Sid:  Haven’t you felt that there’s something missing? Well I believe there’s a spiritual DNA in Jewish people and a spiritual DNA in Gentile Christians.  And it’s just like there’s a different calling for males and for females, but you need both to have a good marriage.  Well, you need the Jewish anointing and the Gentile Christian anoint to come together to have the full body of Messiah.  Why, because we’re about ready to experience the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit in planet Earth.  Now we don’t know the day or hour that the Lord’s going to return, but I believe there’s going to be so many people come into the Lord that’s why this week we’re featuring our One New Man Kit which I’ll speak of in a little while.  My guest Deborah Shambora, I’m speaking to her at her home in a city right outside of Phoenix, Arizona.  And Deborah tell me what happened to you when this horse went slightly mischugah that’s a Hebrew word crazy and started trampling you?

Deborah:  Oh, I like that word mischugah I’m going to have to use that, I haven’t heard that one before.

Sid:  Well, I mean the King of the Jews came up with that one.  So what happened to you, I mean we’re making light of it but this was a very serious moment.

Deborah:  Yes, yes it was it was a moment that really totally changed my life in so many different ways.  I was out with my horses and one of the horses that was not mine decided that for some reason she would go crazy. She ran to me at full speed and knocked me to the ground and stomped on me.  And the interesting thing was when she did it was something in me just knew that the Lord was going to do some great thing out of this.  And I got this peace I felt like I was laying in the hand of the Lord, just laying in His hand.  I knew I was hurt, I knew I was hurt badly but I also knew that the Lord was just totally surrounding me and keeping me in His hand.

Sid:  But weren’t you feeling pain?

Deborah:  Oh yes, (laughing) yes I was…

Sid:  But you also at the same time you were feeling the presence of God.

Deborah:  Right and so then the pain actually, as the presence of the Lord took over, the pain actually got less and less, which it shouldn’t have based on the injuries that I had.  But the pain actually got less and less, it was still painful, but the peace of God was so overwhelming that the pain was secondary, I don’t know how else to describe.

Sid:  Well, you daughter was there what did you say to her?

Deborah:  She came over to me and I said “I’m really hurt and I need an ambulance.”  So she went running out of the pasture and to get a phone and to get an ambulance.  And by the time she got back I was really quite still, I felt this stillness in the Lord, and so I just laid still on the ground.  And I kept singing praise and worship songs that was in my head the Lord kept just bringing them back to me, just praising Him, just thanking Him, worshiping Him.  My eyes were totally on Him and I know that was a gift because it was nothing I could do myself.

Sid:  It had to be when the horse’s trampled and you and you’ve got broken bones and who knows what, and you’re singing.  That reminds me of Paul and Silas in prison and they had just been beaten and they were worshiping God at midnight and everyone was watching them.

Deborah:  It was an incredible feeling and even now I can kind of go back and just touch that feeling of being right there in the hand of the Lord and it’s an incredible thing.  So then I, they took me to the hospital, they didn’t really think I was hurt that badly because I was so peaceful, blood pressure was great, everything seemed fine but…

Sid:  How could you not have been stressed out?

Deborah:  (laughing) You know I was laughing and making jokes and singing to the Lord, saying okay Lord I don’t know, it was only the grace of God.  It is something that you can’t really explain the grace of God. It’s that grace that is that aspect of the Lord that lifts us into a higher plain.

Sid:  So of course the ambulance people thought you were fine because you were singing and at such peace, you get to the emergency room. What happened there?

Deborah:  Well, they actually did again pretty much left me alone they did a few tests, left me alone, I was in the emergency room for about six hours. Based on one of the tests they decided to do a CAT scan and they did the CAT scan; they were going to release me.  They said, “Were going to send you home, everything is fine, they waited for the results of the CAT scan and it came back that all of my internal organs on my left side were crushed and all of my ribs on that side were broken and I had a fractured elbow, and they didn’t know any of that.

Sid:    They were going to release you, oy vei!  That’s another Hebrew expression, but go ahead.

Deborah:   (laughing) So they said that they would have to transport me to another hospital because they didn’t do trauma of that magnitude. Then doctors determined that it would not be wise to transport me, that I might not make it to the transport to the new hospital; so they put me in intensive care in that hospital.

Sid:  So you were literally in their opinion on the verge of death.

Deborah:  Yes, yes that’s what was told to me that it was a very life threatening thing and I needed immediate attention because I had lost so much internal blood. I was bleeding internally to such an extent from all kinds of organs that it was really critical at that moment.  I went to intensive care and I remember getting kind of settled in intensive care and my daughter leaving and it was in the night. Because by the time I got to my room it was probably close to midnight.  Sometime during that time and early morning hours when I was taken to surgery I became aware, just aware of the doctors and nurses in my room a lot of them, it just seemed like there were a lot of them, but I wasn’t looking up at them as if I were looking from the bed I just became aware that they were there almost like I was looking from outside of myself.  And they were saying things to each other, “I need more blood, the blood is too cold” it had just came up from the blood bank and “I don’t care put it in her anyway, get me extra blankets,” it was a rushing around of all kinds of things.  And all of a sudden it kind of hit me I think I might be close to dying, I think I might be going to die. I looked and I saw the Lord, I saw God the Father and we were in the kind of narrow place together. I looked at him and I said, “I’m going to die now.”  And He didn’t answer me, and then I said, “Well,” because I thought it would be good to bargain with God I said, “Well Lord, I really would like to stay longer because my daughters only 17, and I think that there’s more that I need to teach her and I don’t know anyone else who could do it. I don’t know anyone else she could live with until she was old enough to live by herself.”  And the Lord patiently listened and when I was finished, He said this to me He said, “She was mine before she was yours and I gave her to you do you think I’m not capable of taking care of her after your gone?”  Well, when God tells you that it’s you really don’t have anything to say back. He’s totally right, I’m not the one that took care of my daughter all of these years, He is so I said, “Oh, okay I’m ready to go then, I’ll go with You.”  The next thing I knew I was being wheeled into surgery early in the morning that morning and I wasn’t dead, I didn’t die.

Sid:  But medically speaking what did the doctors say, did they say you died?

Deborah:  Medically speaking there was yes, I was a code blue, there was a period of time, and I don’t know exactly how long, that I was not breathing, my heart was not pumping. I was clinically dead.

Sid:  This is quite an experience that you get trampled almost dead and then you eventually die, you see God, you experience peace even though your bones are all crushed and your vital organs on one side are all crushed, you’re still experiencing the peace of God. What affect did this have on you? I mean how did you even process this thing?

Deborah:  Well, the whole time that I was in intensive care which was about a month after that, I really felt that similar peace of the Lord just washing over me, it was consistent and constant. I would just read the scriptures all the time.  And anyone that walked into my room they would say what can I do for you, I would say, “Just read the scriptures.” That was the bread, that was what I was eating and drinking, was these scriptures. A nurse came in and she said, “I noticed that people are always reading the scriptures to you, do you want me to do that now?”  And I said, “Yes,” she said “Where?”  I said just open them and start reading whatever you read is food for me, and that just really sustained me during that time.  Yes I felt pain, yes there was recovery, all kinds of things of course happened afterward, I got acute pancreatitis; I actually got gangrene from and open fracture that I had on my arm.

Sid:  Someone really didn’t want you to prosper after having that encounter with God. You eventually get home, you healed of most the things that are going on, and then all of sudden because everything else was going on they didn’t even realize that your cornea had been what would you say ruptured?

Deborah:  Yes, they were both damaged in the accident from the force of horse, she was a 1,200 pound horse running at full speed when she hit me and I’m only a 130 pounds so you can probably if you’re a physicist you can do the math and the force was so great that when I hit the ground they would assume it ruptured both of my corneas.

Sid:  What was wrong with your vision, could you see anything?

Deborah:  I could see multiple images as they began to heal, as my eyes began to heal they healed scar tissue all over the corneas and so I couldn’t see one image it was almost like I was seeing out of a kaleidoscope.

Sid:  Hold that thought we’ll pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast; you are going to love what God did for her, gave her a new type of sight, supernatural vision.  But for those of you that feel there’s something more, there must be something more and they’re many of you that are listening.  I want you to consider starting a house congregation or if your part of an established church consider shifting to the way the first church was.  We have our One New Man Kit. I really believe someone could take this one new man kit and be parachuted anywhere in the world and start house congregations.  Listen there’s going to be such an explosion of God’s Spirit, I believe this is the set time to form the foundations for the greatest move of God’s Spirit in history, and I want you to consider starting a One New Man House Celebration.  Because I believe that God wants you to stop being a spectator.

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