Sid:  The anointing of God, the presence of God is so strong. Why?  Because I have Neil Russell’s brand new book just off the press, “Newton’s Riddle.”  And this is such a now book, I mean get this it involves the world’s first female President for the United States; it involves Israel being pushed by the United States into orchestrating a peace agreement; it’s historical fiction, but it is prophetic.   I believe it’s so prophetic, but there is such a presence of God in the studio right now that I want to pray for you.  I command in Yeshua’s name that all sickness, all evil come off of you, all pain, spirit of pain I command you to come off of every person that is listening right now.  Spirit of cancer I bind you and I command you off of God’s people right now in Jesus name. I speak peace to those that are in turmoil in Yeshua’s name.  My guest here by way of telephone is Neil Russell, I’m speaking to him at his home in Queenstown, Maryland.  Neil is a High School Teacher at Annapolis High School.  He’s written his first novel, Neil did you always want to write a novel?

Neil:  Sid I never had any feelings for writing anything. I teach night school, day school, I coach, I’m a father and grandfather; writing a novel was the furthest thing from my mind.

Sid:  Yet you said when you started this you had the worst spiritual attack of your life, and you also had some of the greatest supernatural help of your life even to the point of you started typing supernaturally.  But tell me the premise of the book.

Neil:  The premise of the book is two-fold, one to let people see beyond their senses that there’s another world and this world is just as real as that we live in.  That there are governments in the Bible in Ephesians it says “There are principalities.” There are angels that are out there that are there to assist us, and there are demons out there to do what satan’s bidding is, To steal, to kill, and destroy. Most people don’t believe that including myself.  But they plan out the future and we read about it in the newspapers.

Sid:  You knew how to talk about it but you really in your heart of hearts as you explained yesterday you didn’t believe it.

Neil:  No, I didn’t.  I really believe God was giving me insight to write the book but as far as in a personal level I really didn’t believe the things that my wife was telling me. It wasn’t until God opened my eyes, the Holy Spirit revealed that everything I was writing was absolutely true. And that it was satan’s plan to stop me from finishing this book because I truly believe that the events of this book, even though I’m not setting a date, these events will happen because they come from scripture.

Sid:  Well, give me a brief outline of what the story is about.

Neil:  Isaac Newton truly felt that God had placed him here not only to find out how the universe worked, but also to find out the times of Christ return and he spent the last thirty-five years of his life pouring over the prophetic scriptures, especially Daniel and Zachariah, Isaiah, and the book of Revelations.  He really felt that before he died that God would reveal to him Christ return and the premise of the book and this really happened is that one of his journals ended up in the hands of a friend and the friend’s name was John Craig and it stayed in John Craig’s family until 1936.  All the works are found in Cambridge University, but this journal ended up you know through a period of 300 years not being revealed until I believe God wanted it to be revealed.  Today that journal is in Jerusalem, and it has been decoded. So the premise is that Newton wrote a coded journal that’s been decoded.  And the code in there shows us exactly what’s going to happen, most books that you read on end-times take place during the time of the revelation from the rapture on and this book takes us from now I believe through the end of next year.  And I don’t believe that anybody has ever written an end-time book that places it right in the present.

Sid:  And of course as I Googled Sir Isaac Newton I found out that he said, “The world would end no later than 2060.  He also said, “That before the world would end the Jews would return to Israel,” isn’t that fascinating.

Neil:  It’s fascinating.

Sid:  When did he live, what was it about the 1700’s I guess.

Neil:  That’s right, that’s right he died in 1727.

Sid:  And so for him to say the Jews would be preserved, for him to say, the Jews would come back to Israel in the last days that took a man that really believed the Bible.

Neil:    Absolutely as I said before he really felt that God had placed him here to especially find out when Christ would return. He saw after reading the Old Testament prophecies that God’s timetable is the Jew.  And back in the 1700’s the Jews were scattered, he didn’t foresee that 1948 after the holocaust the Jews returned to their homeland.  He also foresaw that there would be a friendly nation that would arise during this period that would make it possible for the Jews not only go back, but stay in their homeland.  And I believe and again, it’s in the book that friendly nation was the United States of America. The other point of the book is that God makes a promise in Genesis 12:3 He said that “To the descendants of Abraham that those who blessed them would be blessed.”  And the United States throughout our history has blessed the Jew; they blessed the Jew by opening the doors to America and welcoming them in, they blessed the Jew by supporting Israel from 1948 until this present moment.

Sid:  I mean this is the most blessed country in the world despite what people say about us; it’s the most wonderful blessed country and I’m convinced that it’s because we’ve tapped into Genesis 12:3.  “God says, “I God will bless those who bless the Jewish people and I will curse those who curse the Jewish people.”  And your book “Newton’s Riddle” goes into a period in history were the United States is starting to curse Israel, explain.

Neil:  Sid, what we read in the newspapers, the recent newspapers is that we are pressuring the United States is pressuring Israel to give back their covenant land.  Now I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but I work in Annapolis, Maryland.  We had a conference right here in our home town in which we pressured both sides to meet. The premise of the meeting was to divide up God’s covenant land, that Israel would return the West Bank and also divide Jerusalem including giving back I believe the Temple Mount.  Any country, that’s the apple of God’s eye, that forces Israel’s hand to give back there God covenant land is coming under possibly coming under the curse that mentioned in Genesis 12:3 “That I will curse, those who also harm or come against Israel.”

Sid:  In your book you paint a pretty bleak picture for America, what do you hope will happen as a result of this novel, I mean this thing could catch on and be a major motion picture.  Do you think it will be a motion picture?

Neil:  With God all things are possible and this is something that just…

Sid:  It’s going to be but go ahead when someone reads this book the average person doesn’t understand prophesy, but they will read a historical fictional novel.

Neil:  Absolutely and I’ve seen so many people pick up like the Da Vinci Code which is based on lies.  This book is filled with scripture, and one of the things I wanted is for people that really aren’t versed in scripture to see how these scriptures are coming alive.  And so that to me is probably the most important part, to actually see, read the newspaper, and just take a look at scriptures and say “My gosh when they read these scriptures in the Bible they can actually see that this is happening in the world.”

Sid:  It’s not like Sir Isaac Newton that saw scripture and believed it hundreds of years before it happened, it’s a now book.  I mean I don’t know that I’ve ever seen another book that has been such a now book. I mean it’s so gripping, I couldn’t put the book down, you know I just started reading it and I didn’t want to put the book down.  And can you imagine getting this information into people about the reality of the supernatural realm?  About the reality of the scriptures, about the reality of the Jew in Israel; now there been what Tim LaHay wrote whole series the “Left Behind” series but he didn’t understand the invisible realm or at least he didn’t talk about it or Israel to the degree that you understand this.  What kind of reaction are you getting, you’re a high school teacher, what kind of reaction are you getting from your students that have read some of the first copies of this book?

Neil: Sid they’ve never heard about the supernatural outside of what they see on television. I truly believe when they actually hear the truth student’s will flock to the truth.  And very seldom do they actually see it, they love reading the book, they love hearing the truth about demons and how demons take on roles all the way up from satan who’s the chief demon all the way down to the little demons which we call spirits of infirmity that bring on sickness.  And also the demons that are assigned to people, these are called familiar spirits that they watch everything we do and when we die these demons of these familiar spirits know everything about us.  And so when they conjure them up on television they think they’re real people, actually what they are talking to…

Sid:  You know Neil, your book “Newton’s Riddle” it’s such a thriller, that’s the best word that I can describe, it’s a book that you want to read because it’s not only is it a fascinating book, but it will open up the supernatural to you.  Not only will it open up the supernatural prophetically it’ll show you right where we are this moment in history.  And I love Neil how you extrapolated from Sir Isaac Newton’s secret black book what the greatest mathematician and scientist the world has ever offered.  When he feels that the Lord’s going to return you actually state the year in this book.

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