroyed not only the city of New Orleans, but most of the state of Mississippi as well.  Now image just one single storm wiped out an area the size of Great Britain rendering thousands of American’s homeless. Causing hundreds of billions of dollars in damage and leaving thousands dead.  Now what it says in the Bible what America’s done to Israel God has done to America; okay one year after they were forced to remove from their Gaza homes thousands of evicted Israeli Jews still remain in makeshift governmental housing.  So too one year after the powerful Hurricane Katrina struck Mississippi in Louisiana’s Gulf coast thousands of evicted American citizens were still living in government provided housing.  Every single time Sid, at the exact moment America pressured Israel into dividing their God given land disaster stuck America.  And just as God sent prophet’s in the Bible prophet after prophet of judgment to warn Israel to return to Him and forsake the world. America has been warned Sid.  And I believe times running out.

Sid:  Now, there’s so many things we can talk about; people would never ever read a book of just scripture will read your novel because it’s so now, it’s so today, but you have a chapter here “Academy Award’s Night in Hell.”  Tell me about that.

Neil:  Okay, every year the actor’s get together and they give themselves rewards. I truly believe that God showed me some insight here that the demons in hell including satan gather together and they give themselves awards.  In that chapter we start off right after 1945 right after World War II. The demons came up with a plan and I believe their plan if you take a look at what’s happened, you go back in time can be titled a frog in a frying pan.  The their plan was to desensitize this once moral country to sin, so the demons in this chapter actually give themselves awards for the demon who spread the lie about you know sexual sins, and the demon that spread the lie about saving money.  American’s have gone into debt, if you look at this chapter you will see exactly what has happened over the past 5 0 years to America to bring us to the point right now that our country is desensitized to sin.

Sid:  It’s just the most amazing thing if you just look at the line up on secular television you see homosexuality as acceptable, adultery acceptable, New Age, acceptable, drugs acceptable.  I mean we’ve come a long way in my life time.

Neil:  Absolutely.

Sid:    I mean, even the dress, I mean I just got back from a vacation in Miami, and I can’t believe the way woman are dressed today; the way they are dressed today is what it used to be in places where they show naked woman that’s the normal dress today.  At least it was in Miami when I went there.

Neil:  Well Sid, in the book it shows you the hierarchy of the government of satan and each of these demons there’s princes out there that are in charge of certain parts of the United States.  And each of these demons give each other awards and I can see that happening in the spirit realm.  This is something that we don’t really picture as happening, but they plan out every detail of the future.

Sid:   Well we know about academy awards night in hell but do we know about academy rewards night in heaven?  I believe just as the devil is having this award night in hell for what he’s accomplished in the United States, God will have one day academy rewards night in heaven.  And the thing that you’re going to bring to heaven with you is souls; and I don’t know of a better tool to sneak up on the enemy with than your book “Newton’s Riddle.”  And you’ve already proven it, you’ve given it to your high school students and they’re raving about it, kids that would never be reading a book about morality, about the Bible are fascinated because it’s our country it’s talking about!  It’s what’s going on, I mean you have a woman that becomes the first President of the United States. You work into the story line because it’s fictional, but I believe that it’s a prophetic book you work into the story line things that the kids know what’s going on today.  So people that are non-believers whether they’re young kids or whether they’re senior citizens they’re going to love your book.  And you told me that you got upset because there were so many books coming out like the “Da Vinci Code” that are maligning belief in God that was the catalyst to start you on this book.

Neil:  That’s right I really believe that satan’s plan is to deceive people and God’s plan is the truth; that’s what people need.  And people when they hear the truth I truly believe that the movie “The Passion” which was the truth about Christ crucifixion. Drew out people that would never go to the movies; crowds were tremendous.  The people want to know truth and kids are starving for truth that’s something they don’t receive in public schools. A lot of kids that I teach they never even stepped inside a church.  So this is I believe God’s using this to reach my students that they will see that…

Sid:  Okay, if you’re not challenged I don’t know what will challenge you.

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