Sid:  My guest Steven Brooks is red hot for the Messiah. You’ll find out in a moment why because he’s located at a place that I’ve been to many times called Moravian Falls North Carolina.  His name is Steven Brooks and Steven for our friends that aren’t familiar with Moravian Falls, North Carolina why is there so much angelic visitations going on there?  What’s the heritage?

Steven:  Let me share with you that Moravian Falls is a very unique place, for those who move in the prophetic flow it’s a type of a place that we call a portal or an open portal.  This is a territory where much prayer has been poured out upon. The early Moravians literally came to this very area and set up an on-going prayer revival and prayer meeting that took place over many decades.  So the whole area is saturated with prayer, plus there is just a strong community of Christians who love the Lord, love the soon coming return of our Lord Jesus.  And put all that together it just creates an atmosphere for the Lord’s glory to be manifested. Sid Roth archives tv shows

Sid:  Well Steven, let me take you back a ways, tell me about the first time you heard the audible voice of God.

Steven:  Sure, that was an experience Sid to me that was like a landmark in my life because I remember this was almost twenty years ago that I had gone to my grandmother’s house down in Mississippi.  Now my grandmother was a good-old Southern Baptist, she loved the Lord and really she was what people would even call the pillar of the community.  She was very Godly she had high integrity in her life; she was always at church, every Sunday morning and Sunday night, Wednesday night and I went over to her house as a young man in my early twenties. The rest of my family was there, my parents were there, my brothers were there but during the afternoon everybody headed out and went over to a neighbor’s house, but I stayed there at my grandmother’s house all by myself.  This was in the afternoon and I just took a Bible and I laid down in one of the bedrooms on the floor just reading my Bible and as I was reading my Bible in my grandmother’s house everybody else had left.  As I was laying there reading my Bible I suddenly heard a voice speak to me.  The voice said, it was a male voice and it said, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

Sid:  Did you realize that was actually in the scriptures?

Steven:  You know at that time I didn’t, Sid I found that later like about ten days later that actually in the book of James chapter 4 verse 8 where it says, “Draw near to God and He’ll draw near to you.”  I was shocked when I actually saw it in the Bible.

Sid:   Well, what affect did this audible voice have on you?

Steven:  Well, it made me want to respond to that statement, when I heard that statement the first thing I did is I looked up underneath the bed to see if somebody was hiding under there.  And I thought maybe one of my brothers had sneaked back into the house and was playing a trick on me, but there was nobody there.  That was an audible voice I heard speak to me and it just inspired me really to want to obey that directive to draw near to the Lord.  One of the things I found out Sid is that we draw near to the Lord it’s very interesting He will honor His word and He’ll start drawing near to us and things can get very interesting.

Sid:  Now you did not understand drawing near to the Lord back then as well as you do today. If you were to give me a summary, a brief summary how does someone draw near to the Lord practically speaking?

Steven:  Sure that’s a good question. You know one of the things I found with drawing near to the Lord Sid is that it’s a matter of growth and grace, we’re all in progress; we’re all in transition going from one point to another going, from faith to faith and going from glory to glory, and from strength to strength.  And one of the ways that I had just found to do that is just spend time with the Lord in prayer; in time with God studying His word reading the Bible, and just getting to know the Lord; getting to know His ways; getting to know that He is.  And He’s a very enjoyable person, the Lord Jesus Christ is so much fun to spend time with Him. What is wonderful is that it’s two way communication; He communicates with us, talks with us and reveals Himself to us in an ongoing basis.

Sid:  Speaking to talking to us talk about that time you were in the midst of a forty day fast and you began to see some strange lights, tell me about that.

Steven:  Well Sid that was a time and this was in the year of 2000 when I just took forty days to draw near to the Lord with prayer and fasting. I committed myself to just drink water and a little bit of juice things like apple juice and light juice, but I didn’t eat any food I just wanted to, I actually felt lead of the Spirit to enter into this fast.  And as I was into this fast on the tenth day something very unusual happened I was in my office and it was late at night I was praying all by myself. As I was in the office praying very slowly a light began to come into the office, it was up high towards the ceiling and it came in stronger and increased in brilliance, and then out of that light a voice spoke to me and said “Take a note pad and a pen and write.”  And I grabbed, the first thing I did I was shaking Sid I didn’t know what to do, I grabbed a note pad and I grabbed a pen and the voice spoke to me and said, “Write 1-7.”  And so I wrote those down and then it was the Lord, He said, “These seven waves of blessing will come upon your life.”  And He told me what they were and I wrote them all down and then the Lord began to talk to me more.  He said “I would like to talk with you about the coming healing revival.”  Oh, I got excited when I heard that Sid.

Sid:  Now, just out of curiosity before you tell me about what He told you.

Steven:  Yes.

Sid:  Of these seven waves of blessing have any of them come to you yet?

Steven:  That is a good question because when the Lord shared them with me I was so excited I thought all of them would probably happen within the first month after that experience.  And right now it’s been over seven years and I am now well into the first blessing.

Sid:  Why do you think that He waited seven years?

Steven:  I think there’s an area of development, some of the things the Lord told me was these seven waves of blessing pertained to my life and the ministry calling and to the ministry purpose t hat He has for me.  And so I can clearly now when I see these things realize that this is a process that will take time and probably like number 6 and number 7 are still maybe even a decade out.

Sid:  Okay, capsulate what is the major ministry purpose for you that God has shown you.

Steven:  Well, my purpose is really to build up the Body of Christ. I’m not an evangelist, an evangelist and bring them into salvation through Jesus and get them into the family of God.  Once they’re in that’s where my calling comes in to equip them and fill them with the word of God so that they can have victory in their lives, and just get to know the Lord and be close to the Lord and get prepared for heaven.  And be prepared on the earth to be a blessing to many others.

Sid:  By the way, tell me about this next revival that’s coming.

Steven:  Well, the Lord He said to me He said, “I want to talk with you about the coming healing revival” and there was a pause and He said “Would you like to know some of the miracles that will take place when this out pouring of my Spirit begins to flow?”  I said, “Lord I’d love to!”  He said, “Well,” he said, “One of the things that will take place is that they will bring burned patients in from the hospital that have 3rd degree burns, and also other people that have already suffered severe burns, but they’re scared. They will come into these meetings and they will sit under the glory for two weeks or one week and he said, “They will be completely healed.”  And He said “Some of those that are brought into from the hospital will be instantly, they’ll be healed that very day that they’re brought into the meeting.”

Sid:  Well, I can just picture a meeting like this taking place like this in Israel because you’re talking to an evangelist and I can’t think of greater signs to happen in a country that’s so hit by suicide bombers and so many.  I mean Israel is the specialist in the natural of healing burns and things like that. Imagine what would happen if that glory came into a meeting in Israel and the hospital started bringing their patients in ambulances.

Steven:  I believe it’s going to happen Sid, and I believe that divine healing has always been the dinner bell for those that don’t know the Lord, if there’s a power that’s present to get the sick, or the incapacitated, or even the maimed, or the people with missing body parts there’s a power there that get them healed or get them made whole people will come.  And we’re already seeing these things take place, we’re just touching on the tip of the iceberg of it, but it’s about to break and it’s going to be a tremendous outpouring of God’s Spirit.  I’d like to share one other thing that the Lord told me, He said, “Also there will be children that have down syndrome and children that are autistic, He said “That they will be brought into the meetings as well and also children that are mentally retarded and even adults that are mentally retarded and have down syndrome they will be brought into the meeting” and He said, “They’ll sit in the meeting one week or two week and they’ll be completely made whole.”

Sid:  And how far off is this revival?

Steven:  Well, I’ll give you an example I just had a person email me to months ago and said, “Steven, please pray for my daughter, she’s pregnant, she’s late into the pregnancy and the doctors has examined the baby,” and of course the baby’s on the inside of the mothers tummy, but they’re full convinced that the child has down syndrome.  And they’ve told her the child is going to be born with down syndrome we’ve already seen all of the signs, all the evidence so just prepare yourself for that.  And the father of this daughter who was pregnant said, “Steven, please pray I believe God can do a miracle.”  Well, he had faith for his daughter, and I joined my faith with his and I prayed and I email him back.  Two days later I said, “I believe the Lord has told me that God’s, that He’s going to do a miracle, expect that child to be born in perfect health.”  And I just got an email Sid about ten days ago where the brother told me that the child has been born in perfect health and he said, “Steven he said, “Now please pray for the mother, she’s in shock, she’s having a hard time understanding this.”

Sid:  My goodness, well that might be the first fruits of what God’s told you is going to happen.  I have your brand new book “Working with Angels,” subtitled “Flowing with God in the Supernatural.”  Why is it that we who know God know so little about angels and know so little about how they work with us, and as a result miss a lot of what God has for us?

Steven: Sure, Sid I think that the church to a certain degree has been afraid of the supernatural.  That’s why I love what God has anointed you to do and you’re revealing this to not only the church, but to others that have an interest in the subject and it gets people closer to the Lord.  But the supernatural realm belongs to us, the New Age has come along and stolen much that belongs to the church.  A lot of time people think that angels they attribute that to the New Age or so in a lot of things we have allowed to gone over to the enemies camp because…

Sid:  Yes, but it’s time to come back into our camp working with angels. Sid Roth’s messianic vission 2007 archives

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