Sid:  My guest Michelle Perry is red hot for the Messiah, Michelle Perry from Sudan; she’s been called by God to go to Sudan but that’s kind of an overwhelming thing for anyone. You have a woman alone and oh she would refuse to say she was alone, she said she travels with four Father, Son and Holy Spirit and herself.  But literally no money, just a call of God to go to Sudan; paint me a picture for someone like myself that’s never been to the Sudan tell me what I might see if I went to the Sudan.

Michelle:  Well, you would see lot and lots of children most of which are dressed in rags.

Sid:  Now, why are there so many children dressed in rags?

Michelle: Well, because clothing is expensive there, and everything is expensive there. If you have got something covering your body you’re okay.

Sid:  Are there many orphans in Sudan?

Michelle:  The last statistics that I heard was in the entire nation of Sudan both south and north there were around 3 million orphans.

Sid:  Three million, how do these orphans survive?

Michelle:  Various ways, in the south they have a fairly strong extended family structure where they’ll go live with an auntie or uncle. If sometimes that’s not a possibility and then they’ll wind up on the streets in many cases.

Sid:  But how do they survive on the streets?

Michelle:  They’ll beg, they’ll steal, the girls will get involved in prostitution, drugs, I mean just about how any street child survives.

Sid:  But there’s such an ordinate number, what else might I see in Sudan?

Michelle:  Well, you’re going to see lots of soldiers toting AK-47’s, and lots of people who are drunk, not in the Holy Spirit not yet at least.  Lots of suffering, there’s a real weight and oppression over the nation of just a heaviness, and there’s a lot of fear that goes on because they’ve just come out of war.  I mean it’s only been a few years since the peace is signed and the things are tumultuous at that, we don’t know if the peace is even going to last.  You’re going to see mud huts, you’re going to see no paved roads, you’ll see lack of sanitation.  You know our hospital doesn’t even have a doctor very often at it, at least, we went several months without one.  (Laughing)  There’s no running water and very sporadic electricity, only a few compounds that actually have electricity.  And so our building where we stay in we’re renting, we’re very blessed, it actually got walls and it’s brick and it’s also crumbling down around the ears, and it’s been bombed out it looks like.  I don’t know if it was or not but it looks like it was a couple of holes in all of the doors and windows, so it’s quite an adventure.

Sid:  So you have seventy-seven children.

Michelle:  I do.

Sid:  And you have the land, and you’re about ready to build the community center.  But let’s take you back a little bit when you received that sovereign call from God you were on your way to India and God said not India, Africa, Sudan, one of the worst places on the planet.  You went to South Africa and you prayed, for how long?

Michelle: For three weeks. Actually I went to Mozambique first and got to know Iris ministries and went through their Ministry Mission Training School there for two and one half months.

Sid:  What is the most memorable experience about Mozambique and the Bakers?

Michelle:  Gosh, there’s so many of them. Honestly I believe it would be the children, it would be being able to be with the children and look in their eyes and see these kids that absolutely know that they’re loved.  And pour love out and they will chase you down to pray for you, I mean it’s just great.

Sid:  So you had an encounter though with the Lord when you were praying in South Africa, tell me about that.

Michelle:  I did, I went from Mozambique to South Africa. The one place that I was able to stay was in the center of Johannesburg which isn’t known for being the safest place in the world. I was on Commissioner Street which was in like the Harlem of Showberg.

Sid:  And you were traveling with a party of four Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Michelle:  Right, exactly and I was there and this building didn’t have heat and it was a ministry center and they let me stay in an upper room, there kind of fitting.  (Laughing)  I was praying for three weeks because that’s what Jesus said to do and on eve of the twenty first day Jesus came into the room and I saw Him and He had the lightning of heaven coming out of His being and it was…

Sid:  What, I’ve read about this, but what does that look like?

Michelle:  It looks like blue white lightning and it was like electricity and it was so intense I just hit the deck, and laid on my face on the floor because what else are you going to do?  And I’d been praying about where in south Sudan I should go. I had looked on the map so I had some city names in mind and during this whole encounter it was about four hours long and the first thing He said was, call a generation to converge and My heart to come to My heart.  And so when I thrust them out into the harvest they’ll carry My heart beat.

Sid:  So you’re not after just getting them saved, you’re after making them disciples.

Michelle:  Absolutely!  Absolutely!  We’re after a movement, we’re after revival first sweeping from the south all the way into the Islamic world. We’re not after just you know building a village, we’re after a movement of love and of God’s heartbeat.

Sid:  What else did He tell you?

Michelle:  well he put an Arab baby in one arm and a black African baby in the other, and there’s one of two nations in Africa and Sudan one of them that has both ethnicities there present.  And I knew that He had given me the nation of Sudan, I just knew it and I’m not the only one that He’s given it to but I’m one of them and so we’re just I’m just so excited and He told me to go the Yei, and He said it’s where you will enter into my promise Yei and it’s where the young will enter into my promise of revival.  And so that’s where I went, I said, “Okay God how do I get there?”  And one step, one revelation, one connection at a time before I knew it I was on a road with five people I really didn’t know.  On a road that was washed out across rebel territory, and in a car I had rented with a driver for a couple of days to drop me off at this new city.  And I mean the adventure really began,

Sid:  Well, it’s an adventure but between you and me aren’t there times when you say “Yikes, what am I doing here, I must be crazy?”

Michelle:  Well, I’ve had lots of people tell me, “You crazy white woman what do you think you’re doing?”  No plan, no strategy, you don’t have any money, you didn’t have a team, you didn’t know where you were going, you don’t have a feasibility study.

Sid:  (Laughing)

Michelle:  And I told them well, Jesus all ready did the feasibility study and He thinks that it’s quite feasible, and without Him it would be an impossibility study.  And you know there are times that I look around especially when they shoot their AK-47’s off at night outside my window, you know I think, “Wow God what have we got me into?  (Laughing) Then I look at my little ones eyes and I look into their faces and I see the affect of transformational love first hand.  How could I not be there, how could I not want to run into the place where God is dreaming about, He is dreaming about His Sudanese bride.  And I see that reflect in His eyes so how could I not run there?  How could I not go?

Sid:  I’ve seen video footage of Heidi Baker, and whenever I see her in Mozambique she’s got children and she’s got her arms around them, is that you?

Michelle: Pretty much, I mean it’ll be really nice when my other leg arrives because then I’ll have two legs to have kids sit on. Right now they have to fight over the one.  But I’m surrounded with them and even my friends in Sudan they laugh at me because I’ll stop and say hi to everybody and I’ll have an entourage of kids that follow me even when I’m just going down to do internet.  (Laughing)

Sid:  Have you had points where you didn’t have any money?

Michelle:  Just about, I don’t think we’ve had points where there’s zero dollars but there was definitely not enough to get our next meal.

Sid:  Tell me one time when you didn’t have enough for your next meal and what happened.

Michelle:  Well, we had a gal that was staying with us for a few months when we first started out, and our money at the base had run out so I was traveling to Uganda to get a withdrawal from our account because there’s no banks where I live.   And so you have to go to another country to get your money.  So I left them with what we had hoped would be enough to last just until I got back, but we had hit some road problems and I got delayed and so I was really really concerned I had no way to communicate with them and just praying going “God, please provide and take care of them” and when I got back they had a story of this truck pulled up to the compound unsolicited and first they were like no we don’t want it because we don’t have money to pay for it.  And they’re like “No, no your names are on this list and we don’t even know how we got on the list, and they came out with these big basins of rice and beans which are staples and so they got food.  And our kids had been praying for three weeks for soccer balls, and we didn’t have funds for it at the time.  And so we said, “Let’s ask Jesus” and of course we hadn’t told anybody about this and it’s after they get the food out and every ones like oh, oh, oh, everyone’s all excited and everything.  And they pull out this huge gunny sack filled soccer balls; and we heard you had kids here and you might like these.  Well you kind of heard our kids shout all the way to Cartoom I think, and then they pulled out another bag filled with jerseys, soccer jerseys so our kids not only got food they got soccer balls and jerseys, and we still to this day do not know how we got on this organizations list.

Sid:  What’s it like when something like that happens?

Michelle:  It makes this Momma’s heart rest at ease knowing God’s got it, God’s got it He’s in control; it’s not up to me it’s up to Him and it’s just overjoyed, I mean overjoyed, overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness that Jesus, He’s not just concerned about barely enough or just enough.  He’s concerned with the details and with the things that are important to our kids.

Sid:  How do you feel when you see all the waste in America?

Michelle:  Hmm.

Sid:  And you see what your kids in your country needs?

Michelle:  You know I use to be really angry by it, but I realize when I look and most people I know don’t have a clue here, they don’t have eyes to see, they’ve never been exposed, they don’t know any different, so God really corrected me a couple of years ago and said, “They’re just as orphaned as the little kids that you pick up on the street corner.” You need to see that it’s not just about whether you’re a physical orphan, it’s about whether you’re a spiritual orphan, you’re an emotional orphan, and we have lots of orphans in this land, that they don’t understand they belong.  And yes we’ve been blessed with provisions and we are wasteful with it, but even in our abundance many people here are poorer than my children will ever be.

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