Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah, that’s an understatement for my guest Deborah Shambora.  I’m speaking to her at her home in Gilbert, Arizona it’s a city right outside of Phoenix.  And Deborah was involved in a freak accident, it was a horrible accident, a horse trampled on her and literally crushed most of her vital organs and bones and everything, and she literally died in the hospital.  When she died she had a encounter with God, and obviously it wasn’t her time because she came back and gradually her body healed except when she got home. She found out that they hadn’t even dealt with it, but part of the crushing had to do with her cornea.  And so she wasn’t able to see and her eyes were literally covered with scar tissue. What was your vision like at that time Debra?

Deborah:  At that time I had multiple images about sixteen overlapping images.

Sid:  You mean when you looked you could see sixteen images?

Deborah:  Yes, all of them mixed together.

Sid:  I have enough problem with one, okay go ahead.

Deborah:  It was interesting to too to look at; let’s say the moon because it’s dark and you just have the moon, but instead you have sixteen all on top of each other.  It was an interesting thing to see things that way.  But I went to the doctors and the only fix for it was a cornea transplant in both eyes.  So in the next year, one year after the accident, I had a cornea transplant in my right eye and I had about sixty-five stitches which is way more than what most people have, I had the cornea at the cornea transplant the stitches stay in for about a year.  So I was literally blind for a good portion of that year.

Sid:  And of course you were a single Mom and you had to make a living. So you literally, I think this is amazing, you took your teenager daughter with you and she was your eyes. Are you telling me in your business people didn’t even realize you couldn’t see?

Deborah:  No, they couldn’t. I would take her and she would just describe what it is that I was supposed to be seeing. We have a marketing business so it’s really interesting that I was doing peoples’ marketing pieces and I couldn’t even see.

Sid:  And I understand God supernaturally blessed you financially.

Deborah:   He totally did.  I never when out and got one client, the clients just came as I got better we got more and more clients and we’re still doing that same business.

Sid:  Okay, you eventually the eye healed up to the point where with a contact lens and you only did one eye, your vision is 20/60 which is good enough to get by not real good but good enough to get by.  And you go on a mission’s trip to Africa and there is a man that’s praying for the sick, he prays for you and what did he say?

Deborah:  He prayed for my vision and he explained to me the difference between healing and a miracle. That a miracle is something that takes place unostentatiously while a healing evolves over time.  And I left that day and I didn’t see any difference and so the next day when I got up to go to church in Africa, I went to our service in Africa and when I walked into the church building and of course it’s not the same kind of church the church building is here it’s a hut.  So when we walked into the building I could just see in the spirit realm, I saw angels,..

Sid:  Was that the first time you were able to see in the spirit realm?

Deborah:  That was the first time, I had seen before that just a glimpse like Jesus, not long after I was saved, glimpses, but nothing like this, this was the actual – it was like a movie – like going to the movies.

Sid:    Well, what could you see, what was going on in the movie that you were looking at, of what was going on in the invisible world?

Deborah:  Well, the angels came walking down towards the front of the church and there was a multitude of them, I didn’t count them but there were many of them and they were, they were bringing with them packages wrapped in silver and stacking them up on the platform.  And then they were cleaning platform kind of washing it as if in preparation for what God was going to do there that day.  And I watched them go up to the speakers and touch them and impart things to them, just give them gifts, these gifts that they brought I felt what God wanted to give to the people who were there, they were gifts of healing, they were gifts of spiritual gifts.  They were gifts of words of knowledge and prophecy and things like that.  And they were all packaged for this particular meeting and the angels had come to deliver them for the Lord.

Sid:  That must have been the most exciting show in history; I mean for you to be able – how long did it last?

Deborah:  About two hours.

Sid:    I imagine you were pretty dumfounded.

Deborah:  I just sat there with this really stunned look on my face those two hours and I didn’t know what I was seeing, I didn’t know what it was.  And then I would look out the windows and I could see the enemy, I could see the demonic side of the spiritual realm peering in the windows.

Sid:  Tell me what you saw.

Deborah:  Well, you know different size and shapes of demonic beings which are they are just they are dark grayish, mostly greenish grey; they don’t have any light about them, there is no beauty about them; they are kind of bent and curled because…

Sid:  I always thought that would be a wonderful gift because let’s suppose someone is sick and you can actually see a demon on them, well you know when that demon leaves when your pray, you can actually see what’s the cause and command it to leave.  Have you ever done that?

Deborah:  I have done that and I’ll see it on people, but sometime the person doesn’t really want to be healed. If I command the demon to leave the person is asking it to stay.

Sid:  Well, it reminds me of a friend of mine that now in heaven Dr. Derrick Prince, he used to say that “God never sets us free from our friends He always sets us free from our enemies.”

Deborah:  That’s good, so I have seen it and then I have seen on the other side where the enemies will have to leave the person and because the person is truly believing and has the faith to believe that God wants to heal them. Sid Roth It’s Supernatural 2012

Sid:  Okay, you had this two hour vision you look out the window and you see the demonic going on you see the God going on in the congregation and it last two hours. Did this continue or was this a onetime experience?

Deborah:  No it actually continued, when I was leaving the service that day we were driving home and in Africa a lot of people are riding on the little mopeds and I could see the people riding on mopeds and they would have like a demon riding on the back with them.  And it started to really, you know I was thinking “Am I going to see this way all the time and what is this?”  But the Lord is gracious and He was showing me all of the openness and then He was showing me that it was something that you can choose to see in the natural and you can choose to see in the spiritual. And so I could choose to just quiet my spiritual eyes and not see it. Now anytime I press in and press in to see in the spirit realm I can see what is going on in the spirit realm.

Sid:  So you would say you haven’t had the manifestation of full natural sight but you’ve had the manifestation of full spiritual sight.  That’s got to be such a wonderful, wonderful gift.

Deborah:  Um hm.

Sid:  Deborah I want you to share with our people tomorrow about what you’re able to accomplish as a result of seeing in the spirit world.  But we’re making available this week a One New Man Kit. Why? So many people are calling us and saying Sid, I want to have a congregation that moves in power that has intimacy with God, that is flooded with the Spirit of God that there are healings going on, that unsaved people walk in and they walk out saved, they walk out healed, they walk out delivered, where can I find such a congregation?  And you know I think it’s very difficult to find a congregation that large that way.  I like what the first church did, the first church was made up of house congregations that then eventually came together for corporate worship, or for five-fold impartation. The core of the church it wasn’t a house group in a mother church.  The church was the house group and so many people say “Well, I can’t do that, I am not educated enough.”  Well, how educated do you think the first Jewish people that believe in Jesus were?  And if you read about their various house churches in the book of Acts you’ll see it was the kind of church you’d like to go to.  And so that’s why over the years I’ve interviewed so many people. The ones that had the best books on aspects of what I call the One New Man I’ve put together in a kit. If you were to never start a house congregation and just digest the best books I found on how to prophesy, how to pray for the sick, how to understand the Biblical feasts, how to set up a soaking room, how to pray for people to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.  And that’s something I’m upset about because most Charismatic and Pentecostal churches I don’t think they have many more people baptized in the Holy Spirit than the seeker sensitive churches have.  And there’s something wrong with this picture, but there is going to listen there’s going to be such a move, such an explosion of God’s Spirit that I believe the church buildings we have will not be able to contain all the people that are going to come to Lord and so if you’re in the category of I’m looking for a church that everyone is a participant, I’m looking for a church that has no agenda but to yield to the Holy Spirit then I urge you go get our One New Man Kit and if you are going to establish church or you’re a pastor and you want to make some modifications this is designed for you too. Sid Roth It’s Supernatural youtube

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