Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah, my guest is red hot for the Messiah; his name is Steven Brooks.  And Steven likes to have interchanges with angels. Steven I actually there is a Bible college in Romania that uses your book as a text book to teach about angels.  Tell me about that Bible College.

Steven:  That is true Sid, this is a new Bible College it’s been opened up in Romania and a dear friend of mine that I’ve gotten to know over the internet.  Thank God for the internet, he has taken this book on angels and is using this as the text book to teach on the subject of angelology; which is the teaching of angels.  And so the book it’s wonderful how the Lord has created an international interest in this subject of angels.  And so we’re seeing this book flying out all over to the different nations of the world.

Sid:  Now, how did you get so interested in the angels and most people when they hear angels they immediately think of the negative rather than the positive which if there is a negative there has got to be a positive.  There has to be, if there is a counterfeit there has to be an authentic. Sid Roth supernatural videos

Steven:  Right, you know I for several years just studied the subject of angels and really liked the topic but you know this is just like angels, just like any other supernatural manifestation of the Spirit is something that we can’t make happen.  In other words I can’t push a button and have some type of angelic experience, I wish I could, I wish it were that easy, but these things happen as the Spirit leads.  But I by the grace of God began to have encounters with angels, and as I would teach and minister on this subject and share some of the things that the angels shared with me from the scriptures that encouraged me I would share that with people.  People began to say, particularly some church leaders, they would say, “Steven you need to write a book on angels.”  And I began to get prophetic words along that line, “Steven you need to write a book on angels.”  So finally I heard clearly from the Lord and the Lord said, “I want you to write a book on angels,” but then the Lord said something very interesting that puzzled me.  He said, “I want you to write a book on angels and it will have a lot to do also with horses.  And I just…

Sid:    That would puzzle me too.

Steven:  I said, “Well Lord, I said, “I don’t know where to go with that.”  And then for about a year and a half every time Sid that I would try to write this book.  I just would pick the pen up and I would try to start to go to work on it and put the pen back down and say “I don’t know how to combine anything together with horses and angels, I don’t see anything there so You are going to have to reveal this to me.”  Well, when we moved to Moravian Falls, North Carolina I was introduced to a man one time while I was having lunch at a restaurant, and he said, “Hey, I hear your writing a book.”  And I was thinking, “Well, I’m trying to write a book.”  And so he said, “What’s it about?”  I said, “It’s going to be about angels.”  And he said, “Do you know there’s a lot of similarities between horses and angels?”  Oh Sid when he said this I could have fell right there at that table at the restaurant and this man was a businessman that had a large horse property with many horses. He’s had a couple of angelic experiences and he began to share with me some things that was just like a skeletal form. I took that and put the meat on the bones in the book and just bring out a whole lot of the amazing similarities that there are between horses and angels. Sid Roth Its Supernatural

Sid:  But you know the question and that’s by the way I’ve read that and that’s fascinating, but the question that most of our listeners have right now is what is the purpose of angels?

Steven:  That is a very good question; the main purpose of angelic ministry is to serve for us.  Sid they’re servants and many times we’ll have people that love the Lord, maybe they’ve been saved for thirty years, but they have never gotten the angels involved in their lives.

Sid:  But we in our peanut brain we think well, if they’re going to be involved in our lives they are just going to be, you mean there’s something we can do to cooperate with them better?

Steven:  That is true; we need to know the angels better particularly those that are assigned to us.  Every person has an angel; actually every person has even more than one angel.   Psalm 34 talks about how the angels, excuse me “The angel of the Lord encamps around and about them that fear Him,” but there’s other verses in the Bible that give clear indication that we all at least have one angel.  Even the time when Peter was in prison and the saints were making fervent prayer for him and God sends and angel get’s Peter out of prison, he comes back to that house meeting where they’re having that prayer meeting at and knocks on the door.  And Rhoda, that young girl answers the door and sees it’s Peter and goes back in and says it’s Peter and they say no, it must be his angel.

Sid:  I wonder if our angel looks like us at least that was the Jewish belief back then.

Steven:  Well, I have seen the angels of some individuals before and it’s not always the case. One time I had it was about 3:00 in the morning, Sid I was woken up out of my bed, I knew something was about to happen, some type of experience was about to happen.  So I got up out of the bed out of the master bedroom where my wife and I were sleeping. I went to an empty room of the house and I began to wait on the Lord.  And about 3:30 in the morning I actually had laid down on the bed in that room and actually had dozed off to sleep for a few minutes when I woke up and sat up and there were five angels standing at the foot of the bed in a semi-circle.

Sid:  Well, what did they look like?

Steven:  Well, they smiled at me and they said “We are the five angels of revival.”  And when they said that I knew that they weren’t the only five angels of course, but they were five angels that had been assigned to certain men that were involved in previous revivals that had taken place in the earth and one revival that at that time was still taking place.  And one of the angels looked, he looked like 85% like the minister on the earth that he was assigned to, not 100% he didn’t look like a twin but he looked about 85% that when I looked at him I could tell exactly the man that he had been assigned to serve for in the ministry.

Sid:  Is this a well know man?

Steven:  Yes he is if I were to say his name.

Sid:  Could you?

Steven:  Well, actually this man was a praise and worship leader, his name was Lindell Cooley.

Sid:  Oh, I know Lindell; I’ve interviewed him.

Steven:  Well, praise the Lord I actually met his angel one time, he was one of the five.  So these were angels that had been involved with either a current revival, or past revivals that had taken place in the earth.

Sid:  And what was their purpose in visiting you?

Steven:  Well, the lead angel that was standing in front, he had two on either side he said, “We want to talk with you about the Spirit of Holiness.”  And for thirty minutes they talked with me about the importance of living a life that’s pleasing to the Lord by living a holy life.”  And there was not any shades of legalism or bondage or anything like that it was all, because Jesus said, “My yoke is easy my burden is light.”  But it just so made you just want to live right for God as they were talking to me and I was able to even ask some of them questions  in regards to Spirit of holiness and in regards to a life that pleasing to the Lord.  And as a matter of fact Sid there was one angel that just by looking at Him I knew that whoever he had been assigned to must have been one of the most humblest men on the earth.  You know it’s interesting we read in the book of Numbers how it says “Moses was the most humble man on the earth and Moses wrote that.”

Sid:  Right.

Steven:  Moses actually knew that he was the most humble man on the face of the earth and when I saw that angel I could tell that angel had been assigned to somebody who was probably one of the top most humblest people on the planet.  And I asked that angel, “What must it have been like to have been involved in that great outpouring of God’s Spirit and that revival that you were assigned to.  And he just kind of smiled and he said, “Really we didn’t have that much to do with it,” he said “The Lord just carried the whole thing.”  And you know what, that angel did he just deflected all the glory put it right to the Lord and it was just like he wouldn’t touch almost any kind of recognition for it.

Sid:  And that’s almost a test to see if the angel is from God or not.

Steven:  Oh, I never, that kind of humility was just so refreshing, it was just like they would deflect anything back to the Lord almost as far as something great that had happened or anything along that line they would give it all up to the Lord.  And even though they were involved in helping and even though the minister was laboring and preaching, they would still just give the Lord all the credit for it because He’s the one that supplied all the strength and did it all anyhow.

Sid:  Now, you told me that there are angels that have been involved in revivals in Africa, and other countries that are on their way to America, that sounds exciting.

Steven:  That is true I’ve talked with certain ministers that have great walks with the Lord, one I know particularly that is a minister in America that ministered many times in the country of Nigeria. The Lord Jesus came to this man in a vision and said, “I’m assigning a certain angel to you that was a very very powerful angel.”  And this friend of mine who I thought he’s assigned to this country, the Lord said, “His work in this country is done and he’s coming with you now to America.”  And I know also from South America there are some very powerful angels coming up from South America.  You know Sid the American church has heard about the great miracles that have happened in Africa of limbs growing out, missing body parts being restored, we’ve heard things like that taken place.

Sid:  And we always question, “Why isn’t this going on in America?”

Steven:  Right and it hasn’t really happened in like a breakthrough type way here in America.  Well, what the Lord has done He has provoked the American church to jealousy, and we’ve seen all these other things happening but we’re thinking, “When’s it going to be America’s time?”  But that time is coming, where these great angels are gathering in America a frame work a foundation is actually being made right now, the angels have been working on it for about the past two years.

Sid:  If that’s the case isn’t, can you see the timing of your new book called “Working with Angels.”  Why is it important for someone to read this book briefly?

Steven:  It’s important Sid because we have to work with them. It’s like a basketball team many times we just want to take, if the Lord were on the team we want to take the ball and just bounce it over to Him and say “Lord, you take all the shots.”  But He’s not like that, He takes the bal l and throws it right back to us and say “No you work with me and work with those I’ve assigned to help you in this.”  And when you read through the scriptures you’ll see that many of the great men of God they were familiar with their angels.  Moses was very familiar with the angel that was assigned to him, Elijah was very familiar with the angel that was assigned to him, and we need to get to understand how the angels operate and how they work, and how we can get them off the benches and involved in our lives and in our ministries, and in doing what God has called us to do to get their help.

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